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EVE University has a set of skill plans for new players known as BLAP (Basic Learning for Aspiring Pilots). Once a new member has completed a BLAP skill plan they will have all the skills they need to fly BLAP fit ships, which are used often in EVE University fleets.

As an added incentive for people to train BLAP skillplans, on completion all members qualify for a free BLAP-fit cruiser. This applies to all current doctrine cruisers (Caracal, Vexor, Osprey and Augoror).


To apply, first register on fleet-up and make sure you have completed the relevant BLAP skill plan.

Then complete the application form, including which ship you would like and which campus you would like it delivered to.

After processing the request, the logistics department will source the hull from corporation contracts at your preferred location and re-contract it to you at no charge. This is a one-time service - the hull will be fully SRP compliant, and therefore qualifies for full ISK replacement when lost in an EVE University PvP fleet.

Obviously getting the hulls from corporation contracts means they are subject to availability. The logistics department will make an effort to contract the ship at your preferred location, but failing that you may have to pick up the hull at another nearby station. While this may be an occasional inconvenience, we feel it's necessary to avoid poisoning the market for our industry/market oriented players. The people supplying the contracts are doing a tremendous job keeping our fleets going and deserve our full support.

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