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Eve Refinery is a stand-alone industrial software application for Eve Online which is used to determine if market items at a given cost are better off refined or sold on the market. It updates periodically to Eve-Central, and is potentially a highly useful tool for evaluating which modules are at such a low market price (aka unwanted) that their refined minerals are of higher value elsewhere. Blended with station trading, this can prove to be an even more lucrative venture.



The application requires the Windows operating systems and may be downloaded [here]. It automatically updates, and installs itself into whichever folder it is initially downloaded, so remember to move the updater to its final location IMMEDIATELY after downloading, before running the EXE unless one wants to run Eve Refinery out of the downloads folder.


Simply follow the directions on the web page, and start the application.


The user interface is fairly intuitive, and one may choose to set up several combinations of price sources such as module and mineral prices reporting from a station level all the way out to regions. It also supports API character calls to valuate a character's current inventory, though due to CCP API call time limits, this type of query may only be updated once every few hours (seven hours as of the writing of this article).

In Game

Loot gained from missioning does not always sell for a good amount immediately, so why not refine it for some quick ISK? This tool enables one to determine which items are worth selling as is, or refining for minerals. Keep in mind the character-based API calls are limited by CCP, so the asset-based time limit applies, here.

Station trading may be lucrative, already, but keep in mind that a going rate for a given item may not indicate its optimal worth. Take the time to briefly research individual items as they are won to see if flipping them truly would be the best option. If nothing else, this application may add yet another flavor of complexity and intrigue for those individuals who have become jaded with station trading.

Also, if one flips the prices around, to see them in such a way that the refined cost is much lower than the sell price, and a blueprint is available, it may be helpful in determining which products are most profitable to actually create. For example, sort the "Delta" column in such a way that the most negative numbers are on top. This give a slight indication of which items are vastly over-valued on the market compared to their refined minerals. Take note that this is NOT a one-to-one correlation, but it SHOULD help point the direction for possible candidates for manufacturing. It will be necessary to set up the price filters accordingly, of course, so don't forget that. Also, bear in mind that most of these high-demand items do not have blueprints, or are limited run blueprints, so special attention must be exercised in the Contracts section of Aura should a blueprint copy be available.

Helpful Hints

  • It is recommended that one runs the Eve-Central's data uploader occasionally--either stand alone or in-game web-based will be fine. This ensures that your data is up-to-date. These applications or instructions for their respective usage may be found [here].
  • If you make ISK from these helpful tools, don't forget to ISK-tip their authors: Codeguard for Eve Refinery.
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