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Campus Details

LSC Headquarters : Eugales - The Flying Dutchman (Docking, Repairshop, Clone Bay)

Why LSC?

Learn to thrive with enemies at your gate. Take the fights you want, and leave the ones you don't want.

Using Faction Warfare mechanics, you have ample opportunity to learn small ship & small gang PVP in an environment without High Sec's restrictions or Null Sec's warp bubbles and larger scale PVP.
You will learn to evaluate danger, gather piloting experience, and develop your own methods of handling dangerous space; fight, flight, or mitigate.

You don't need to bring anything, other than a sense of adventure and a willingness to ask questions.

Low Sec ISK Generation is Bountiful

  • LSC's home region, Placid, spawns Gas Clouds that are quite valuable compared to Wormhole Gas, while being much safer to mine. These gases can be used in Reactions to manufacture Drop combat boosters.
  • The home system, Eugales, and neighboring Aubenall system have Blue Ice belts for valuable Ice Mining. We regularly organize Shared Cans to teach you how to mine in Low Sec safely.
  • LSC has many mission agents available locally, with access to Low Sec exclusive L5 Combat missions that makes for quite lucrative and exciting group events.
  • Eugales's planets, with higher planetary resources, are well suited for Planetary Interaction. Enjoy a reliable income stream to support your budding PvP activities.
  • Learn Ratting and Clone Soldier farming at LSC. This is a a fun opportunity to earn lots of isk, while learning how to deal with high level PVE enemies, such as battleships, in a new player destroyer.

Travel to LSC

WARNING: Do not attempt to move to LSC unless you are already a member of or blue to EVE University.

If you don't know what being blue means and would like to learn more? Join LSC (EVE Uni).

Skill recommendations

Living in LowSec means you will get more PvP content than when living in HighSec. This means that communication is essential, as well as the individual performance of each pilot. Because of that, we look out to our fellow Unistas to make sure that every Unista joining us is able to participate in as many activities as possible. Therefore, we drafted up some bare-bone skills and ships which are essential for you and us. If you have these when you join, we will transform you into a true LowSec Pirate! YARRRR!

Recommended Skills Recommended Ships Recommended Knowledge

Despite the Cruiser Short Skillplan being a requirement, we do depend on trusting new members on actually training them. Without those skills, you will find form-ups and participation frustrating.

Arrive in one piece

  1. Travel in a 2 sec align frigate/dessie with some tank to survive smartbomb camps in Oulley and Aubenall. Travelling in a shuttle works too, but won't survive smartbombs.
  2. Use GateCampCheck Website and look for any smartbomb kills.
  3. Join any/all of the comms below and ask if anyone is available to scout/escort. This increases your odds of survival and also helps you meet other unistas.

There are no disruption bubbles in Low Sec, so you can usually just fly gate to gate.

Pack light and ship the rest

LSC has ships available for members to purchase on contract, and fully stocked hangars with hulls, modules, and ammo. So don't worry about bringing everything you own.

For a new player, a tech 1 PvP ready combat frigate with a micro warp drive is a perfect start.

Try not to fly hauling ships as a new player. Make use of the free Campus Shipping Service to move your items.


We use the following for communicating with other LSC members:

Structures and Stations

  • Campus HQ | Eugales - The Flying Dutchman
  • Clone Bay | Archavoinet - Isla de Muerta
  • Refining | Archavoinet - Gold Refinery Go Brrrrrrr
  • Biochemical Reactions | Eugales - Apothne's T-Shirt Shack
  • Research and Invention | Archavoinet - The Pirate Codex
  • Manufacturing (Bonus for Ammunition, Structure and Equipment) | Archavoinet - Center of Technology
  • Manufacturing (Bonus for Basic Small, Medium and Large Ship Hulls) | Archavoinet - Shipwreck Cove

LSC Staff

The Low-Sec Campus is currently managed by:

G'monk.jpg G'monk Send a forum PM

The LSC Manager Oversees the other officers in their duties, Deals with LSC staffing issues, including hiring new officers when required, Acts as a contact point for general LSC related matters, Makes required changes to the LSC, Represents the LSC at Management Meeting. LSC Officers Help maintain the day to day running of the campus. They deal with Hangars, Buyback, Trade, Combat/Defence, Education, Events and Industry.

LSC Officers:

Nienke Solette.jpg
Tolerin Escipion.jpg
Fonggar Akiga.jpg
Red Fish.jpg
Virgilia Coriolanus.jpg
Gaelys Aarmenvar.jpg
Nienke Solette Tolerin Escipion Fonggar Akiga Red Fish Virgilia Coriolanus Gaelys Aarmenvar

Joining LSC

LSC is open to all members of EVE University, both alpha and omega. There are no titles or skills required to join.

We would strongly encourage you to:

LSC Standing Fleet

While you are active around the LSC is important you join the LSC Standing Fleet. For information on how to join the Standing Fleet, or how to create one if there is not one up yet, we recommend looking at the NSC Standing Fleet page.