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This is a depcrecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.


Class Information

This is a syllabus for a class provided by EVE University. This section contains information about this class and its contents. General Information includes materials to create a proper class listing on the EVE University forum. Additional resources and teaching tips are listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General information

Illustration link for class description on the Eve University forum:

While the Gallente line of workhorse Tech 1 ships is certainly impressive, Gallente advanced technology ships are clearly the envy of all of New Eden.

Building on the foundation in the "Gallente Ships 101" class, this program provides a general introduction to Gallente Tech II, Tech III, faction and capital ship designs. Come to marvel at the pinnacles of technological superiority from the Gallente Federation, and prepare to be amazed!

  • Class Title: Gallente Ships 102
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Location: Docked up safely in a station

Class contents:

  • Gallente advanced ship philosophy
  • Overview of Gallente advanced ships
    • Gallente Tech 2 ships
    • Gallente Tech 3 strategic cruiser
    • Gallente faction ships
    • Gallente capital ships
  • Q&A

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have access to Public Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins.
  • Access to the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture, followed by Q&A.

Notes for the teacher

Required materials:

  • Access to Public Mumble
  • Access to Lecture.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links

Useful links:

Class Content

Class Start

  • Can you hear me?
  • Join the classroom chat in Lecture.E-UNI
  • Instructor introduction
    • Brief character description and experience
    • Opinions expressed are the instructor's, unless otherwise indicated
  • Class rules
    • Questions should be typed in Lecture.E-UNI chat
    • Do not ask questions in Mumble until end of class. Please make sure you have the "Push to Talk" option enabled in Mumble, and/or have muted yourself in the Mumble channel.
    • Be docked up, or somewhere safe during this class, please.
    • This class will be all lecture and Q&A, and should last approximately an hour, though it could go a bit longer at the end for questions.
  • Class Scope and Objectives
    • This course is designed for EVE pilots that are interested in advanced Gallente or Gallente cross-trained, ships.
    • Over the next hour, we’ll do a quick review of Gallente Tech 2, Tech 3, capital, and related pirate faction ships. The content of the class will depend on the goals of the students in the class such as discussing fittings, PvP strategies, cross training advice, etc. Overall, however, the class will highlight the differences between Gallente ships vs those of the other races beyond the obvious weapon systems to give students a clearer understanding of why they might want to specialize into the Gallente ships.
    • Feel free to refer back to the syllabus for this class:
    • You may also want to review the recordings or the syllabus of the Gallente Ships 101 class, which introduced the line of common Tech 1 Gallente vessels: Gallente Ships 101

Gallente Advanced Ship Design

The advanced ships are distinguished by their ewar systems, logistic ships, recon ships, and tanking preference (active vs. passive vs. nano). Hence, if you are wondering if the Gallente ships are right for you, then compare these ship classes carefully between each race. Another implied benefit/drawback of a given races advanced ships are its weapon systems (i.e. if you love drones, then you'll love a number of Gallente ships). Similarly, if you're just interested in flying T2 interceptors, covert ops ships, marauders, and black ops, then any race will do. Assuming you're familiar with Gallente T1 ships (see the Gallente Ships 101 class otherwise), advanced Gallente ships amplify what Gallente T1 ships excel at: close range DPS, drone boats, tackling, sensor dampening, armor and nano tanking. Advanced Gallente ships are great for small gang/solo PvP and are often needed to take down larger targets (i.e. for a frigate to take on a cruiser, cruiser to take down a capital). Also consider the pirate faction ships in your training. Gallente cross-trained pirate faction ships provide mixtures of special bonuses that can make them especially powerful and well-suited to particular roles.

