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During war-time, EVE University and Ivy League uses a set of guidelines known as the 'Standard Operating Procedures' (SOP), typically referred to as "the War SOP". Students are required to follow these rules, and are encouraged to read our tips on how to survive during wartime.

These rules, along with our tip section, are based on years of experience, and are intended to keep members safe until they know better and impart the knowledge necessary to survive. To that end, the SOP is intended to:

  • Give valuable tips to our members to keep them safe.
  • Offer guidelines on how to operate during wartime.

When selecting what activities you chose to participate in, and what ships you chose to fly, please try to make choices that will help

  • avoid losses of helpless non-combat ships,
  • avoid losses of poorly-fitted ships, and
  • avoid losses of high-value ships.

Below are the guidelines and individual details.


Rules for Ship Selection

You may fly...

Students may fly almost any ship they want (except supercapitals) at any time, even in war.

Ship Reimbursement

For details on our ship reimbursement program, please read these notes.

Travel Advisories

Read the guidelines for Travel Advisories.

Tips to Survive

Read our tips on how to survive during wartime.

Requests for Clarification

All requests for clarification must be made directly to the Student Guidance Department. Should they not be able to assist then they will defer to the Directors. If in doubt, avoid the element which is unclear until clarified. You may also post questions in the thread "WSOP questions go here." Please don't initiate forum posts questioning the WSOP as this often leads to misinformation, arguments and confusion for all.

Consequences can be reviewed in the Student Guidance Department wiki under point 7 of "I screwed up with the WSOP. What can I expect?"

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