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This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Many new EVE University students opt to move to Aldrat in order to facilitate the attendance of classes and E-UNI operations. This guide will help you to find your way around the corporations and agents in and near Aldrat. (EVE University moved to Aldrat in the beginning of August 2009. An old wiki page named the "Mission Guide to Korsiki" is no longer available - this is the Aldrat version, sorted by corporation.) Created by Turhan Bey.


The Basics

Main article: Missions

Agents become available for missions when one's standing toward either that specific agent, his corporation, or his faction meets or exceeds a minimum value.

  • Level 1: -10
  • Level 2: 1.0
  • Level 3: 3.0
  • Level 4: 5.0
  • Level 5: 7.0

New students of Amarr, Gallente, or Caldari heritage who move to Aldrat will often have near zero (or even slightly negative) standings with the Minmatar Republic and probably most other factions besides their own. It is therefore very helpful to know where low-level agents may be found near Aldrat. Most pilots will likely therefore have to start by running L1 missions.

Students can use these accessible agents to run missions and raise their standing with that agent and corporation, and eventually with the associated faction through the Storyline missions. Therefore it is also helpful to know if progressively higher Level agents are available nearby so that mission runners may intelligently "migrate" to them during the course of their careers.

Students should also not forget about their Social skills. Training the skills Social and Connections can make the climb from Level 1 to Level 2 missions far less time-consuming, and eventually even eliminate it altogether.

Condensed Listing

Within 5 Jumps, High Security

Recommended L4 Security Mission Corporations

Republic Fleet

The Republic Fleet has a L4 Security agent within 7 jumps of Aldrat offering security missions. Since this agent is located in 0.5 space, the rewards from this agent are greater than most other high-sec agents. Republic Fleet also has a L4 agent located nearby in 0.6 space, which can be used if you decline missions from your usual agent. These agents are popular for their higher mission rewards, but beware, they may require you to travel into low-sec to complete some missions.

Minmatar Mining Corporation

The MMC is a very popular corporation for many E-Uni members. The majority of agents are located within 2 or 3 jumps of Aldrat, making it easy for E-Uni members to quickly run a mission between classes. The most popular agents are located in 0.8 space, however, which reduces the earning potential in mission rewards, relative to agents in 0.5 space. However, for many EVE-UNI members this trade off between proximity and ISK potential is acceptable, making MMC one of the most popular corps with EVE-UNI members.

The MMC have a L4 locator agent one jump from Aldrat as well. Having high standings with this agent can be invaluable during wartime, as the agent can locate war targets for you.

Brutor Tribe

Brutor Tribe run the Rens trade hub, and have multiple L4 security agents in the area surrounding Rens. Building up high standings with them reduces mineral taxes if you choose to reprocess low-level loot. It can be very convenient to reprocess the loot directly in the trade hub. Several Brutor Tribe stations have two L3 or L4 agents in the same station, which can be handy for avoiding faction kill missions which would damage your standing with a major faction. If you get to 5.0 standing with Brutor Tribe, you can do the Minmatar Epic Arc - Wildfire.

Locating Nearby Agents

The easiest and most reliable way to locate agents in the Aldrat area is to use the Agent Finder. The agent finder allows you to search for the perfect agent by selecting which corporation you want to mission for, the types of missions you want, and security status of the agent's system.



Gulfonodi (Gulfonodi) is a 0.5 space mission hub eight jumps from Aldrat. Gulfonodi has L1-L4 agents in all three types of missions available, for a variety of corporations. There is also a sister system two jumps away; Gelfiven which has the same combination of agents and levels, but not as many. The local trade hub is called Teonusude. It is about the same size as Hek (Aldrat's local trade hub), and it is only one jump from Gulfonodi. Gulfonodi is also 6 jumps away from Rens, the major trade hub in Minmatar space.

The three major corporations you can mission for in Gulfonodi are:

Mining Minmatar Mining Corporation
Security Republic Fleet
Distribution Native Freshfood

For a more detailed (yet a bit crude) overview of all the agents including mission levels and corp-membership, please see the following link: (it’s an excel document on skydrive)

Missioning in Gulfonodi

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