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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

History of the Ivy League Navy's Battlegroup 2 - The Big Deuce


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The logo for The Big Deuce was created by Matheus Esp, a former ILN pilot. There were initially a few designs floating around, but the end result for the logo was the face of a Dingo on the foremost card, and the second card contains the image of a Dingo's Skull.

The Big Deuce trend

There is an underlying trend in The Big Deuce which is rarely talked about, but after many months of service members of the battle group have a tendency to gravitate towards other PVP corporations as would be expected for pilots interested in PVP. The trend in The Big Deuce is however that they seem to all gravitate towards a corporation known as Agony Unleashed, the reason for this trend is unknown. And those who have succumbed to this trend tend to be close-mouthed about the subject.

Tactical Doctrine trend

Due to the fact that The Big Deuce is and always has been the smallest of the battle groups, fleet composition, tactics and techniques needed to be adjusted to accommodate. Larger fleets when they do occur will be more of an exception than the norm. The trend amongst The Big Deuce is to field "smaller" mixed composition fleets as compared to the other battle groups of the ILN. This can most likely be attributed to a combination of Command team preferences and the membership available within this timezone. Either way, the members of the Big Deuce seem to enjoy flying more advanced ships in small gangs with a mindset towards experimenting with non-standard tactics and ship type/fit combinations. When full scale ILN mobilisations are called for to protect the Ivy League, its assets, and allies; this mindset for more advanced ships comes to the fore as significant portions of the advanced ships fielded in a combined effort are flown by pilots from The Big Deuce.

The Big Deuce and its Commanding Officers

The Deran Francks period (duration unknown)

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The Luzxz period (duration unknown)

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The Sto Lo period (2010-08-01 until 2010-10-30)

Sto Lo took office as Commanding Officer from 2010-08-01 until his resignation on 2010-10-30. During this time he set about rebuilding the battlegroup from its minimalistic state, and with the assistance of his Executive Officer Skylanx they encouraged pilots to go out and lead fleets. This was in particular a success with the FC of the Week program for the weekly patrols. During this period Sto Lo himself spent a lot of his time out in fleets, small gangs or in solo PvP and encouraged others to do likewise and caused BG2 to come to the fore with leading the killboard (and lossboard) for the entire period of his tenure.

Memorable moments/activities/leadership techniques:

  • "Fleet warp to Hofj.., beef bork bork" (and henceforth Hofjaldgund shall be known as Beef Bork Bork)
  • Frequent small gang/solo PvP in Hadozeko

The Miranda Glade period (2010-11-29 until 2011-01-11)

Miranda Glade stepped up as Commanding Officer from 2010-11-29 until his resignation on 2011-01-11. Prior to this time he spent in a variety of roles in the battlegroup and set up the Training Program in consultation with the other battlegroup N7's. After his promotion he encouraged new pilots to learn and led EVE University into an organised event fight against Agony Unleashed, the nullsec PVP corporation, which resulted in an overwhelming win for EVE University on 2011-01-08. During this period the timezone based Squadrons were disbanded across the entire ILN.

Memorable moments/activities/leadership techniques:

  • Winning the fight against Agony Unleashed ([1])
  • Organising and creating The Big Deuce training program.

The Yamir Ke'Shark volunteering days (2011-01-11 until 2011-06-12)

Yamir Ke'Shark stepped up from the position of Executive Officer to the role of Commanding Officer on 2011-01-11 and set about filling the many than vacant positions in the command staff of The Big Deuce whilst running events, teaching, leading fleets, and supervising the training department. Having started off is ILN career as a victim of the FC of the Week program, he first moved into the command staff as the Intelligence Officer (N2) and slowly moved through the remaining roles and positions up until his promotion to CO. After having succesfully filled all the open BG2 command staff positions on 2011-05-08, an event to hunt the CO and XO was planned which involved the loss of approximately 2 billion ISK worth of ships in a constant four hour period of combat against the entire ILN and any other willing victims/volunteers. After a few more weeks the decision to leave EVE University was made and plans to leave the battlegroup in capable hands were started.

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Memorable moments/activities/leadership techniques:

The Seralinna Cayliss period (2011-06-12 until 2011-06-21)

Seralinna had the dubious honour of commanding the Big Deuce during the final days of the ILN Battlegroup Age.

Seralinna was confirmed in the role on June 13th, 2011, by Smurfprime, only two days before Kelduum's announcement on June 15th, 2011, that the ILN was to be disbanded within a week, leaving no time to make a mark on the Battlegroup before its end.

Among the final acts of the ILN Battlegroup 2's Command Team was the promotion and acknowledgement of all those Big Deuce pilots who's activities warranted recognition during the last few weeks of the Battlegroup.

Memorable moments/activities/leadership techniques:

  • Standing watch on the Last Day of the Big Deuce.
  • Best known for accidentally buying over 6000 shuttles while trying to seed a camping ground with them at less than 8m ISK per shuttle.

Staffing History

Past and Present Command Staff Listing

Pilot Name Joined Left Notable roles
Vedenhenki unknown unknown N1
Deran Francks unknown unknown CO
Thea Infinitas unknown unknown Author of The Big Deuce Pirate Hunting Guide
Mental Mantis unknown 2010-03-10 N3
Corwin unknown unknown unknown
Luzxz unknown unknown XO, acting CO
Larsen Knight 2010-01-24 2011-06-21 N1 until 2010-08-02, N4 from 2011-01-07
Skylanx 2010-02-10 2010-10-30 XO
Shaft Vain 2010-02-12 2011-06-21 N1 until 2011-05-03, AN1
Tou Mei 2010-04-05 2011-01-05 N4
Miranda Glade 2010-06-01 2011-01-12 N7, N3, CO
Yamir Ke'Shark 2010-06-20 2011-06-12 N2, N7, N3, XO, CO
Sto Lo 2010-08-01 2010-10-30 CO
ToranBrades 2010-09-26 2011-02-24 N7
Seralinna Cayliss 2010-10-13 2011-06-21 N3, XO, CO
MrKlepto unknown unknown N3
Cedric deBouilard 2010-12-29 2011-06-21 N7
Meynn 2011-01-12 2011-06-21 N1
Nicnack Soul 2011-01-31 2011-06-21 N3
Megarom unknown 2011-06-21 N2

Other notable members for their stellar service, work and dedication

  • Gwenyfer
  • Atilla Khan
  • Varius Arcturis (Overview Setup guru, his handywork can be found here)
  • s4ikotic
  • Silent Bruce
  • Serenity Goru
  • John Takeshi

and all those who've led fleets for the two weekly patrols, those who have exemplified the intent and spirit of the ILN and its regulations, and all those who have struggled through their enlistment and training.

Not so notables and bad apples

These are the individuals who have been expelled, requested to leave, or banned from EVE University for a variety of reasons, more details on some of these can be found on The Departed list as indicated below.

  • Helios Black - The Departed, KOS.
  • Dooobles - The Departed
  • Skyreth - Banned

Memorable stories from members of The Big Deuce

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