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This is a page to chronicle Amarr Mining Campus Lore. Please contribute with examples of campus participant shenanigans to help preserve our dubious culture.


  • The group's first organized mining operation was on March 3rd, 2012.[1] Spreadsheet

Mining Poetry

Mining Poetry

Space Madness

The 1st 24 Hour Charity Mining Op

Where Space Madness was born!*
*The AMC Staff and EVE University Managers are not responsible for the consequences of it's members whom decide it is okay to subject themselves to the harsh realities of Fleet Commanding for the whole duration of the operation where the entire membership of the corporation was participating.


Insert link of Pjunie singing the Dronestone Song here...

Exotic Dancers Memorial

This section is devoted to the uncountable number of jet canned and destroyed Exotic Dancers[2] and the still imprisoned slaves[3] within Cartilige Deninard's Station Warehouse.
One brave pilot dared to intervene, dared to mount a rescue, dared to go against the tyranny. His ship was humble but his heart and his dreams were large, unfortunately Cart's ship was not humble and the rescue was thwarted with brutal ease and efficiency.
Narthes brave little ship
A definitive ending...

Sweet, Sweet Omber

Omber... Nom, nom, nom.

The Vger Feature

Vger Starseed: 2014-07-21 17:05:18
"I was Cleaning up belt after fleet had moved on to the next belt. and decided to remove the wrecks I had previously blued.
Having set my drones to complete the task I was surprised to see a brilliant flash of light and on looking to see where it had come from I viewed a concord ship through the new window on the starboard side of my ship.
Shortly after this and the screams I made to CCP they brought in the Green button which my mining friends call the Vger Feature"[4]

A CONCORD official later released an official statement on the incident which details a different series of events. That statement is excluded from this page to preserve the image of our founder.[5]