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Event Horizon is an Azbel Class Engineering citadel in Boystin which was built by members of Project Solitude for use by Eve University members and residents of the Solitude region.

Event Horizon provides reprocessing, manufacture, and research facilities to Eve University members. Being in Boystin this station is in close proximity to Gravity Well the Solitude Market Hub.

Event Horizon finished anchoring at 11/14/2017 and was the second citadel built and anchored by Solitude.


  • 1% reduction in manufacturing job required materials
  • 20% reduction in manufacturing and science job required time
  • 4% reduction in manufacturing and science job required ISK cost
  • 25% reduction in Engineering Service Module fuel consumption
  • Reduced industry taxes for E-Uni members.


Event Horizon has the research service installed, allowing for the ME/TE research of BPOs and copying to produce BPCs. The Solitude Campus BPO Library is housed in the Industry hanger and available for all Uni members to make BPCs.


Event Horizon was built by the members of the Project Solitude campus as both an experiment to investigate the construction; use and function of citadels and as a uniting project for members.


On the 2nd of Sept 2017 the call went out from the campus manager Exorcist Wraith

who wants join together in at least a months worth of fleets, and general teamwork to build our own Azbel and give Gravity Well some company in cold hard space? What sort of teamwork - well we will need minerals, salvage, PI and a little ISK - so anyone can help. Why - because we can, and Soli is famous for it's large player projects. Also it gets us faster reasearch, and cheaper builds. If the general answer is heck yes - I'll unleash Talman on you all, to provide the full details, a huge spreadsheet and then we will get going ASAP

The answer was a resouunding HECK YES so on the 4th of September Talman Drak, spreadheet master was unleashed and planning began.


It's time for Solitude Campus to show our industrial might! Us E-UNI members out here in Solitude, love our industry, so of course we want to show that by adding to our structure collection by building a large engineering complex, an Azbel!

Once all the requirements had been gathered the campus sprang into action, Ice/Mining/Salvage fleets organised by Kai-Alon Deninard, Andrew Nightshade and Jack McKnox and everyone else donating PI and other reuired items.

All materials were gathered ready for construction by 11/06/2017.


The Azbel was anchored by Talman Drak as with Gravity Well on 11/13/2017 under an alt corp to avoid Wardecs then transferred to Solitude Holdings once fully online.

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