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This article is deprecated and no longer in use. Please visit Guide_to_Logistics or Logistics 101 for current info. User: Antei thantonne


It is important to have a blue logi overview tab set up properly, especially if you use the overview to sort the cap chain instead of the logi channel. A blue fleet tab can also be helpful.

These instructions assume you have overview presets done according to the Overview Guide. If you did not set up your overview according to the UniWiki guide, just pick an overview preset you usually use for travel and PvP to base the Blue overview presets.

Blue Fleet

  1. Rename one of your tabs Blue Fleet
  2. Load up the 2 - PvP Travel preset in that tab.
  3. Open Overview Settings, go to Filters > States
  4. Every item in the list MUST be checked EXCEPT the following four:
    • Pilot (agent) is interactable
    • Pilot has neutral standing
    • Pilot has bad standing
    • Pilot has terrible standing
  5. Go to Filters > Types
  6. Go to the Drones section, right click the Drones header and click deselect all.
  7. Save the preset as 9A - Blue Fleet

If you do not set up your blue overview states correctly, you might not see some blue pilots on your overview, which can be extremely problematic in many circumstances.

Blue Logi

  1. Rename one of your tabs Blue Logi
  2. Load up the 9A - Blue Fleet preset in that tab.
  3. Open Overview Settings, go to Filters > Types
  4. Go to the Ship section, right click the ship header and click deselect all.
  5. Open the Ship section, check the Logistics item in the list.
  6. Save the preset as 9B - Blue Logi

This Blue Logi overview preset will show all blue logistic ships on grid, not just those in your fleet. It is not possible to set up an overview preset that would only shows fleeted logi pilots. However this only shows T2 logi, not T1.

Blue Caps

  1. Rename one of your tabs Blue Caps
  2. Load up the 9A - Blue Fleet preset in that tab.
  3. Open Overview Settings, go to Filters > Types
  4. Go to the Ship section, right click the ship header and click deselect all.
  5. Open the Ship section, check the following items in the list:
    • Capital Industrial Ships
    • Carrier
    • Dreadnought
    • Jump Freighter
    • Supercarrier
    • Titan
  6. Save the preset as 9C - Blue Caps

Cap Direction

There are several ways of establishing cap transfers between logistics. The two most popular are: One Up One Down; and Two Down. Sometimes cap transfers are arranged in pairs or triples, but these tend to be less robust than full cap chains in large fleet engagements.

When using the One Up One Down method, you should transfer cap to the person above and below you in the cap chain, in alphabetical order. When using the Two Down method, you should look for the two pilots below you -- in alphabetical order -- and transfer cap to both with one cap transfer module on each. The cap chain should wrap around back to the top once it reaches the bottom of the logi channel or overview list.

You should keep an eye on your watch list and overview or logi channel member list and be ready to change cap transfer targets if necessary.

The cap chain is often broken by inattentive pilots. It is important to regularly check your distance from the anchor and other logi pilots, look for any new additions to the cap chain and for pilots leaving permanently or being disconnected temporarily, and to keep an eye on the logi channel for instructions. The cap chain is vital for the survival of the fleet. Careless pilots who cannot pay enough attention to maintain it when there is no fighting are a liability to your fleet if enemies decide to engage.

Sorting Method

The sorting method can either be done through the blue logi overview, or through the logi channel list.

If the logi channel list is used, the only people in that channel should only be currently active logi pilots on grid flying Guardians or Basilisks. And the pilots should make sure to leave channel if their ship is destroyed or if they are no longer with the rest of the fleet for any reason.

If the overview is used to order the cap chain, you should sort the Blue Logi overview by name. You should look for the two pilots that you are meant to cap according to the cap direction rule, and activate one cap transfer module on each. You must skip over Scimitars and Oneiros, you should never give cap to these ships in normal circumstances. Pay attention to ship type in the overview when setting up your cap chain list.

If you use the overview to determine sorting order, the logi channel may include non-cap transferring logi, sometimes the FC and other commanders, pilots that have had their ships destroyed, pilots that are off grid, pilots that are in another system, etc. This can help to use the logi channel to coordinate between all logi pilots and commanders.

