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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Harmonia was EVE University's POS (Player-Owned Starbase), originally in Aldrat and later in Slays. When engineering complexes were introduced to the game it was replaced by Adrestia. It served three functions:

  • A rally point for other local operations (fleets, roams, mining activities, etc.)
  • A defense / safe spot
  • A place for reprocessing or compressing ore

Rally Point

EVE University members could use the POS to rally fleets or conduct other EVE University operations. Only people in the Ivy League Alliance were able to enter the shield.


EVE University members could use the POS as a safe location to evade War Targets.

The POS would automatically lock and fire on anyone who is a War Target. However, protection was not instantaneous, as the guns and POS modules require a long time to lock up targets, especially small ones.

Members could not be harmed as long as they stayed within the POS shields. But neither could they lock nor otherwise engage anything else. There was also a risk of inadvertently bumping other members out of the safety of the POS shield, so members were advised not to move while they were in the POS shield.

Reprocessing Array

Harmonia had a Reprocessing and Compression Array available to EVE University students.

Because there was only a single storage space for ores/minerals, only one member was able to use the array at a time to prevent ores/minerals becoming mixed. It was therefore considered polite to keep your distance if someone else was currently using the array. Theft of others' items during POS array use was considered corp theft and thus punishable as such.

POS Research

Harmonia originally had a POS research program, but this was cancelled after the Crius expansion changed the way POS research laboratories were used and allowed public research. Instead, several EVE University campuses set up their own research programs.

Other Modules

Harmonia also had other modules, such as the Corporate Hangar Array, which were used by the Logistics Division and could not be used by general members.