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This guide is designed to detail the use of ECM Drones and AMC assigned ECM Griffins for the purpose of defending yourself and other AMC members who may need assistance.
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It is NOT intended to be a guide to help you instigate or participate in Combat Operations with War targets in AMC space.

The tips, tricks and hints contained within this guide are designed to be use for defensive operations only.

It is not intended to be a full EWAR or ECM fleet operations guide. Detailed Guides for these broader topics can be found Here


What are AMC Search & Rescue Ops?

In simple terms, AMC S&R OPS are intended to give members of the AMC, who may not be experienced in EWAR or Combat Operations, a set of tools that will enable you to maximise your chances of escape should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself under attack during AMC Mining Operations.

The techniques described in this guide will give you an increased chance to escape from a Combat Situation and hopefully allow you and your Corpmates to recover to a place of safety.

Why do we need ECM/EWAR in the AMC?

An unfortunate reality of life in the AMC and of Mining in general is that, generally speaking, Miners make easy targets. The majority of EVE ships that are used in both Solo and Fleet Mining Operations simply cannot withstand the DPS that a well flown, well fitted combat ship can put out. Once tackled, it is usually just a matter of time before the attacker is able to burn through the defences of even a well tanked Mining ship. Inevitably this often means Miners end up on the wrong end of a KillMail.

This aggression can come from either simple Gankers or, more importantly, Enemy War Targets.

As a part of EVE University, the AMC often finds itself at War with various player owned Corporations. Despite our best efforts some of these Corporations are aware of the location of the AMC, during times of war unexpected visits from War Targets are not uncommon.

War Targets can attack you without any interference from CONCORD or act of aggression from you.

As the AMC reccomends against engaging War Targets in open combat (to do so merely encourages more frequent visits from the Enemy to the AMC Home Systems) the AMC Officers recommend all members of the AMC are capable of defending themselves and, if they wish to do so, their Corpmates, using ECM.

Using ECM for self defence

If we are discouraged from engaging War Targets or Gankers in open combat, what can we do to prevent them getting an easy killmail? Fortunately EVE has within it a set of Items and Skills whose primary purpose is to disrupt the tracking and targeting capabilities of enemy ships. Further to this there are also ships that provide specific bonuses to the use of these modules. More about those later in the guide. These modules are referred to as ECM (Electronic Counter Measures).

What is ECM?

Main article: ECM Guide

ECM is effectively Jamming. The successful use of an ECM module or Drone on an enemy Target will break any active Targeting lock that ship has on any other ship. It will also disrupt the targeting systems of the enemy ship after the lock has been broken, making it impossible for THAT ship to re-target any other ship for a period of 20 seconds. ECM, however DOES NOT prevent the use of weapons and systems that do not require a target lock to function, such as Smart Bombs or unguided missiles.

How does ECM help me escape?

Generally speaking, the successful destruction of another players ship relies on your ability to keep it within range of your offensive weapons. To do this, the first thing most enemy players or gankers will do when attacking another vessel is disable that ships warp drive. To do this they will use a Warp Disruptor or Warp Scramble module. However the use of Warp Scramblers & Disruptors and other movement impairing ship modules requires that the enemy target has a stable target lock on the ship being scrambled. By breaking that lock, any movement impairing effects that were applied to your ship will be removed, leaving you free to warp to a place of safety.

ECM drones

Main article: ECM drones

So now we know what ECM is and how it will help us escape enemy aggression, how do we apply ECM to enemy targets?

For self defence, where you will likely find yourself alone, maybe unfleeted, such as solo mining operations or other solo activities, the easiest way to give yourself some ECM capability without fitting modules that might reduce your Tank, is to use ECM Drones. All Mining Barges and Exhumers have drone bays that will allow you to carry 10 Light Drones, with the exception of the Retriever which has a smaller drone bay and can carry only 5.

What this means is that in the majority of cases you can carry a full complement of 5 defensive Light Combat Drones along with 5 Hornet EC-300 Light ECM Drones. Or if you would prefer you could carry more of any one type, however the amount of drones you can fly at any one time depends on the capabilities of the ship you are flying.

Using Hornet EC-300 Drones

Using any drone requires you top have the skills required to fly them.

