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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: The Ascension update changed the mechanics of boosting. Might need to reconsider the job of BYOC boss

So you've found yourself handed boss of the BYOC and you have no idea what you're doing? Not to worry! We've made this very short page on everything you need to understand about running a BYOC. Here you will learn about fleet boosts propagation and general BYOC management duties.

The Boosts

An Example of a fleet in which both Nibbles V and Nibbles VII receive Boosts
An Example of a fleet in which neither Nibbles V nor Nibbles VII receive Boosts

The most important thing in a BYOC is ensuring that the boosts stay active. What you need to know is the two parts of the boost: the booster and the structure.

The Booster

This is probably the easiest part of guaranteeing boosts. As long as the Orca pilot providing boosts is undocked and his boosts modules are active, boosts should be passed. Some steps for troubleshooting boosts if they are not propagating:

  1. Toggle the mining links on the orca off and back on
  2. Move the Orca into a regular squad member position within the fleet, and then back into its leadership position
  3. Dock the Orca and then undock it (don't forget to reactivate the links)
  4. Ensure that there is at least one squad member. Having a 3 man fleet of Fleet / Wing / Squad Commander and no squad member means boosts will not be passed. See more info on this in the following structure section.
  5. Revoke booster and reinstate booster

The Structure

Boosts need to be "passed" from the booster to the miners. For this to happen, a few conditions must be met.

  1. The booster must be in a leadership position and be the assigned booster for that position (e.g. fleet commander, wing commander, or squad commander along with the associated booster positions)
  2. There must be a "chain of command" down from the booster to an ordinary fleet member member. In other words, if the booster is in the "wing commander" position, there must be a squad commander and a regular fleet member below him. If the booster is in the squad commander position, there only need to be regular fleet members in his squad.
  3. The members of the "chain of command" must be legal commanders. This means leadership skills. If the Orca is in the wing command position and someone is in the squad leader position of a squad with 10 members, but only has Leadership IV, nobody in the squad will get boosts.
  4. The members of the "chain of command" must be undocked and in the same system. This is something often overlooked. If you are in a squad leader position of a BYOC, you should not be flying a ship that will be docking often, such as a hauling Miasmos or a Retriever.

BYOC Management

As boss, you will have a couple simple duties to ensure that the BYOC lasts as long as possible:

  1. Ensure that the booster is passing boosts. If the booster disconnects, or boosts drop for some reason, it is your job to ensure that the necessary troubleshooting is done to get boosts back up. Most AMC members use the AMC Slack and often you will be able to contact a booster here if they are not responding in game or on Mumble. If you are unable to restore boosts, it is perfectly acceptable to remove the booster from the boosting position and ask in AMC Ops for a new booster.
  2. Advertise the BYOC sparingly in AMC Ops (a simple "BYOC [OPSEC], ♠ up for invite" will do) and send out invites to those who ask. Inviting is simple, just right click their name and "invite to fleet"
  3. Ensure that free move is on for the fleet, and advise the BYOC members that if you do not see an invite in AMC Ops, they can send out the invite by moving themselves into the squad leader position of an empty squad
  4. Update the MOTD of the fleet. Clicking the gear icon in fleet chat allows you to "change channel settings" where you can edit the MOTD. This can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it, but at the very least should include the name of the current booster and the system that the boosts are being provided in. Other things to consider adding are a list of which belts are currently occupied and which belts have been completely mined out (depleted), a list of the values of the belts (obtained via survey scans), and any other pertinent fleet information such as war target activity.


Sample MOTD's:

BYOC in [System]

Booster: [Name]

Fleet is in free move, feel free to move yourself into squad leader position of the hauler squad to invite miners.

Occupied Belts:

Depleted Belts:

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