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This is a depcrecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.


Class Information

This is a syllabus for a class provided by EVE University. This section contains information about this class and its contents. General Information includes materials to create a proper class listing on the EVE University forum. Additional resources and teaching tips are listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General information

building on the foundation from the "Caldari Ships 101" class, this program provides a general introduction to Caldari Tech 2, Tech 3, faction and capital ship designs. You've been throwing your missiles at every opponent - now it's time to take that to the next level.

  • Class Title: Caldari Ships 102
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Docked up in station of choice

Class contents:

  • Caldari advanced ship philosophy
  • Caldari Tech 2 ammunition
  • Overview of Caldari advanced ships
    • Caldari Tech 2 ships
    • Caldari Tech 3 strategic cruiser
    • Caldari faction ships
    • Caldari capital ships
  • Q&A

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up.
  • Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture, delivered in the Class.E-UNI channel in Mumble, followed by Q&A.

Notes for the teacher

Required materials:

  • Class.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links

Useful links:

Class Content

Class Start

  • Can you hear me?
  • Join the classroom chat in Class.E-UNI
  • Instructor introduction
    • Brief character description and experience
    • Opinions expressed are the instructor's, unless otherwise indicated
  • Class rules
    • Questions should be typed in Class.E-UNI chat
    • Do not ask questions in Mumble until end of class. Please make sure you have the "Push to Talk" option enabled in Mumble.
    • Be docked up, or somewhere safe during this class, please.
    • This class will be all lecture and Q&A, and should last approximately an hour, though it could go a bit longer at the end for questions.
  • Class Scope and Objectives
    • This course is designed for EVE pilots that are interested in advanced Caldari ships.
    • Over the next hour, we’ll do a quick review of Caldari Tech 2 and capital ships. Our objective is only to help you understand the basic characteristics of these advanced craft, and to help you become a little more familiar with them. We won't be getting into deep detail on any of these ships in this class.
    • Feel free to refer back to the syllabus for this class: Caldari Ships 102
    • You may also want to review the recordings or the syllabus of the Caldari Ships 101 class, which introduced the line of common Tech 1 Caldari vessels: Caldari Ships 101

Caldari Advanced Ship Design

  • The most common Tech 1 Caldari ships, from frigates to battleships, share a common ship design philosophy, with a few minor variations:
    • Missile Launchers everywhere
    • Hybrid turrets as secondary weapon
    • Shield tank favored
    • Electronic Countermeasures(ECM) EWAR
    • little to no drone bay
  • Caldari advanced technology ships, however, provide extensions or variants on this common ship design philosophy, providing highly skilled pilots with more options for achieving their objectives.
    • Tech 2 and faction ships are each based on Tech 1 hulls, but with significant additions or variations included.
    • Advanced Tech 2 ships require specialized skills to pilot successfully. We'll cover the various skills needed for each ship.
    • While advanced ships provide more capabilities, they are also more focused on specific tasks. Therefore, while advanced tech ships help you to do some things better, they also can do fewer things, and are not as flexible as more generic Tech 1 ship designs.
  • Caldari capital ships are huge, and provide fleet power, at extreme cost and skill investment. They are also not invulnerable, and require support from smaller ships to do their jobs well.