The Hornet EC-300 requires the following skills to use;

Some of these skills may take a little while to train for newer pilots – however the obvious advantage they give to you in terms of defensive capabilities often make it a worthwhile investment.

The EC-300 is used in the same way as any other drone, Simply lock the target that has locked onto your ship, and send the drones to attack that target. Once deployed the EC-300's will attempt to Jam the target repeatedly. If successful, the enemy ship will lose their lock on you and you can simply warp away to a place of safety. Generally a Safe Spot you have previously set up in the system you are mining in. It is recommended that at all times during ECM use you fight Aligned to your safe spot. The use of drones means there is no need to break the align to your place of safety, this dramatically reduces your warp out time if your Drones are successful.

Once successful, it is generally considered wise to leave your deployed EC-300's to their fate, as they are cheap and easily replaced. Trying to collect them or waiting for them to return to you uses valuable time that could be better spent making your escape.

Please refer to the detailed guides regarding Drones and How to use Drones if you wish to know more about drones in general.

Using ECM to rescue Corpmates

During general Operations and more specifically a Fleet Mining Operation it may become necessary to help a corpmate who has been aggressed and tackled by a ganker or enemy War Target.

To choose to assist a corpmate in trouble is entirely optional. Sometimes to assist a corpmate you may need to put yourself in harms way. However the AMC strongly recommends that, if you are in a position to help a corpmate in distress, and are prepared to help, you should do so.

There are two main ways you can help a corpmate in danger, the first, as discussed above is to target the enemy attacking your corpmate and launch your flight of Hornet EC-300 drones at the target. Once the lock is broken you and your rescued corpmate can warp to your place of safety.

The second, and more effective way you can help a corpmate in peril is via the use of the AMC Griffin.

The AMC Griffin

Electronic Warfare
Caldari State
high slots
launcher slots
turret slots
middle slots
low slots
drones & cargo
5 m³
drone capacity
5 Mbit/sec
drone bandwith
260 m³
cargo capacity
400 HP
shield electromagnetic resistance
shield thermal resistance
shield kinetic resistance
shield explosive resistance
250 HP
Icon resist em.png
Icon resist therm.png
Icon resist kin.png
Icon resist exp.png
target & nav
65.00 km
max. targeting range
tgt. range
42 m
ship signature radius
sig. radius
325 m/sec
max. velocity
max. velocity
S H I P   B O N U S E S

Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
15% bonus to ECM Target Jammer strength
10% reduction in ECM Target Jammer activation cost

The Griffin is much used by the Caldari Navy as a support vessel in combat squadrons, using its impressive array of electronic gadgetry to disrupt the operation of target ships, making them easy prey for traditional combat vessels.

In order to assist Corpmates that might find themselves in need of assistance, the decision was taken to supply a standard fit ECM specific ship to those members of the AMC willing to take on the added responsibility of a Search & Rescue role.

The Ship that was selected was the Caldari Frigate, the Griffin

Required Skills for the AMC Griffin

The skill requirements for flying the Griffin are relatively low for a ship that is so effective against enemy targets. In simple terms the only skills you need in order to be able to fly the Griffin are;

These 2 skills represent a total training time of approx 25 minutes.

There are additional skills you can train that will make your use of the Griffin more effective.

  • Caldari Frigate (2x) - Skills for the specific types of ship you are flying will give you the greatest improvement in ECM effectiveness. 15% bonus to ECM Target Jammer strength per level. +12.5% bonus to ECM Target Jammer optimal range and falloff per level. Requires Spaceship Command I.
  • Signal Dispersion (5x) - Increases your jam strength by 5% per level. This skill requires CPU Management V and Electronic Warfare IV. If you have decided that you really enjoy being an EWAR pilot this is a great skill to work towards, but it certainly isn't required to have fun flying ECM in fleets.

Obviously some of these skills will take your ECM skills way beyond what is required to be effective as a Search & Rescue Pilot within the AMC. Looking at the skills purely from the perspective of return on time invested Caldari Frigate, Long Range Targeting and Long Distance Jamming are worth training to level III.

The skills detailed above allow you to fly the Griffin. Additional Skills are required to operate all of the modules that make up the AMC Griffin Standard fit. These are detailed below.

The AMC Griffin standard fit

When you receive your AMC Griffin, it will come with all of the Modules you need to fly the AMC Griffin standard fit.

