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What is war in EVE Online?

Player corporations/alliances are able to declare war on each other in EVE Online. The corporation/alliance declaring war pays a fee to CONCORD and in return this temporarily alters the CONCORD mechanics between the two corporations/alliances. What this means is that members of either of the two corporations/alliances can shoot each other as legal targets without intervention from CONCORD for the duration of the war. This applies regardless of the security status of the system, meaning that if a corporation is at war its members may be targeted in high sec space, as well as any other kind of space. The war lasts for seven days, following which either corporation can renew the war if they choose. We refer to members of a corporation we are at war with as "War targets" (often abbreviated to WTs).

For newer players to EVE Online

The best thing you can do as a newer player (or even a veteran who is not PvP oriented) is to leave behind the idea that some areas of space should be 100% safe. The security status of a system does not refer to your safety within the system, but rather the consequences a potential aggressor may face. If the potential reward to your aggressor (whether isk value or simply the satisfaction of taking you down) outweighs the consequences they face then chances are they will take that risk. Declaring war is a valid game mechanic which affects the consequences to a potential aggressor.

How can you tell if EVE University is at war?

To check whether EVE University is currently at war, search for Ivy League (the Alliance EVE University belongs to) under the People & Places tab in game as in the image below:


Then right click on Ivy League and select “Show info”. This will bring up a profile of information on Ivy League as below. Select the “War history” tab and look at the top of the list for any active or pending wars. An example is below:


Since the current war mechanics were introduced back in April of 2012, EVE University has been almost constantly at war, so even if we do not have any current or pending wars when you check, please be aware that this may not last very long.

Why is EVE University at war?

EVE University does not declare war on other corporations. However, as a large group with lots of inexperienced players, EVE University is an attractive target. Some corporations declare war on EVE University in order to get lots of kills on their killboard.

Sometimes we also have mutual wars for training our members. War and PVP combat is an important part of EVE Online which we want our members to be prepared for and therefore it is a good training tool.

How will war affect your time in EVE University?

EVE University will always be an attractive target for corporations who wish to fight new players. However, being in a constant state of war can make it more difficult for us to teach our members the basics of EVE Online. For this reason, we have guidelines in place to assist our members to better survive and enjoy their time in EVE University while at war. You can read up on what to expect here: Wartime Operations in EVE University.

In the past, EVE University had a set of Wartime Standard Operating Procedures which restricted the ships members were able to fly. These were relaxed and eventually phased out, although we do still provide Tips For War which you should ensure you are familiar with before joining.

Our classes, events and fleets still carry on while EVE University is at war. Unfortunately we are sometimes unable to carry out some of the more practical exercises if there are war targets nearby.

Hauling is a very bad idea on your EVE University character while we are at war, certainly in or around trade hubs. We would strongly recommend that you consider Creating a Hauler Alt outside of the corporation to move your possessions around for you while you are in EVE University. Trade hubs are a popular target area for war targets, as members visiting trade hubs are not normally expecting or fit for combat. Therefore we recommend you avoid trade hubs with your EVE University character while we are war.

If you are interested in learning PVP combat war should give you plenty of opportunity to improve and test your skills. You can lend a hand to the war effort immediately in a T1 ship in a role such as tackling or EWAR. Our campuses are always welcoming for inexperienced players who wish to learn PVP combat and you can read more about them under Campuses

If your interests are in PVE you may find war creates a fair amount of risk towards some of your activities such as mining, missioning, planetary interaction etc. For this reason we suggest that before you apply to EVE University you may want to consider setting up a base camp somewhere at a distance from our home system of Slays, our highsec locations such as at the HSC, and ideally away from any trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, and even Hek). This should allow you to carry our your PVE activities in relative peace away from most of the war target activity. Also, there is no need to look to do things solo so look to connect with your future corp-mates to do these things with. Always pay attention and do not mine while you are AFK or you may risk losing your ship. We do have PVE focused campuses, such as the Amarr Mining Campus and Solitude where you can join other members of EVE University. Many pilots tend to have more than one base of operation, and within EVE University many pilots have bases at multiple campuses.

You may want to set up a jump clone if you have not already done so. This may not seem like something that will be useful to you as a new player, but as a member it can be very useful and allow you to jump between campuses, and avoid losing expensive implants on fleets. You simply need the Infomorph Psychology skill. This is automatically trained on new accounts (since October 2015) but if your character was created before then you will need to buy the skillbook (which costs 1 million ISK from NPC corp sell orders). You have to pay 100,000 ISK per jump clone that you install. These can be installed at any NPC station (or player controlled station you can access) with a clone bay. Jump clones can be moved once installed.

As always in EVE Online, it is important to only fly what you can afford to lose.

Join now or wait until the war finishes?

Since EVE University is almost always at war, we would not recommend deferring entrance until the war is over. We are likely to be at war indefinitely. Even during wartime we welcome inexperienced players but we ask you to be aware of the risks and follow the guidelines and advice.

Please only apply to EVE University when you are ready to actually join the corporation. If you would like to gain some more experience of EVE Online before you join to EVE University, please hold off applying for now. War is an important part of EVE Online and most player corporations find themselves at war from time to time. If you wish to avoid war completely, you may be better off in an NPC corporation for now.

Remember that most of our classes are now open to the public, so you can still learn from us even if you are not a member. Non-members can also access some sections of our forum and mumble, so you can still be involved in our community. Our wiki is open to the public, and Seamus Donahue has a useful series of videos on his YouTube channel.

What preparations should you make before joining EVE University while we are at war?

Once you have received your mailing to join our Interview Queue it may still take some time to actually get called for your interview. Please take the time prior to joining the queue and your interview to prepare yourself. Once you're in the Uni you become a valid target to our enemies anywhere in space. You will want to be prepared.

1) Please ensure you follow our application process carefully. This will ensure that you already have your Overview set up to EVE University standards, which will help you to identify war targets in the system, and that you have mumble set up. This is mandatory as a condition of applying and being accepted.

2) Ensure that you are familiar with the EVE University Rules and both the Tips For War and Wartime Operations in EVE University pages before you join so that you can review what to expect during wartime.

3) If you would like to relocate any of your possessions, such as to set up a PVE base somewhere, or relocating to one of the campuses, please do this before you join the queue for your interview to EVE University. If you would like to relocate anything after you join EVE University, we would very strongly recommend you set up an Alt Hauler. You can do this either before or after joining.

4) If you would like to install jump clones you may want to do so before joining EVE University.

5) If you wish to join in the war effort, it would be useful to set up some combat ships in one of our campuses before applying. EVE University can provide hulls and modules once you are a member, but it can be useful to have some ships set up and ready to fight, and it may be more difficult to obtain items from trade hubs while we are at war. You can obtain recommended fits on our wiki. Useful roles for inexperienced players are tackling and EWAR. Logistics is also very welcome during wartime.

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