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This is a depcrecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.


Class Information

This chapter contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

This class provides an overview of all Tech 2 Minmatar spacecraft. This should be helpful for all aspiring Minmatar pilots but also for anyone who simply wants to know about the strengths and weaknesses of Minmatar ships.

  • Duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of questions received

Class contents: Topics covered:

  • T2 ammunition discussion
  • introduction to T2 ships
  • Minmatar T2 ships overview
  • Q&A

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up.
  • Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel
  • Attending Minmatar 101 is not a prerequisite for this class

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture delivered in the Chat.E-UNI channel in Mumble, followed by Q&A.

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

  • Class.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links

Keep the lecture moving forward briskly - there is a lot of content to cover here, and it's easy to go over two hours if your pace is slow.

It may save you time if you can find a volunteer to link ships as you mention them.

Class Contents


Welcome to this class on T2 Minmatar ships!

Over the couple of hours, we will cover:

  • T2 ammunition discussion
  • introduction to T2 ships
  • Minmatar T2 ships overview
  • Q&A

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.)

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Class.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. [At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.]

Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin....

T2 Projectile Ammunition

  • T2 ammo was briefly mentioned in Minmatar 101 but it's a good subject to have down before tackling T2 ships
  • Only T2 guns can load T2 ammo -- though they can also load normal ammo too, and often are loaded with normal T1 or faction ammunition
  • T2 ammo is usually more expensive than T1 ammo but not as expensive as faction ammo
  • There are four kinds of T2 ammo for projectile weapons -- two for autocannon and two for artillery

Autocannon ammo: Hail and Barrage

  • Hail does lots of on-paper DPS but has penalties to optimal, falloff and tracking, and your capacitor recharge rate
  • In practice this means Hail misses most things most of the time
  • Remember that 'Hail is Fail' -- only useful for shooting big, stationary targets
  • Barrage has a 25% tracking speed penalty, but a whopping 50% falloff bonus
  • Great for kiting/skirmish tactics -- often lets you do more DPS in the 14km-28km range
  • Also good for scram range, AB-speed 1v1 frigate fights: sit in the second half of scram range and chew the enemy to pieces from (hopefully) beyond their range
  • Barrage does a mixture of kinetic and explosive damage, with the emphasis on explosive

Artillery ammo: Quake and Tremor

  • Quake takes away 75% of your optimal range, slows down your capacitor recharge time and slows down your ship, for a smidgen more DPS
  • Tremor gives you 80% more optimal but takes away 75% of your tracking speed -- true sniper ammo, and probably more useful, even though it doesn't do tonnes of damage

Introduction to T2 Ships

  • Usually more powerful in some (but not all) ways than the T1 hulls they're based on
  • Completely new abilities, like being able to warp while cloaked
    • Unlike T2 modules, which are usually just a better version of the same thing
  • Often more specialized towards a particular role than T1 hulls
  • Can certainly be defeated by T1 ships -- even though T2 ships are much more expensive, they're not plain better in every situation
  • Rule of thumb that T2 ships deserve T2 equipment
  • Most T2 ships have four per-level bonuses rather than the two that T1 hulls have
    • [You may want to link an example T2 Minmatar ship in class chat]
    • Two bonuses tied to the skill for the T1 hull, which must be trained to V before flying the ship
    • Two bonuses tied to the specific ship class (i.e. 'interceptors', 'heavy assault ships' &c)

Minmatar T2 Resistance Profile

  • Many T2 ships also often have an unusual set of armor and shield resistances -- colloquially called 'T2 resists'
  • Armor and shield resistances high against the damage type associated with the racial enemy -- for Minmatar that's the Amarr, who do EM and thermal damage
  • [Again, linking an example ship in class chat to look at may be useful]
  • Where a T1 ship's natural shield resistances would be weak to EM and thermal damage, those are T2 Minmatar ships' toughest resists
  • T2 Minmatar ships' weakest shield resistance is kinetic, and weakest armor is explosive
  • Not all T2 Minmatar ships have this resistance profile -- this syllabus notes the ones that don't

T2 Minmatar Frigates

Assault Frigates: Wolf and Jaguar

  • Assault frigates: 'pocket cruisers' -- unusual amounts of DPS and/or tank in a frigate-sized package
  • Commonly called 'assault frigates' (AFs) because of confusion with Heavy Assault Ships
  • Based on the Rifter hull
  • Assault frigates only have three per-level bonuses rather than four This has been changed (fixed) in a recent re-balancing patch.
  • Solo ships or DPS for frigate gangs in PvP
  • Agile ships for L1-3 missions or exploration sites, esp. in hostile territory where a bigger mission ship would get caught