This is the Standard fit.

AMC Griffin
Griffin: AMC Griffin
[Griffin, AMC Griffin]

Enfeebling Scoped Ladar ECM
BZ-5 Scoped Gravimetric ECM
Umbra Scoped Radar ECM
Hypnos Scoped Magnetometric ECM
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Emergency Damage Control I
'Hypnos' Signal Distortion Amplifier I

Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor I

Hornet EC-300 x1

Fitting template high slot label.png
Icon hi slot.png
Icon hi slot.png
Fitting template mid slots label.png
Fitting template low slots label.png
Fitting template subsystem slots label.png
Fitting template drone slots label.png
Icon dashed diamond.png
Icon dashed diamond.png
Icon dashed diamond.png
Icon dashed diamond.png
Fitting template drone slots label.png
Fitting template charge slots label.png
Icon dashed triangle.png
Icon dashed triangle.png
Icon dashed triangle.png
Icon dashed triangle.png
Icon dashed triangle.png
Fitting template rig slots label.png
KRON 1.0

In this fit, I have fitted one of each of the four ECM modules that the Griffin can use, generally, as part of AMC Search & Rescue OPS you will fit all 4 of the same type before setting off after a target of a known race.

Skills for the AMC Griffin fit

The fit of the AMC griffin is made up of the elements detailed above in the fitting box.

Below you will find a list of modules included in the fit along with the skills required to operate them.

    • Empty

NOTE: The skill requirements for all of the Mid Slot racial Jammers are Identical – just train the above regardless of which racials you will need for a particular enemy.

Racial ECM Modules

The race-specific modules are not named in a way that makes it obvious what race of ships they're effective against. I have compiled a series of images to help you make a quick decision when in the heat of battle. Remember that each race's ship's all have the same colour background in the portrait image you see when you have them targeted. Using the right Racial modules against the right ships can greatly increase your chances of a successful Jam against the attacking ship.

  • Amarr - Radar (yellow-coloured jammers)
  • Caldari - Gravimetric (blue-coloured jammers)
  • Gallente - Magnetometric (green-coloured jammers)
  • Minmatar - Ladar (red-coloured jammers)

Your Target Ship Which Racial Jammer To Use
Amarr Ship Colour.jpg
Amarr (Radar)
Amarr Jammer Colour.jpg
Radar Jammers
Caldari Ship Colour.jpg
Caldari (Gravimetric)
Caldari Jammer Colour.jpg
Gravimetric Jammers
Gallente Ship Colour.jpg
Gallente (Magnetometric)
Gallente Jammer Colour.jpg
Magnetometric Jammers
Minmatar Ship Colour.jpg
Minmatar (Ladar)
Minmatar Jammer Colour.jpg
Ladar Jammers

If you can remember these color match ups then you will remember exactly which module to activate on a ship you are targeting. Modules should be fitted for the right target before leaving your ship Hangar. When you receive your AMC griffin you will receive 4 of each type of racial jammer – enough to fill 4 of the 5 Mid-slots on your Griffin and give you the best chance of a successful rescue.

If you want a detailed description of the way the jammers work, including the maths behind the chances of a successful Jam please visit this page However, an understanding to that level is not really required for the purposes of AMC Search & Rescue OPS.

The art of Search & Rescue

OK, so we understand what ECM is. We know what Drones and ships do and we have trained to use them. What Now? How & When do we use the ECM skills we have trained. When do we use the AMC Griffin?

Using the Griffin

A typical scenario for the use of the AMC Griffin is described below.

  • A corpmate broadcasts either over Mumble or in the Fleet or AMC OPS Channel that he is under attack and has been tackled.
    • Before you leap into action, you need to gather some intelligence on the situation at hand.
      • Where is the Corpmate? In your system? The next system? How long will it take you to get to them?
      • The number and racial type(s) of ship(s) attacking them.
      • How many Search & Rescue Pilots are available to assist?

All of this information will allow you to determine if a rescue attempt is sensible or even possible. For example, if there are many ships attacking your corpmate and he is several jumps away, chances are you will never get to him in time. Even if you are close or in the same system, would rescue be possible? How many enemy ships are there Vs. how many available AMC S&R pilots willing to engage. Even 1 to 1 is an extreme risk. If there is a reasonable chance that by attempting a rescue you will be giving the enemy 2 killmails instead of just one, DO NOT attempt a rescue.

