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This is a depcrecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.


Class Information

This chapter contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

Illustration link for class description on the Eve University forum: http://xxx.jpg

Describe the general purpose and objectives of the class, and the intended audience.

  • Duration: xxx minutes/hours [and an additional xxx minutes/hours for the optional practical exercise]
  • Location: Docked up safely in a station

Class contents:

  • High level class topics
  • Key sections of content
  • Outlined in sequence
  • Q&A

[* Practical exercise]

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
  • Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel

[* A suitable ship, of the xxxxx type and fitted for xxxx, for the optional practical exercise]

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture delivered in the Class.E-UNI channel in Mumble, followed by Q&A. [An optional practical exercise follows.]

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

  • Class.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links
  • List any relevant links to teacher's references on the wiki or other resources, if needed
  • Describe any ships, fittings, modules, or tools required to have on hand, if needed

Any particular notes or tips about how to deliver the class go here.

Class Contents


Welcome to this class on small gang missioning! This course is designed primarily for players who want to run missions in small groups, effectively and efficiently.

Over the hour or so, we shall cover everything you need to know to run missions in gangs, without getting blown up.

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.)

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Class.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.
  • You should be [docked up safely in a station

Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin....

Types of Mission Gangs

  • Different roles in a small gang.
    • Tanking for your group.
    • Dealing the damage.
    • EWar - Is it necessary?
    • Dedicated Salvagers
  • Numbers matter.
    • How many pilots are too many?
    • When do you need to call for back-up?

Mission Gang Fittings

  • Weapon fitting for missions.
    • Dealing specific damage types.
    • Close range turrets vs. long range turrets.
    • Are missiles always the best option?
  • Tanking for missions.
    • Specific resistances for specific missions.
    • Active or Passive?
    • Raw tank, or speed tank?

Ship types, and their uses

  • Fly for your mission level.
    • When should you get out of that Frigate?
    • When is a Battleship overkill?
    • Is that faction ship really better?
  • Play to your group's strengths.
    • Slow ships are the backbone, but...
      • Fast ships keep them safe.
    • He has long range turrets.
      • Utilising your short range turrets.
    • We have two (or more) damage dealers.
      • How to play the tank.
      • Tackling is their friend.

Knowing a group's weaknesses

  • Our tank is susceptible to (insert problem here).
    • Calling targets when needed.
    • Filling the holes.
      • Remote sensor boosting.
      • Knowing which NPC's tackle.
      • Getting friendly with the "Drone Assist" button.
  • We can't do enough damage.
    • Focusing fire.
    • Knowing when to work on another target.
  • When to GTFO.
    • Pre-determined rally points.
    • Being the last one to get out.
    • Knowing when it's time to leave.
      • Watching the "Watch List"

Greed; is it good?

  • Sharing loot/rewards
    • When you talk to the agent to complete the mission while part of a fleet, you given the option to keep everything yourself or share the rewards with the fleet
      • Shared stuff
        • Mission ISK rewards including any time bonuses
        • LP rewards
        • CORP standings
      • Item rewards are *not* shared but are given to the person who accepted the mission
  • Salvaging vs. Running one more mission.

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
    • I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
  • Questions ?
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