Cap Transfer Protocol

If you are in a Guardian, you should not include Basilisks in the cap chain unless both logi types are in the same fleet and sharing the same logi channel. And Vice Versa.

The cap chain should be up and active at all times except when inside a POS shield or when the fleet is making best speed to a destination system. Even when simply aligning after jumping through a stargate, the logi pilots should establish the cap chain after uncloaking. It is best to be prepared, and to check that all cap transferring logi pilots understand who they should be transferring to.


The Anchor is the ship you should be orbiting. You default orbit distance should be between 5 and 15 km in PvP fleets. Scimitars and Oneiros will sometimes not have an anchor and just try to keep at range from the hostiles while staying in rep range of each other and their fleetmates. In Incursion fleets, the orbit is often less than 5 km to prevent rats from orbiting too far from the damage dealers if they aggress the logi.

At 5 km orbit distance you may not have your full speed while orbiting with an AB. 10 km orbit is a common distance that will let you orbit at full speed. If your orbit distance is too far you may have a low angular velocity against the enemy fleet for a prolonged time, or you could be out of range of some broadcast requests if a fleet spreads out to chase an enemy or deblob to avoid bombing runs, or you could bump into a hostile starbase shield during a pos siege if the anchor is too close.

If you fight on a stargate, the anchor could be set as the stargate with an orbit that stays within jump range. Logi ships that take too much damage and cannot get repped fast enough can jump through if they don't have aggression.


You should have your Fleet window open to the broadcast history tab at all times. You can control+click items in the broadcast history to lock them.

You should keep and eye on your own shield and armor and be ready to broadcast when required. Setting up need armor and need shield shortcuts can make this easier during combat.

Click the icon at the top left of the fleet window and select broadcast settings.

  • Need Armor: If you are in a shield logi, you should have this unchecked.
  • Need Capacitor: If you are in a scimitar or oneiros, you should have this unchecked.
  • Need Shield: If you are in an armor logi, you should have this unchecked.
  • Target: You should have this unchecked unless target broadcasts are being used to focus repping on a starbase.

You should ignore all capacitor requests unless the fleet is not engaging an enemy fleet nor attacking a hot POS. If cap requests have been authorized by the FC or logi coordinator, you should switch cap transfer to one down, and use the second cap transfer module to cap up ships that have broadcast for cap. The pilots broadcasting for cap should type CF (for Cap Full) in fleet chat to indicate they no longer need cap, or use the 'in position' broadcast, depending on how the fleet usually handles this. If a pilot fails to indicate full cap after 2 to 5 cycles (this will depend on the number of cap transferring logistic ships in the fleet), you should unlock him and move on to the next broadcast in queue.

Drone Selection

Logistic ships get a bonus to drone repping, so these drones are sometimes preferred. Some battles will happen outside of drone control range, and in many fights logistic pilots will be too busy with repping to manage offensive drones separately from reps. Logistic drones will not give aggression, contrary to EW and combat drones. Aggression will prevent jumping through a stargate or docking in a station for 1 minute.

  • Armor Maintenance Bot: Guardians can hold five light armor maintenance bots, Oneiros can hold five medium armor mainenance bots.
  • Shield Maintenance Bot: Scimitars can hold 4 medium shield maintenance bots and 1 light shield maintenance bot. Basilisks can hold 5 light shield maintenance bots.
  • ECM Drone: Hornet EC-300 drones can be handy in some circumstances. Scimitars and Oneiros with their greater drone bay may wish to keep five light maintenance bots and four or five EC-300. Other types of EW drones are often considered much less useful.
  • Warrior: Warriors are the light scout drones of choice for their speed and damage type which is good against T1 armor tankers and many T2 ships that have enhanced resists. These can be especially useful against light ships, such as interdictors and various tacklers, that come withing drone control range.


  • Ironclad - A Rooks and Kings video detailing logistic and triage carrier tactics.
  • Double Edged - A Pandemic Legion video in two parts with logistic footage.