Rescues should only be attempted if there is a reasonable chance of success.

Ok, lets assume that the attack is being carried out by a single Enemy War Target. There are 2 S&R pilots available and the rescue will be in the current system. You decide to go ahead and attempt a rescue.

  • Warp to the station in system that contains your AMC Griffin. On the way do the following.
    • Ensure you are fleeted with the ship under attack.
    • Double check which racial Jammers you need to fit to combat the attacker.
    • Co-ordinate with the other S&R Pilot(s) to ensure you arrive at the attack at approximately the same time.
    • Ensure you have your safe spot location close to hand and ready to click.
  • Dock, Fit and get into your AMC Griffin and undock.
    • Right click the name of the corpmate under attack in your fleet window. This will allow you to Warp to his location
    • DO NOT Warp to his location within 0KM!!
    • Warp to his location within whatever the range of your jammers are. This will depend on certain skills you have trained.
    • ALWAYS fight on the very edge of the functional range of your jammers. This gives you the best chance of keep YOUR ship out of harms way.
  • When you arrive on the scene, target the attacking ship.
    • Once you have locked on, begin to jam.
    • Align to your place of safety.
    • Wait for a successful Jam.
    • When you have successfully jammed your target, you will see a gray circle surrounding the jammer that acquired the jam (shown below the locked ship). Hovering over this will tell you how long until the jam ends. The circle will slowly disappear as the jam ticks down. See the image below.


    • As soon as you have jammed successfully, warp to your place of safety.
    • DO NOT wait for the corpmate who was under attack to get clear. Assume he will do his job, you have done yours.
    • Wait at your place of safety for any timers you may have triggered to reduce to zero, or for the Enemy Target to leave the system.
    • Dock up and wait AT LEAST 20 minutes before you or any of your corpmates venture back out into space.
    • If the aggressor or any War Targets return to the system with 20 minutes, start the 20 minute timer again.
EVE University Warsop states that you must wait 20 minutes of enemy inaction before you return to space.

What if it all goes wrong?

Simply put it shouldn't. If you follow the rules above you should be fine. However, things change in combat all of the time. If anything changes EVEN SLIGHTLY to affect the pattern of the engagement you should warp to your place of safety immediately. This could include;

  • Repeatedly failing to jam
  • ANY additional targets entering the system
  • The corpmates Tank begins to fail
  • The corpmate under attack panics and starts behaving in an erratic manner.
Any change to the scenario that may introduce an additional risk to you and your Griffin, should result in an immediate abort to your place of safety.

What if I am the one under attack?

First and foremost, don't panic. Do the things and only the things that will increase your chances of survival.

  • Activate any tank modules you may have fitted to your ship.
  • Launch any ECM drones you may have to harass your target.
  • CALMLY advise your corpmates of your situation.
    • Tell them where you are, how many are attacking you and what they are flying.
    • Advise them of the status of your tank. Holding? Failing? If so how fast?
    • Don't risk your corpmates warping to you right as your ship explodes and becoming immediate targets.
  • Ask if rescue is possible. If so ask them to add you to a fleet or get them added to your fleet if you are already in one.
  • Align to your place of safety. Do not orbit, zigzag or approach the enemy ship. If you are tackled, your only reasonable hope of survival is by the use of ECM. As soon as the lock breaks you need to get out of there. Being aligned reduces warp out time.
  • Wait for rescue.
  • Warp out IMMEDIATELY upon loss of target lock. DO NOT wait for Drones to come back, do not try to collect ore in cans. Just get out of there.
  • Inform the AMC Search & Rescue pilots of lock break. They should see it but confirm it yourself so they too, can get to their place of safety.

The availability of the AMC Griffins does not give any miner an excuse for flying a badly tanked, badly fitted or inappropriate ship. You MUST ensure your ship has the best tank possible. In this scenario Tank = Time. Time is your friend and your enemy when tackled, have enough of it to be rescued and all will be well. Have too little of it via inadequate tank and no amount of ECM pilots will get to you in time to save you.


See EWar_101_Guide and ECM Guide for more information on the topics contained within this Guide.

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