  • Five highs and four turret hardpoints -- one more gun than the Rifter
  • Two midslots means it can't mount full tackle and a propulsion module
  • Four lowslots for armor tank and/or gyros/tracking enhancers
  • Two identical per-level bonuses to damage -- essentially an unsubtle DPS machine
  • Per-level falloff bonus -- some solo PvP fits use an MWD and warp disruptor, and kite with Barrage


  • Four high, four medium, three lowslot layout -- can fit full tackle and a propulsion module with a slot to spare
  • Fastest base speed of any AF in the game
  • Optimal range bonus seems to indicate artillery fits, but the powergrid and CPU aren't great for that
  • Speed and ability to fit full tackle make it a popular solo PvP ship
  • Solo PvP fits traditionally fit autocannon and a MSE and fly like a nastier Rifter
  • Slot layout -- and better shield base HP than the Wolf -- predispose the Jag to shield tanking
  • Either buffer or active

Interceptors: Claw and Stiletto

  • Every race has two interceptors, one good purely at tackling for a gang, the other good at high-speed combat
  • The Stiletto is the Minmatar pure tackler, and the Claw is the combat inty
  • Based on the Slasher hull
  • Both have a bonus which reduces the signature bloom from running a MWD, letting them go very fast without becoming big targets
  • All inties have high scan resolution to lock targets fast; combined with the natural Minmatar superiority in scan resolution, this makes these ships lock onto targets very very fast
  • Inties do not have T2 racial resistance profiles


  • Per-level bonus to warp scram/disruptor range lets it point the enemy from 30km+
  • The only tackling interceptor with four midslots -- two spare after a point and MWD have been fitted
  • Add a MSE and explosive resistance rigs to tank Warrior IIs for a long time
  • Add a sensor booster for near-instant locking!
  • Popular ship for catching targets in a gatecamp and for killing pods
  • Slot layout and natural Minmatar strengths (speed, agility, scan resolution) make this arguably the best tackle inty


  • Bigger damage bonus than the Stiletto, and no bonus to warp scram/disruptor range
  • Four lowslots but only two midslots -- limits tactical options a bit
  • Sometimes, bizarrely for an inty, plated
  • Highest base scan resolution in the game, 10 more than a Dramiel
  • Overshadowed as a combat inty by the DPS of the Gallente Taranis and the kiting ability of the Amarr Crusader

Electronic Attack Frigate: Hyena

  • Not a very good ship; EAFs in general underwhelming
  • Based on the Vigil hull but doesn't have the Vigil's speed bonus
  • Bonus to target painting (not often used), to signature size (nice), to stasis webifier range and to 'capacitor penalty' of MWDs -- which means fitting an MWD doesn't cut your total cap as much
  • Actually fitting a T2 MWD to the Hyena when you have the Electronic Attack Frigates skill to V increases the Hyena's capacitor
  • Rarely used; when it is used, it's used as a tackler and long-range webber

Covert Ops: Cheetah and Hound

  • Two ships which can both warp around cloaked, but have radically different roles


  • Spying/scouting ship
  • Based on the Probe hull
  • Two bonuses to projectile turrets which are almost always useless
  • A per-level reduction in the CPU requirement of the covert ops cloak -- lets the Cheetah fit the cloak in the first place, also at Covert Ops level V the cloak uses 0 CPU
  • Bonuses to probe strength and travel time make it the ideal exploration probing or combat probing ship
  • Best base speed and agility of all covops, but perhaps harder to fit than some


  • Stealth bomber: surprise attack ship
  • Based on the Breacher hull, can fit covert ops cloak like the Cheetah can
  • Allowed to target and attack immediately after uncloaking
  • Can fit torpedo launchers for high DPS (bonus for explosive torpedoes)
  • In nullsec can fit and use bomb launchers for surprise attacks (bonus for explosive bombs)
  • Popular because explosive damage hits armor tanks hard (good for bombing groups of BSs) and because it's fast and nimble

Interdictor: Sabre

  • Interdictors' main role is to launch little probes that generate bubbles that stop everyone inside them from warping
  • Only works in nullsec, makes interdictors a high priority target
  • Any race's interdictor can do this, and they perform pretty much the same at it
  • However the Sabre puts out more damage than the others and moves faster, so it's actually quite good in combat (bonuses to tracking, damage and falloff)
  • Therefore it's popular for small gangs where that can be an extra edge
  • In big fleet fights where your interdictor will probably be primaried and die, the other ones are cheaper

