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This is a depcrecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.


Class Information

This is a syllabus for a class provided by EVE University. The General Information section includes materials to create a proper class listing on the EVE University forum. Additional resources and teaching tips are listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

Illustration link for class description on the Eve University forum: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1126110/Jumpclone/sheep_clone.png

Describe the general purpose and objectives of the class, and the intended audience.

  • Duration: 1 hour [and an additional 1 hour for the optional practical exercise]
  • Location: Docked up safely in a station / Meet at Amygnon for the optional field trip

Class contents:

  • Cloning in General
  • Uses of Jump Clones
  • Pitfalls of jump clones.
  • How do I get a jump clone?
  • Q&A
  • Optional field trip to pick up jump clones!

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up.
  • Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel
  • If you wish to go on the optional field trip afterwards:
    • You will need the skill Infomorph Psychology trained to at least level 1. This skillbook is eligible for reimbursement under the University's skillbook program.
    • You will need 100,000 ISK to pay for a jump clone when we reach our destination.
    • You will need to be docked up in Amygnon in order to join the field trip.

Additional information: This class is primarily a lecture delivered in the Lecture.E-UNI channel in Mumble, followed by Q&A. An optional field trip to pick up a jump clone of your very own follows.

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

  • Lecture.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links

Class Contents


This course is designed primarily for the newest players to EVE and to the University, who are unfamiliar with jumpclones and how they work. Over the hour or so, we are going to cover the basics of what jump clones are, what they're useful for, and how to use them (or not) to your advantage. We will also be covering some of the basics of E-Uni fleet movement and communication on our journey to pick up a jumpclone.

  • If you plan to fly with us afterward to get a jumpclone, please make sure you have Infomorph Psychology trained to level 1. If necessary, buy it and inject it now!

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so. This is a setting you should always have enabled anyway on the University Mumble server.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Lecture.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. At the end of my lecture, we will open comms on Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.

Cloning in General

WE ARE GODS! Cloning and conciousness transference is what makes capsuleers unique in New Eden.

Medical clones

  • Everyone always has one medical clone, which requires no maintenance
  • Emergency consciousness transfer when podded
  • Medical clones can be moved while docked in ANY station
    • Right-Click station name in upper left (current location)
    • Select "Set Home Station"
    • Can be done as frequently as you like
    • You can always check current medical clone station (home station) at the top of Character Sheet
  • Medical clones can be moved remotely to any corp office
    • Can only be done once per year
    • In corp window: Home > Details > Offices (right click any office to set it as your home station)

Jump Clones

  • Not affected by, or in any way related to your medical clone
  • Can be jumped between at will (once per 24 hours)
    • Skill training can improve the total number and time required between jumps
  • To jump to a clone
    • Find "Jump Clones" in character sheet
    • Pause your skill training
    • Exit current ship (in pod)
    • Click "Jump"
    • Restart your skill training
    • The clone left behind when you jump becomes an inactive jump clone you can jump to later

What are Jump Clones useful for?

Clean Clones

  • In case of death, you don't lose implants
  • In other words, a clean clones allow you to “remove” implants temporarily
  • Great for pvp in nullsec (or anytime you are likely to lose your pod)

Quick travel

  • Mission hub clones (far from your regular staging area)
  • Taking E-uni classes if you are in a remote campus or living far from staging areas

Clone sets

  • Various implant sets (snakes, slaves, training)

Pitfalls of Jump Clones

24 hour reuse timer

  • If jumpimg to a remote clone, you might not be able to get back in time for a fleet or class
  • If you jump into an expensive clone, might have to pass on a null sec roam
  • Planning ahead is essential
  • Can be reduced to 19 hours with Infomorph Synchronizing.

Accidentally destroying a clone

  • Jumping FROM a station that already has a clone
    • Clone being left behind will replace any jump clone stored at that station (including it's implants)
    • Does NOT affect medical clones
  • You will get a warning
  • See the misadventures of stick-figure Allison for an example.

How Do I Get a Jump Clone?

Skills to train:

Clones can only be obtained in person at a station with a medical facility

  • From NPC corps
  • From a capital ship with a clone vat module
  • From a station with a medical bay owned by your corp or alliance

Class Wrap-up

Thanks for attending this class!

  • Questions ?
  • I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
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