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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

Buyback Program

Buyback Program is a general term for a service that is designed to buy various commodities (ships, modules, ammunition, salvage, planatery interaction commodities, ore, ice & minerals etc) from capsuleers and sell those locally and/or at trade hubs as is or through reprocessing them into useful minerals and/or products. Although, the commodities accepted by the program may vary depending on the service provider, the common practice is that Jita Pricing is recognized as Universal Pricing and setting buy prices according to it. Common practice (although it may vary) is buying the commodities from capsuleers from 90-95% of Jita Buy Value at determined stations & structures, hauling the commodities to Jita trade hub and sell them there in bulk to buy orders directly. Some portion of the 5-10% difference goes to expenses such as hauling fees (if the provider does not haul the commodities himself/herself but use courier contracts and hauler services) and sales taxes to Secure Commerce Commision, a.k.a. SCC, and rest goes to service provider as profit. Although 5-10% may not seem a big profit margin to some, especially after hauling and sales expenses extracted from it, the advantage of trading in bulk may generate considerable profit.

Capsuleers who use this service also profit from this service since by using this service they can liquidate their assets safely and quickly with fair prices. By using this service capsuleers do not have to haul their assets to trade hubs themselves, which may be problematic in large volumes due to the need of Freighters and the fact of piracy at trade routes, and evade sales taxes, which needs to be paid to SCC for all trade transactions and varies between 2.25-5% depending on capsuleer's Accounting skill. The 5-10% less pricing then Jita is generally worth to accept for those two important advantages.

EVE University Community Specific Buyback Services

Buyback services can be run by a single capsuleer, a group of capsuleers, or a corporation with various methods for conveniency and/or adapting to different areas of space. Many EVE University campuses have Buyback Programs & Services for their residents, except Incursion Community due their nomadic nature and the fact that there is no loot drop from Sansha ships. EVE University Buyback Services are commonly designed to buy commodities from its members and use them in order to boost local production and projects by reselling them locally to its own members and to sell the unused commodities on public markets. The profit generated from official campus buyback services is used to fund campus wide services (SRP, Hauling etc), projects (Structures, Events etc) and expenditures (fuel etc).

High Security Campus

HSC has an Official Campus Buyback Service, taken care of by HSC Staff.

Terms & Conditions :

  • 95% Jita Buy Value
  • Used (Weapon and Mining) Crystals are not accepted.
  • Some exceptional items may not be accepted due to market instability.

Check here for more details and procedure.

Low Security Campus

LSC Lootsheet/buyback

Terms & Conditions :

  • Must be a current LSC member
  • Must have an active google account.

Null Security Campus

NSC buyback

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must be a current NSC member

Averon Mining Campus

AMC has a Specialized Official Buyback Program that focus on Ore, Ice and Gas only. Check here for terms & details.

Wormhole Campus

WHC has an Official Buyback Service, run by WHC Staff. Check here for terms & details