Gallente Tech 2 Ships

  • Gallente Tech 2 Frigates
    • Electronic Attack Frigate: Keres: Each race has an electronic attack frigate that specializes in a particular form of EWAR. These frigates are miniature versions of the recon cruisers and are valuable to any fleet. Relative to the Maulus frigate, the Keres has stronger bonuses to sensor dampening and comes with a bonus to warp disruptor range and cap usage. Hence, Keres is a very useful long-range tackler and that can mitigate damage to itself and to the rest of the fleet via sensor dampening.
    • Interceptors ("'ceptors", "inties") are the tackler specialists in a fleet and are common in fleets. The interceptor class has the highest scan resolution of any ship class, which allow them to lock targets very quickly (including PODs), and they are extremely fast. Interceptors are also immune to warp bubbles. The racial interceptors are very similar to one another in terms of stats, so interceptors alone should not be a reason to specialize in a particular racial frigate. Every race has two interceptors designed for long-range and/or short range tackling. The Gallente interceptors are based on the Atron hull.
      • Tackler Interceptor: Ares: a great long-range fleet tackler interceptor, because of its bonuses to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor range. Each race has an interceptor with these capabilities, however.
      • Damage Dealer Interceptor: Taranis: Slightly slower interceptor than the Ares, the Taranis acts excels as a short-range interceptor (I.e. using a scram rather than a disruptor) and can apply decent DPS (with blasters). This style of interceptor also acts and an anti-interceptor interceptor because it's able to catch and slow down very fast moving targets.
    • Cloaked Frigates: Split into two sub classes, which have significantly different roles, both of which have the ability to warp while cloaked.
      • Covert Ops Frigate: Helios: The Helios is used for scouting and exploration because of its cloaking ability and bonuses to scanning. The covert ops ships are all very similar except for layout (2 highs for the Helios, 3 highs for some other covert ops ships). They can sneak close to enemy ships undetected beyond the local channel announcing your presence and provide warp-in locations for the fleet. In exploration, the Helios (and the other covert ops ships) gets a +10 virus strength for hacking relic and data sites. Due to its extreme fragility, the Helios generally avoids combat beyond the role of scouting and remains cloaked at all times. However, it gets a weird 50% bonus for Scout Drone Thermal damage, which is odd since it can carry and field only a single scout drone - so, if you fit a Hobgoblin, you get some extra damage from it. The Helios is based on the Imicus - which arguably might be better for high sec exploration combat sites because of its much larger drone capability (40 m3 drone bay and 20 MB bandwidth), though its probe scanning and hacking bonuses are lower.
      • Stealth Bomber: Nemesis: The stealth bomber class are combat, covert ops frigate that can quickly lock targets after de-cloaking. All of the stealth bombers are similar in terms of stats and abilities, so the Nemesis should not be a main reason to specialize into Gallente ships other than its looks. Stealth bombers can fit torpedo launchers and bomb launchers (although bombs -- devastating area-effect weapons -- can only be used in nullsec). Stealth bombers put out extraordinary alpha damage, but are fragile as well, so they will typically fire a single salvo then re-cloak.
    • Assault Frigates: Assault frigates are slower than T1 attack frigates, but make up for it in DPS and tank. In PvE, assault frigates of all races can take on level 3 missions and comparable complexes would overwhelm their T1 counterparts. In PvP, the Gallente assault frigates stand out from other racial assault frigates for their combination of high DPS (typically >250 HP/s) and strong tank (typically >12k EHP).
      • Enyo: The Enyo is revered as the highest DPS frig in the game (>350 HP/s) with a respectable tank (>12k EHP). The Enyo's 3 mid slots add to its versatility to take on kiting frigates (scram + web + MWD), brawler frigates (scram + web + AB), and cruisers on up (scram + AB + MWD). However, the short damage projection of blasters makes the Enyo a high risk, high reward ship to fly.
      • Ishkur: The Ishkur is a drone boat that can hold up to 10 light drones in its drone bay (with max skills). The drones give the pilot respectable damage projection at large ranges, while its blasters provide the DPS to finish off close range targets. Note that the selective damage types, tracking, fall off, speed, control range, and relative EWAR immunity of drones make the Ishkur a very formidable opponent.
  • Tech 2 Gallente Destroyer
    • Interdictor: Eris: The Eris plays a key role in nullsec space. The Eris can launch warp disruption probes, which create a bubble with a 20km radius, and in which nothing can warp, no matter how many warp core stabilizers they fit. Anyone trying to warp to a spot within 150km of the edge of the bubble will be pulled to the edge of it, if the bubble is in line with the two objects that the ship is warping between. Bubbles cannot be used in lowsec or highsec space, so the Eris is only useful in 0.0.
  • Tech 2 Gallente Cruisers
    • Recons: These come in two varieties, combat recons and force recons - both are based on the Celestis hull design. Both get a 20% longer warp disruption range per level of Recon skill trained, giving them both a "long point" for tackling ships from a distance. Recon V gives pilots an 18km scram range and 48km disruptor range without overheating. Both types of recon ships get a 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 5% bonus to Remote Sensor Dampener effectiveness per level of Recon skill trained.
      • Force recon: Arazu: Can fit a covert ops cloak, and is the first choice of hunter-killer scouts for "hot drop" sneak attack operations in low-sec, because this ship can also carry cynosural field generators.
