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  • Replacement of up to two +3 Learning Implants per day (You shouldn't have more than 2 learning implants at one time. If you die with more than 2, that's Ok, now you'll know better.) If you meet these criteria:
    • Loss must be within 5 jumps of PC9-AY within Syndicate, or on an official NSC roam with an AAR where a loss occurred ANYWHERE in 0.0 space. Sorry, lose a pod in low-sec, and you're out of luck.
    • Must have less than 6 months time in Uni and never held, or currently hold, the Graduate title.
    • Less than 15M SP excluding Industry and Mining skills (e-honor on that).
    • Loss within 5 jumps of PC9 or on a NSC fleet or QRF.
    • Loss must be in Null, sorry, lose a pod in low-sec, and you're out of luck.
    • To claim your prize, fill out this form.
    • (Original post here)
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