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Use a second account. Get a free month with the buddy rewards

If you currently have a paid subscription you can get a pretty good deal by using the EVE Bring in a Buddy program. You do this by logging into your account on the EVE Online website and then emailing yourself a link for a 30-day free trial (as of Feb 2015, the same length as the standard trial). If you eventually subscribe with this trial account, your original account gets 30 days of free play time. Using the 30 days is a great way to get your core skillsets up to par. The problem is that you cannot play a trial account and a paid account at the same time on the same computer. Add that to the fact that trial accounts cannot use contracts, it becomes difficult to set up your Alt with all the necessary skillbooks and ISK from your main character without getting another player involved or having to use two computers. For a solution to that problem, use a 60-day-freebie as below.

Creating 60-day-freebie accounts for utility alts

When you're about to add 30 days of play time to your main account or to a paid alt account, pause and consider. You can parlay the same amount of cash, PLEX, or ISK into 30 days of play time PLUS a 60-day-freebie alt account by using the Buddy Program. (Note 1: a rule change in December 2012, disallowing PLEX-for-PLEX rewards, prevents us from getting more than one 60-day-freebie per paid month. Note 2: all trials were lengthened to 30 days in February 2015, so the previous 51-day-freebies were lengthened to 60 days.)

To make your 60-day-freebie alt, first send yourself a 30-day buddy offer as above. Set up a character on the new account by following the email link. Then, trade a PLEX to the new trial account (the easiest way is to use two EVE-capable computers, since you can't run a subscribed and a trial account on the same computer at the same time), or give ISK to the new account and buy a PLEX with it (if you have only one computer available), or simply pay cash. Add 30 days to the trial account, making it a fully active unrestricted account with 60 days left on it. If you've used a valid payment method (cash or PLEX, but no CD keys like from Steam), your main account will receive a choice of reward including 30 days of play time (or a PLEX if you've paid cash).

Congratulations! By applying your 30 days of credit to the new buddy alt instead of to your main, you've gained a 60-day-freebie alt to use for hauling (including industrials), salvaging, scouting (including cloaking), t1 logi (very powerful these days), or even combat assistance, and you have still received the same 30 days on your main. When the 60 days are up, LET THE ALT LAPSE if you want to keep the net cost at zero, and simply create a new freebie once per paid (or PLEXed) month. It's a force multiplier!

Multiple Character Training does not allow dual boxing

To have two characters running at the same time they must be from separate user accounts. It does not matter if it is different computers and or different internet connections. If you have multiple characters on the same account and even if you are paying for multiple character training you can not log both into EVE; you will crash your first client with error message "User's connection has been usurped on the proxy". One user account = One (and only one) connection to EVE. Do not pay for Multiple character Training if you want to run both at the same time.

Start a Sidekick Special Offer

"Start a sidekick" is a special CCP offer that was made available on January 22, 2014 and will be valid until March 31, 2014.

  • it is not valid for trial accopunts
  • it can only be used for a new "alt" account
  • after 90 day period the subscription automatically renews and has a regular 1 month subscription cost of 14,95 €

With it you can create a second account with 90 days of play time for 24,95 €. The offer can be found under account management if you already own an active account.

The Power of 2 Special Offers

The "Power of 2" is a special promotion program by CCP which is offered a couple of times per year. The offer is currently available until 23 September 2015, and may be found under Account Management here: The Power of 2. It allows you to create a new account with 180 days of game time at the cost of 3 Pilot's License EXtension (or €/$ 49,95). Power of 2 can not be used to extend or activate existing accounts.

Get started with your training.

Read this great guide for getting a new Alt's Core skills up to par so that they have basic competency in a good number of areas. (Note: This guide may refer to Learning skills which are no longer in the game.) It will take about 7 to 10 days to get everything in the acceptable range, but it’s time well spent.

Importing Character Information into EVEMon

To import a new EVE character into EveMon do the following:

  1. Open EVEMon.
  2. Use the Menu sequence: File > Manage Accounts.
  3. Switch to the Accounts tab.
  4. For an existing account click the account and choose the 'Edit' option.
  5. For a new account chose the 'Add' option.
  6. Add User ID and API Key as appropriate. If this is an existing account and those values are fine then just continue with the next step.
  7. Press the 'Next' button.
  8. Check which accounts you want EVEMon to know about.
  9. Press the 'Update' Button

A helpful tip for money & skill books

Go through all the tutorials and initial career path missions. This is a great way to get some free skillsbooks, gear, ships, ISK and standing, plus it only takes a couple hours at most. This only applies if you need the help of free skills and gear, if your main character can bank roll your Alt, then don’t bother unless you want the small amount of standing the missions offer.

Preparing for creating specialist Alts later on

This is for special purpose alts: haulers, miners, scanners, etc that you want to train for a limited time and then keep as a sidekick on your main account. For those you usually want to use your 3 attribute remaps (1 timed, 2 bonus) to minimize the time to get to your set skill goals. Effectively you can get an additional remap if you create your alt a year in advance and directly remap to 27 Intelligence and 21 Memory - for any ship-based skill target. This will use up you timed remap, and thus after a year you gain more flexibility. Similarly, if you have a specialist alt with stopped skill training that has a timed remap available, you can remap right away to attributes that you may want later.

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