Caldari Tech 2 Ships

  • Tech 2 Caldari Frigates
    • Electronic Attack Frigate: Kitsune: The Kitsune is an upgraded version of the Griffin. With better bonuses it fills the same role, just better. However it isn't as good as a Recon cruiser, and is mainly seen in wolfpack-style fleets.
    • Interceptors ("'ceptors", "inties") are the first choice for tacklers everywhere but nullsec (where interdictors and HICs take over). They have the highest scan resolution of any ship class, which allows them to target lock very quickly, and they are extremely fast, especially when fitted for speed. While their main purpose is tackling, many interceptors can also be fitted to be effective combat ships.
      • Tackler Interceptor: Raptor: The fleet interceptor variant. It is built solely around the plan of "I'm just holding it here till the guns arrive".
      • Damage Dealer Interceptor: Crow: The damage dealer variant. The Crow holds down the ship while destroying as well.
    • Covert Ops Frigates: Split into two sub classes, which have significantly different roles, both of which have the ability to warp while cloaked.
      • Covert Ops Frigate: Buzzard: Buzzards are scouting and probing vessels, used to find the enemy and gather intel on deployments. Like the rest of the cov ops frigates it is fragile in combat and shouldn't be shot at. Ever. Seriously if you're in a cov ops and you're not cloaked you're WRONG.
      • Stealth Bomber: Manticore: The stealth bomber is the backbone of any good covops hot drop fleet. The Manticore does heavy alpha damage with slow, heavy hitting weapons like torpedos and bombs. It is however very fragile, and if the target is not destroyed quickly this little slugger can have the tides turned.
    • Assault Frigates: Assault frigates have good tanks and high DPS. They are slower than interceptors, but have higher DPS and better tanks. In PvE, assault frigates can take on missions and complexes which would normally be too difficult for a frigate-sized ship.
      • Missile Assault Frigate: Hawk: Following in the footsteps of Caldari vessels since time immemorial, the Hawk relies on a strong shield tank accompanied by launchers and turrets. This split in weapon systems has caused the Hawk to be the least favored of the two Caldari assault frigates.
      • Hybrid Assault Frigate: Harpy: The Harpy is a powerful railgun platform with long range capability and strong shield tank. Though designed for for railguns, it can also function remarkably well in a blaster configuration, the Harpy is a formidable ship both solo and in a fleet.
  • Tech 2 Caldari Destroyer
    • Interdictor: Flycatcher: Interdictors are heavier tackler than frigates, designed to launch warp disruption probes. These probes emit a 20km warp disruption bubble that stops warping in its area of effect. However since these "bubbles" can only be used in nullsec space, the Flycatcher is rarely seen outside of 0.0
  • Tech 2 Caldari Cruisers
    • Recons: These come in two varieties, combat recons and force recons - both are based on the Blackbird hull design.
      • Force Recon: Falcon: The Falcon is the Force Recon variant of the Caldari Recon family. They can fit covert ops cloaking devices and participate in covops fleets. The Falcon is a master at "sniping" with ECM modules - combined with the Falcon's ability to warp cloaked, this makes the Falcon a feared member of any fleet. But due to its specialization, the Falcon is almost incapable of doing any combat on its own, and it is also a very fragile ship - should an enemy escape being jammed.
      • Combat Recon: Rook: The Caldari Combat Recon ship has all the weaknesses of the Falcon, but lacks the ability to warp cloaked. Although the Rook has some small improvements like 5 launcher slots instead of the Falcon's 1, as well as an extra lowslot - the Rook is marred by its fragile nature.
    • Heavy Assault Ships (commonly called "HACs", "Heavy Assault Cruisers"):
      • Cerberus: The Cerberus is an upgraded version of the Caracal T1 cruiser with upgrades in almost all areas. With the T2 resistances that all T2 ships receive, the 5 midslots are more than adequate to fit a decent shield tank, and with two additional low slots, the Cerberus makes for a fine missile spammer.
      • Eagle: The Eagle, is a mix between the cruiser hull it came from - the Moa, and the long range railgun goals of the Ishukone corporation - as we saw with the Harpy. The result is a truly great marriage of Railgun sniping and shield tanking.
    • Heavy Interdictor: Onyx: Heavy Interdictors are the heaviest, and some argue the most deadly, of tackling vessels. The Onyx can emit a warp disruption bubble constantly from his or her ship, making it in essence a mobile warpdisruption bubble. This warp bubble can also have a script loaded which turns it into a one-target super-point which stops anything from being able to warp, no matter the ship or modules selected. The Onyx can perform miraculous feats with its powerful shieldtank
    • Logistics: Basilisk: On paper, The Caldari Basilisk is the best choice for shield logistics in a fleet. The Basilisk runs four large remote shield transporters up to a range of 71km, and is able to generate capacitor between a pair (or chain) of Basilisk pilots by bouncing a remote energy transfer between ships. The big difference between the Basilisk and its competitor in shield fleets (The Scimitar), is the fact that fitting the needed buffer to be effective in a remote shield gang, increase a ships signature radius, and with the Basilisks naturally larger base signature radius – along with the slow speed and low agility, means that the Scimitar is more ofter used.
  • Tech 2 Caldari Battlecruisers
    • Command Ships: Come in two classes, field command ships and fleet command ships, based on the Drake and Ferox hull design, respectively.
      • Field Command Ship: Nighthawk: The Nighthawk, while a good ship, does not have the same upgrade other races have from their T1 battlecruisers, as such the Nighthawk actually loses a launcher slot compared to the Drake - but it more than makes up for it with the added damage bonus. Many older players swear by the Nighthawk for a trouble free pve experience, and although it is a clear upgrade of the Ferox full - it does not perform that much better than the Drake.
      • Fleet Command Ship: Vulture: The Caldari Fleet Command Ships - the Vulture follows the Ishukone design philosophy, by boosting the basic Ferox hull to become a splendid Batllecruiser sniper. As a Fleet command ship, the vulture is built to fit and use Warfare Link modules, a feature most battlecruiser pilots ignore. The Vulture has bonuses to Shield Warfare modules, increasing Shield bonuses for fleetmates.
  • Tech 2 Caldari Battleships
    • Marauder: Golem: The Golem is the final feather in the Caldari cap, in regards to completing pve content in EVE. The Golem is a purpose built mission running ship, with a 100% damage bonus freeing up 4 high slots for utility. With a bonus to active shield tanking and target painting, it is quite clear how the ship is meant to be used. Up close and personal, fitted with a powerful active shield tank, torpedoes and target painters to ensure good hits with the torpedoes.
    • Black Ops: Widow: Black Ops battleships have the unique ability to create covert cyno jump bridges, allowing covops ships to jump to a covert cyno beacon without being detected. It cannot warp while cloaked, and usually stays in the rear away from the heavy fighting. Being based upon the Scorpion hull, the Widow retains its very strong ECM capability while increasing damage output.
  • Tech 2 Caldari Transports: there are two types of advanced transports, both designed to move cargo through low-sec or null-sec space - one heavily tanked, the other relying on stealth.
    • Deep Space Tranport: Bustard: The Bustard is build to smash through hostile gatecamps. It has built-in warp stabilizers and an active shield tank bonus. Designed to get past gatecamps by strength rather than stealth.
    • Blockade Runner: Crane: The Crane, like the Bustard, is designed to transport cargo in hostile environments. Unlike the Bustard, it relies on a covops cloak to get past.

Tech 3 Caldari Strategic Cruiser

There is only one Tech 3 ship in the Caldari line: the Tengu. More information on Tech 3 Cruisers can be found here: Strategic Cruiser

Caldari Faction Ships

Rare/Unique Caldari Ships

under construction

Caldari Freighters

Caldari Capital Ships

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
  • Offer:
    • Help with fitting ships, skill development plans to any new UNI characters
    • Would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
  • Questions ?
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