Pirate forward operating base

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Pirate forward operating bases (FOB) are NPC structures with dynamic pirate rats associated with them. The FOBs can spawn in all high and low security systems.

There are forward operating bases only for Guristas and Blood Raiders with Guristas base spawning in Caldari and Gallente space while Blood Raider base spawns in Amarr space.

An active FOB in system has following effects:

Finding forward operating bases

Pirate FOB near Jita seen in the agency interface

The pirate forward operating bases near you are easy to find through the agency interface. Simply open the agency interface, set filter to "Pirate Stronghold" and you will be able to see all forward operating bases near you.

The forward operating base, base defender rats and pirate mining operation rats are also visible on directional scan and scannable with combat probes.

Forward operating base

The forward operating base is the main point of content. The FOB is an NPC owned structure that follows many of the same mechanics as the Upwell structures. The structure is defended by a pirate fleet that scales based on ships that are attacking the base.


Capsuleers rarely do anything for free. The Directive Enforcement Department of CONCORD (DED) will pay approximately 29 million isk to each pilot that is involved in killing the FOB structure. This includes all fleet members that are on grid with the FOB when it dies even if they deal no damage. This payout maxes out when the fleet has 40 pilots.

Additionally the FOB will drop T1 upwell structure modules with small chance of dropping a faction upwell structure module.