T2 Minmatar Cruisers

Heavy Assault Ships: Muninn and Vagabond

  • HA Ships commonly called Heavy Assault Cruisers -- HACs -- to distinguish them from AFs
  • Beefed up combat cruisers, but have quite specialised roles
    • Don't buy and fit them expecting them to simply be better versions of their T1 base hulls


  • Minmatar sniper HAC, based on the Rupture hull
  • Four (count 'em!) bonuses for projectiles: damage, rate of fire, optimal range and tracking
  • Optimal range bonus means artillery
    • Can get ranges in the 70-100km range with Tremor, with respectable DPS and high alpha
    • Not the best DPS of the sniper HACs, but does have more short-range defence, versatility with a 25m3 dronebay and two utility highs
  • Theoretically can be fitted with ACs for short-range work, but the Hurricane does this better for less ISK


  • The classic kiting/skirmishing ship, can kill most things faster than it and is faster than most things that can kill it
  • Based on the Stabber hull and has its RoF and velocity bonuses, plus bonuses to damage and falloff
  • Falloff bonus means you can kite at long, long range with Barrage -- or even not bother loading barrage and fight at kiting range with normal short-range AC ammo
  • Good solo, once you have practiced kiting tactics
  • Also useful combination of fast, hard to scrape off tackle and reasonable DPS in a gang

Recon Ships: Huginn and Rapier

  • Based on the Bellicose hull
  • Both have little-used target painting bonuses, and more useful web range bonuses
  • Long-ranged webs -- normal T2 web at 40km, 50+ overheated, more with faction webs
  • Death to interceptors and frigates in general
  • Great range control utility in small gangs
  • Both have 40m3 dronebay and bandwidth to match
  • Recon ships divided into one Combat Recon and one Force Recon; Force Recon is sneakier and more fragile


  • The tougher, less sneaky Combat Recon
  • Double bonused for medium projectile weapons
  • Lesser ability to fight tacklers and inability to cloak make it unpopular compared to the Rapier


  • The sneaker Force Recon; can fit covert ops cloak and warp around while cloaked
  • Cloak means enemy don't know you have it in your gang
  • Can be used as an initial tackler: with a faction point and its range bonused webs holding the target in place while staying out of their range
  • Can fit probes (though has no bonuses for them) for a hybrid scout/initial tackler
  • Can more or less solo though it's no Pilgrim
  • Can fit covert cyno generators and has a bonus for fuel consumption when lighting cynos

Heavy Interdictor: Broadsword

  • Heavy Interdictors -- HICs -- do bubbles, like interdictors, but instead of launching bubble-generating probes, they generate a bubble centred on them
  • Can also script their bubble generator to produced a focused single-target warp disruption beam with infinite strength -- unlike the bubble, can be used in low and highsec
  • HICs are obvious primaries and are consequently designed to take a lot of punishment
  • Hence per-level bonus to shield resistance, plus normal T2 resistance profile, plus six midslots: massive buffer shield tank
  • Despite falloff and RoF bonuses, DPS won't set the world alight -- bring friends to do the actual shooting
  • Expensive and slow to train for, but useful in nullsec fleets and organised lowsec gatecamps

Logistics: Scimitar

  • Logistics ships repair other ships -- probably students who watched recent alliance tournaments will be familiar with them
  • Each race has one logistics ship: Minmatar and Caldari repair shields, Amarr and Gallente repair armor
    • Of each pair, one ship can rep more hp, but really needs cap transfer support to remain stable -- best in pairs to transfer cap between them, and/or in big fleets
    • The other ship reps less hp but is able to operate on its own
  • Of the shield logistics ships, the Caldari Basilisk is the cap-hungry ship that works best in fleets, and the Minmatar Scimitar is the less powerful, but more able to operate on its own, ship
  • Able to fit shield transferrers with its reduction to their CPU needs
  • Bonuses to shield transferrer capacitor use and range
  • Bonuses for tracking links but no one cares about them
  • Tiny, tiny signature radius (less than a destroyer) and high speed -- a hard target to hit
  • Great for small gangs of shield-tanked ships (like nanoDrakes, say, or shield-fit sniper HACs)

Command Ships: Claymore and Sleipnir

  • Claymore is based on the Cyclone hull and Sleipnir on the Hurricane hull
  • Both have the Cyclone's bonus to shield boost amount: active tanks can work (drugs, Crystal sets), or go for buffer
  • Designed to fit warfare links -- T1 BCs have a bonus that lets them fit a warfare links, command ships do it better
  • Each race has two: a Fleet Command ship (focused on providing leadership bonuses) and a Field Command ship (focused on wreaking destruction)
  • High training requirements: among the prerequisites are Min Cruiser V, Battlecruisers V, Leadership V, Spaceship Command V, HAC IV and Logistics IV!