      • Combat recon: Lachesis: There is little difference between the Arazu and the Lachesis except for the Arazu's ability to cloak. However, the Lachesis' slightly stronger tank, and also more damage dealing potential due to a 5% bonus in heavy or assault missile damage per level of Recon skill trained, make it more deadly in PvP.
    • Heavy Assault Cruiser (commonly called "HACs"): If you're looking for a reason to specialize in Gallente ships, look no further than the Ishtar and Deimos. Both Gallente HACs are versatile PvP ships and can be fitted for armor buffer, active armor tank, or with a nano/shield tank. Furthermore, they accomplish this while being able to apply amazing DPS at long or close range.
      • Ishtar: In some ways, the Ishtar is the swiss army knife of HACs. The versatility of its drones and abundant low slots makes the Ishtar a strong ship to fly in armor and nano fleets and has a volley damage comparable to Minmatar ships and maintain high DPS as well. However, the Ishtar demands a lot of piloting skill to perform well such as knowing when/where to drop drones, when to abandon/reconnect drones, maintaining constant grid awareness, etc. The Ishtar favors sentry drones and is a great reason to train for T2 sentry drones. Fans of the Ishkur will love the Ishtar.
      • Deimos: This ship has a very solid tank, generous capacitor, and bonuses to armor repair and DPS. This combination makes the Deimos a formidable opponent in solo and larger fleet engagements. The Deimos can be fit with the typical Gallente self-repairing brawler style, but can also be fit with rails and a speed tank for larger fleet engagements. Fans of the Enyo will love the Deimos.
    • Heavy Interdictor: Phobos: All of the Heavy Interdictors are similar in style and purpose, so should not be a reason to specialize in Gallente ships. The Heavy Interdictors are optimized for tackling in all areas of space (although more commonly in null and WH space). The Amarr Devoter HIC tanks a little better, but the Phobos has an extra midslot, making it better at catching fast targets with an extra sensor booster. In 0.0, the Phobos can create a 12-20 km radius warp disruption bubble. However, while the Eris light interdictor can launch its bubble and then get out, the Phobos has to stay where it wants its bubble to be. The Phobos' bubble module can be loaded with a script which increases the range of the point by 50% and focuses its effect so that it acts as a normal warp disruptor with infinite strength, instead of creating bubbles, enabling the Phobos to tackle even capital ships in low-sec.
    • Logistics: Oneiros: The Oneiros is intended to be used in small gang armor PvP fleets. Unlike the Guardian, the Oneiros does not require another logistics ship to remain cap stable. The Oneiros is analogous to the Scimitar (Minmatar), but repairs armor and has bonuses to tracking links.
  • Tech 2 Gallente Battlecruisers
    • Command Ships: Command ships are distinguished by their ability to fit at least three links that give bonuses to every member under the pilots leadership in the fleet window. Each command ship gives bonuses to two different links. The Gallente command ships give bonuses to armored warfare links (giving bonuses to armor) and to skirmish warfare links (giving bonuses to speed and tackling). Each race has two different command ships distinguished by their weapon systems only.
      • Astarte: Specializes in hybrid turrets and has more DPS, tank, and resists relative to the Brutix hull that it is based on.
      • Eos: Specializes in drones and, like the Astarte, has more DPS, tank, and resists relative to the Myrmidon hull that it is based on.
  • Tech 2 Gallente Battleships
    • Marauder: Kronos: The marauder class of ships are considered to be the "end game" ship for level 4 mission runners (because of its bonuses to tractor beam ranges). Marauders specialize in applying damage at long ranges and have the ability to fit an impressive active tank and buffer. To dictate range, Marauders are given a bonus to the frequency at which Large Micro Jump Drives can be activated. In PvP, Marauders are like miniature dreadnaughts (i.e. Moros) because they are immune to to all ewar, increase their resists and active rep abilities, and damage (in the form of increased optimal range) when their bastion module is activated, which is similar to the bonuses given to the Moros when it activates its seige module. Although their tank and damage projection are impressive in PvP/E, the way to take down a Marauder is with energy neutralizers. The different racial marauders differ only in terms of their weapon system and tank, but are otherwise very similar.
    • Black Ops: Sin: Based on the Dominix hull, this is the big brother of the Arazu recon. It can move but not warp while cloaked, but they are superb in providing covert jump bridges. Covert cyno fields can be established even in cyno-jammed 0.0 systems and don't appear as a beacon in the entire system like a normal cyno. Black Ops battleships can lock onto these fields and create bridges to them, which then allows other covert ops ships -- any ship that get a bonus to cloaking, including stealth bombers and Tech 3 cruisers with the cloaking subsystem -- to jump in. Again, the different racial Black Ops ships are all very similar and are distinguished by their weapon systems with the Sin specializing in hybrid turrets and drones.
  • Tech 2 Gallente Transports: Each race has two types of advanced transports. The Blockade Runner transport is capable of fitting a covert ops cloak and warp while cloaked, whereas the Deep Space transport has a larger cargo capacity, has a built in +2 warp strength, and has active/passive tanking bonuses.
    • Deep Space Transport: Occator: A heavily tanked cargo carrier, with bonuses to armor repair amount and armor HP.
    • Blockade Runner: Viator: Excellent secure fast transport for medium sized cargoes. Can be fitted to carry a packaged cruiser (10K m3), for example. Some WH dwellers prefer the Prowler over all other Blockade Runner transports however, because it has two high slots that allow the pilot to fit a cloak and a probe launcher. If you plan to live in WH's, then you might want to consider the Prowler.

