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The AMC has recently been given access to the WHC mapping tool, designed to map wormhole connections, signatures, and other information useful for survival and ISK-generation in WH space. Because some AMC'ers explore frequently, we decided it would be beneficial to coordinate their work and help prevent one pilot from redundantly scanning a system that had already been covered by another. This tool can be used by anyone in the AMC, but in order to keep the map clean and its information manageable, we've limited the scope of the mapper to all high security systems "below" Yankee-Hotel, as displayed on Dotlan.



For an extensive guide on using the mapper see WHC Mapper.

What is the mapper and what is it not

The AMC-Mapper is a local, dynamic map of the K-Space around AMC. Everyone with access to the mapper feeds it with data of signatures, connections and other information, like POSes. The Mapper is not a Bookmarking and or Bookmark-Sharing tool. It only gives you the information at which time and by whom some signature was imported.

Scanning Signatures in Highsec

  1. Left-click the system you are in
  2. Check the existing signatures at the Signatures tab
    1. If all signatures are still the same, press "Mark Scanned". The system will be marked as "last scanned now".
    2. Remove the signatures which are gone (If the old signature was a wormhole, delete the mapped wormhole too).
  3. Scan away! While it's not necessary to scan to 100% on all signatures, please scan until at least the type of site is known (e.g., data/combat/relic).
  4. When done scanning, copy the signatures in your probe scan window (ctrl+a, ctrl+c) and paste via the Bulk Import button.
  5. Don't import the Anomalies in Highsec systems.
  6. If you find a Wormhole which is EOL or suffered a mass shrink: Click the link between the systems in the Mapper to update the connection status.

Tip: Remember to paste the data of your probe scanner into the mapper, before you enter/exit a new system or wormhole.

Mapping Wormholes

  1. Check D-Scan
  2. Bookmark the exit
  3. Enter the wormhole's signature ID (the first three letters) that you'd scanned as the "friendly" name
  4. Copy/paste the signatures & anomalies
  5. Check for POSses (against the mapper's already robust information in the "Details" section) - only do this if you flying a Covops.
  6. If you find a Wormhole which is EOL or suffered a mass shrink: Click the link between the systems in the Mapper to update the connection status.

Updating Sites

If you activated e.g. a gas site, make sure to press the "Act." button on the right site once, and twice if the rats have been killed.

Cleaning the Map

  1. To Clear Old Wormholes: Left-click a wormhole system that's no longer connected to our local area and click the "Delete" button to remove it. Don't worry, all the information recorded with the system won't disappear.
  2. To Clear Old Signatures: In the "Signatures" section for a system, either manually delete with the middle "Action" button or "Purge Signatures" to wipe out all of them.

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