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EVE University only accepts main characters, but in rare cases, circumstances may arise where a member starts using a different character as their main character. In those circumstances we have a process for current members to switch the character they have within EVE University.


There are a few conditions to swapping characters:

  • You can only have one character in EVE University at a time, so when we bring the other character in we will need you to drop corp with your current EVE University character as part of the process
  • The character you are bringing into EVE University must be your main character, so the character you use most often. We do not accept alts
  • Any character joining EVE University must have a security status of no lower than -3.99
  • Your titles within EVE University will not carry over to your other character, so you will need to earn titles again based of the activity on your new character

SPECIAL NOTE: The title of Graduate is given to the player not the character and as such can only be earned once. If you perform a character swap from a character that already has the Graduate title you will not be able to earn that title again.

  • We normally only accept one character swap per person, so make sure it is really what you want to do because you may not be able to swap back


In order to request a character swap you will need to do the following:

  • Create an EVE University forum account with the character you want to join EVE University on. To do this:
  1. Go to the EVE University Tool
  2. If you are still logged in with your current EVE University character then log out at the top right
  3. Once you are logged out go to Register and create a new account for your new character. Your user name will be the name of your new character. You can reuse the same email address if you want to
  4. You will be sent an activation email and can then set up a password in the same way you did when you set up an account for your first character
  • Click on the Apply to EVE University tab and follow through the process, including entering APIs for all of your characters (it should remember any APIs you have already given us).
  • Do not complete the entire questionnaire again, but make sure that you explain in the first box:
  1. That you are applying for a character swap from a character currently in EVE University
  2. Tell us the name of your current EVE University character
  3. Explain why you wish to switch characters. Remember that you need to have a good reason!
  • Set up the EVE University Overview on the character you want to join EVE University on before you join. We don't want you losing your ship to a war target you didn't see
  • Check your mail settings (click the four bars to the top left of your EVE mail window and select 'Settings'). Make sure you do not block mail from unknown characters and that your CSPA charge is zero. This will ensure that we can contact you about your request
  • Your request will be reviewed by one of our Personnel Officers and you will receive an EVE mail with the next instructions
  • You will then be placed into our fast track queue where an SPO or APM will review your request to swap characters and if approved will process the swap for you. You will be at the top of the queue and will have priority over members applying for the first time, so don't worry about having to wait a long time for an interview. The whole process should not take longer than a day or two.

After the swap

Once you have swapped characters there are a few steps we will need you to follow. These are as follows:

  • Make a post in the Hi and Bye Forum to explain that you have swapped characters, giving the name of your previous EVE University character. This is so that there is a public record
  • The Senior Personnel Officer or Assistant Personnel Manager who handled your swap will have set up your access on your new character, but mumble will take some time to notice. If your access doesn't seem to be working after a full day then contact the Director of Human Resources so we can check if there is a problem
  • Remember that you will need to start from the beginning with titles, so make a note to request your Freshman title when you are eligible for it
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