Tech 3 Gallente Strategic Cruiser

There is only one Tech 3 ship in the Gallente line: the Proteus. More information on Tech 3 Cruisers can be found here: Strategic Cruiser

  • Like all strategic cruisers, the Proteus is extremely flexible and adaptable. By changing the subsystems and modules, you can fit the Proteus for just about any task.
  • It is especially useful as a scout in nullsec, as it can be fitted for immunity against warp disruption bubbles, and also with a covert ops cloak, making it very difficult to catch.
  • The Proteus is much respected in wormholes, where its high DPS in a small package is greatly valued.
  • And it can be configured very suitably for high sec exploration, with similar probing ability as the Helios.
  • The downside of the Proteus, like all Tech III strategic cruisers, is that it is very expensive to buy and to outfit properly. Also, if you lose a strategic cruiser, you will lose some skill points (from a subsystems skill), which then have to be relearned.

Gallente Faction Ships

There are several Gallente faction ships which can be purchased from Gallente station LP stores, or on the market. They are generally expensive, and some are far more worthy of attention than others.

  • Federation Navy Comet - a fun boat for low-level missioning and solo PvP, the Comet is all about balance. The 3 high / 3 mid / 4 low configuration encourages an armor tank, though there are lots of other options for effective fitting. The Comet has a 30 m3 drone bay and 15 MB of bandwidth, so fielding three scout combat drones with another flight of spares is common practice. It gets a 7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Weapon tracking speed and 20% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage per level of Frigate skill trained, enabling this boat to get close to 300 DPS with some extreme damage-focused fitting.
  • Exequror Navy Issue - This is a blaster-boat version of the Tech I logistics ship, with a 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret rate of fire per level of Cruiser trained. In this role, the Thorax is much cheaper.
  • Vexor Navy Issue - An upgrade to what is already a very flexible cruiser, the Navy Vexor has an extra high slot, more drone bandwidth (can field five heavy drones or sentries), more armor, more shielding, slightly more cap and CPU, and an additional low slot for a damage mod or stronger armor tank. This boat is worth having and fun to fly in many level 3 missions. However, the Ishtar's 5-5-4 slot configuration, in addition to more drone capacity and bonuses, provides more flexibility, which is why the Tech II variant of the venerable Vexor is preferred by most pilots.
  • Megathron Navy Issue - A more expensive Megathron with more structure, armor and shields, more drone capacity, more powergrid and CPU, and an extra low slot. This is a well-liked boat for use as an aggro-drawing anchor in Incursion armor fleets.
  • Dominix Navy Issue - Another expensive, but very nice boat for level 4 missions, the Navy Domi provides about one-third more structure, armor and shields than its Tech I variant, as well as more drone capacity, powergrid, and CPU, as well as an additional mid-slot. In other words, it tanks like crazy and you can optimize drone damage with an extra omnidirectional tracking link - what's not to like?
  • Brutix Navy Issue - Take a Brutix, multiply defenses by 1.5, add another high slot, increase powergrid and CPU, and you have an expensive but insanely dangerous gunboat with a very hard tank.