  • The leadership-focused Fleet Command ship
  • Per-level bonus to the effectiveness of skirmish warfare links
    • Each race has a particular set of warfare links associated with them
    • Minmatar warfare links are Skirmish warfare links, which can:
      • Decrease the signature radius of all ships in the fleet (good)
      • Increase the range of tackling modules (points, scrams &c) of all ships in the fleet (awesome)
      • Increase the speed boost of ABs and MWDs fitted on all ships in the fleet (also awesome)
    • Generally bonuses which are great for small gangs
  • The Claymore can run all three, and its bonus, added to properly trained leadership skills, can really pump up leadership bonuses, to 17% / 25%
  • Naturally a high priority target


  • The combat-focused command ship
  • A damage-dealing beast: bonuses to RoF, damage and falloff, plus seven -- seven! -- turret hardpoints
  • Expensive, but good option if you want a ship which is very destructive and hard to kill, but smaller and faster than a BS

T2 Minmatar Battleships

Black Ops: Panther

  • Black-ops battleships ('BOBs') are capable of creating a jump portal (like a temporary gate) leading to a covert cynosural field
    • Normal cynos show up in the overviews of everyone in system as a warp-to-able object
    • Covert cynos don't show up on everyone's overview, so unless they're watching local and/or you light a covert cyno within d-scan range of the enemy, no one notices you enter the system
    • Covert cynos can also be lit in systems which are cyno-jammed (in nullsec)
    • Only a few types of ship -- generally the sneaky ones, stealth bombers, force recons, covops frigates &c -- can use covert cynos
  • BOBs therefore have a niche role that no other ship can fill
  • They can move at high speed when cloaked (indeed, they have bonuses which make them faster when cloaked) but cannot warp while cloaked
  • Panther is (naturally) the fastest BOB
  • Like all BOBs, it's possibly weaker in actual combat than its T1 base hull:
    • Less base HP
    • Not proper T2 resists -- only a little better than T1
  • Expensive one-trick pony -- only train it if you/your corp need its one trick

Marauder: Vargur

  • Marauders are designed to be the ultimate mission-runners
  • Vargur's key feature is that it only has four turret hardpoints, but has a 100% bonus to projectile damage
  • Like having eight turrets and three utility highslots for tractor beams and salvagers
  • Falloff bonus and tracking bonus let it fit large autocannon and use them effectively
  • Shield boost bonus like the Maelstrom for an active tank
  • Bonus that doubles tractor beam range and speed for quick salvaging as you run the mission
  • Massive cargohold for a battleship, over 1,000m3
  • Extremely expensive
  • Pathetic sensor strength of 11, barely more than a frigate, makes it hilariously easy to jam
  • Like all Marauders, its low sensor strength more or less rules it out of PvP except as an active-tanking bait ship

Transport Ships: Mastodon and Prowler

  • Transport Ships are T2 advanced ships based on industrial hulls
  • They're designed to carry cargo around in dangerous space
  • Each race has two: a deep space transport and a blockade runner
    • Deep space transports (DST) can mount respectable tanks, and have bonuses to warp core strength which mean you need more than just one point of warp disruption to tackle them (like inherent warp core stabs)
    • Blockade runners are nimble and fast, and can fit covert ops cloaks to warp around cloaked like covops ships, bombers &c


  • The Minmatar DST, based on the Mammoth hull
  • Bonuses to shield tanking: to active tanks (boost amount bonus) and to buffer tanks (hp amount bonus)
  • Slightly less base cargo capacity than the Mammoth


  • The Minmatar BR, based on the Wreathe hull
  • Bonus to shield boost amount and the reduction in cloak CPU requirements which lets it fit the covops cloak
  • Slightly less base cargo capacity than the Wreathe
  • Doesn't carry as much as the Gallente Viator BR, but it is the only blockade runner which can fit both a covops cloak and a probe launcher, which can be very useful in w-space

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
    • I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class -- post in the class thread, evemail me, &c
  • Questions?
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