Rare/Unique Gallente Ships

  • Opux Luxury Yacht - Of the three Luxury Yachts that exist in the universe, two are player-controllable. One was acquired during a CCP live event, during which Iece Quaan boarded it after an actor ejected from it. This ship was then sold to Voogru, the now current owner. The second Yacht was given out by CCP to a couple from New Zealand known in-game as Caytlyn Rose and Ramius Monteagne, who got engaged on the stage at the 2005 Fanfest and are now married. The third Yacht can be seen piloted by NPCs in a few missions, including Flame of Peace, a Level 1 mission.
  • Guardian-Vexor - an extremely rare, specialized cruiser that can launch up to 10 drones. Only 50 blueprint copies for this limited issue ship were distributed as prizes in past EVE Online tournaments by CCP, and nobody really knows how many still exist. They occasionally appear for sale on contracts for upwards of 30 billion ISK each.
  • Megathron Federate Issue - the rarest ship in EVE, originally provided as a live event prize by CCP - there is only one, owned by a player called Entity.

Gallente Freighters

  • Obelisk: Frieghter - big, slow, clumsy and great for carrying a lot of stuff in empire space
  • Anshar: Jump frieghter - big, slow, clumsy and great for carrying a lot of stuff in and out of low-sec and null-sec space

Gallente Capital Ships

Cross-Training for Pirate Faction Ships

  • Gallente pilots can cross-train some other races' ship command skills to get access to pirate faction ships.
  • Cross-training Gallente and Minmatar ship command skills makes both Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirate faction ships available
    • Angel ships
      • Dramiel - frigate - ultra fast, and exceptional for taunting war targets at a distance.
      • Cynabal - cruiser - also fast, with bonuses for projectile turret damage, range and rate of fire
      • Machariel - battleship - an awesome boat with high DPS, and uncanny speed for a battleship. Popular for Level 4 missions and especially in Incursion fleets.
    • Serpentis ships
      • Daredevil - frigate - a very fast, high DPS tacking frigate with bonuses to stasis webs to slow your opponent down more than other ships.
      • Vigilant - cruiser - a Thorax on steroids - bonuses for hybrid turret damage and range, combined with a stasis webifier bonus: scary stuff.
      • Vindicator - battleship - extraordinary DPS, and a bonus for stasis webifiers. It continues to be very popular in incursion fleets along with other faction battleships such as the Machariel and Nightmare.
  • Cross-training Gallente and Caldari ship command skills makes Gurista and Mordu's Legion pirate faction ships available
    • Gurista ships
      • Worm - frigate - feels very similar to an Ishkur, but with missiles instead of guns to draw aggro.
      • Gila - cruiser - a powerful missile and drone cruiser, with bonuses to shield resists, the Gila is a match for many Tech II assault cruiser pilots.
      • Rattlesnake - battleship - an enormous drone bay, strong tank and cruise missiles make this a popular ship for Level 4 mission runners.
    • Mordu's Legion ships (released in Kronos)
      • Garmur - frigate - missile/tackle boat
      • Orthrus - cruiser - missile/tackle boat
      • Barghest - battleship - missile/tackle boat
  • Cross-training Gallente and Amarr ship command skills makes Sisters of EVE faction ships available
    • Sisters of Eve ships (released in Rubicon)
      • Astero - frigate - fits covert ops cloak, optimized for exploration sites.
      • Stratios - cruiser - a powerful cruiser designed for exploration.
      • Nestor - battleship - a powerful drone boat with remote armor rep capabilities (i.e. a miniature carrier).

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
  • Offer:
    • Help with fitting ships, skill development plans to any new UNI Gallente characters
    • Would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
  • Questions ?
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