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This is a syllabus for a class, intended primarily for the teaching staff.

Teachers should review all information for accuracy before preparing or presenting a class.
This syllabus should only be used as a guide -- ensure there is added value for students rather than simply reading this document.


Class Information

This chapter contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

Illustration link for class description on the Eve University forum:

This class introduces you to the Player-Owned Starbase, or POS. It describes what a POS is, what is may be used for, and considerations for attacking or defending one. By the end of the class, students will have a basic idea of why they may want to erect their own POS, how to research and prepare for it, what is involved in maintaining it.

This beginners' class will focus primarily upon POS usage in highsec and "upper-lowsec". The possible uses of a POS are so many that discussion of the more advanced activities (i.e. those performed in "lower-lowsec" and nullsec/wormhole space) must be taught in the follow-up Player-Owned Starbases 102 class. But this class will cover the most common activities for which players may wish to set up their very first POS.

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Location: Lecture only

Class contents:

  • Introduction
  • Description of a Player-Owned Starbase
  • The Control Tower
  • The Modules: Activities that a POS will allow
  • Research and Preparation: Your first POS
  • Instruction Manual: Setting it all up
  • Defenses: Protecting your POS and killing someone else's
  • Q&A

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
  • Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture followed by Q&A.

Notes for the Teacher

IMPORTANT: You may have to be very conscious about not straying from the syllabus. Students will very often ask about advanced topics (e.g. moon mining, jump bridges) that are intended to be covered by a follow-up class and not this one due to time constraints. If you have the expertise on these advanced topics, it is very easy to begin talking about them, but in doing so you may find that your 2-hr class has accidentally taken 4 hrs.

Class Contents


Welcome to this class on Player-Owned Starbases!

This course is designed primarily for those who are wondering what a Player-Owned Starbase, or POS, is and what they are used for. Or maybe you are considering setting up your own POS and you want to know what is involved. We will be discussing these, but at a beginner's level so that those of you who know very little, or even nothing at all, about POS'es will learn all the basics by the end of the class.

We will not be covering many of the advanced things that you can do with a POS, notably those things that you will need to do in "lower-lowsec" or in sovereign nullsec. So many different things may be done with a POS that covering them all would make this class take all day! So advanced POS activities will need to be covered in a different, more advanced POS class.

Over the next 2 hours or so, we shall cover:

  • What exactly is a POS?
  • What can a POS be used for, and why would I want one?
  • What do I need to do to set up and maintain my own POS?
  • How can I defend my POS, and how can I kill someone else's?

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.)

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Class.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. [At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.]
  • You should be [docked up safely in a station, or located....]

Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin....

Description of a Player-Owned Starbase

  • Player-Owned Starbase, Station, Structure: different terminology, same thing
  • Control tower, with a shield, and lots of different modules around it.

The Control Tower

  • the control tower is the POS
    • provides CPU and PG, just like ships, command centers, etc.
    • requires fuel
      • has a protective shield for as long as it is fueled
      • does not provide CPU/PG if not fueled
  • 4 faction types, 3 sizes
    • different bonuses and resistances for different faction types
    • different CPU/PG amounts and fuel requirements for different sizes

The Modules: Activities that a POS will allow

  • All modules may be found in the Market window under Starbase & Sovereignty Structures > Starbase Structures.
  • Modules provide usefulness to a POS
  • Offensive/Defensive Batteries
    • May only be placed outside of the POS shield; they need to target stuff
    • Turret Batteries
      • have their own sub-category
      • Need ammo
      • Effective size of turret batteries are one larger than ship sizes
        • Small batteries are used against medium sized ships, and use medium ammo
        • Medium batteries are used against large sized ships, and use large ammo
        • Large batteries are used against capital ships, and use XL ammo
    • Missile Batteries
      • Also need ammo
      • Size is the same size as ship missiles
    • Shield hardening arrays
      • Increase shield resistances
      • All towers begin with one dmg type at 50%, a second dmg type at 25%, and the rest at 0% resists
    • Electronic Warfare Batteries
    • Energy Neutralizing Array
  • Utility Arrays
    • Assembly Arrays
      • specific assembly arrays may manufacture only specific item types
    • Corporate Hangar Array
      • limited but large hangar storage
    • Mobile Laboratory
      • Used for research, except Drug Lab used for booster manufacture
      • The most likely reason for a first POS, for Tech-2 research
    • Refining Arrays
      • Very inefficient, people don't use them unless they have no other choice
      • Can still be used for efficient ice refining
    • Ship Maintenance Arrays
      • Allows storage of ships, and refitting of ships while in space
    • Other modules, used advanced activities not covered in this class

Research and Preparation: Your first POS

  • Cost
    • Initial cost
      • Check the cost of not only the control tower, but also all modules you wish to use with it
      • Make sure your tower has enough CPU/PG to support all the modules you want
    • Maintenance (recurring) cost
      • Check fuel requirements and find out how much your POS will cost to fuel over time
      • Make sure that you are making enough profit to cover fuel costs, at the very least
  • Intended Use
    • Will you get enough use out of the POS to justify its cost?
    • POS'es are not a good short-term solution
      • Will you continue to get enough use over the long term?
  • Owning Corporation
    • POS'es are owned by corporations, not individuals
    • Unable to set up a POS while in EVE University
  • Logistics
    • How to get the modules to your moon for initial anchoring, especially in hostile space
    • Requirement in hisec space
      • Corporation standings to the owning faction: 10x security level of the system
      • Starbase Charters as additional fuel
    • Anchoring 1 required to anchor the tower and modules
    • Proper roles required in the corporation to anchor and maintain a POS

Instruction Manual: Setting it all up

  • The POS Tower
    • Haul to an empty moon
    • Right-click, Deploy for Corporation
    • Right-click in space, Anchor
      • Can then move around by dragging on arrows
    • Right-click in space, Anchor
      • 30 minutes to Anchor a large POS, less time for smaller sizes
    • Open the tower's fuel bay and add fuels
    • Right-click, Online
      • 30 minutes to online
      • Shield will appear when fully online; CPU/PG will be available
  • The Modules
    • Exactly the same steps: Deploy for Corporation, Anchor, reposition, Anchor, Online
    • Remember that weaponry, ewar, and neutralizers must be anchored outside of the shield
    • Some corps keep utility modules online and defenses offline during peacetime, to make full use of CPU/PG
      • During war, utility module are placed offline and defenses are placed online

Defenses: Protecting your POS and killing someone else's

  • Attacking a POS
    • Most attackers will first disable the defensive batteries, etc.
    • Ships must be able to reach the control tower from outside the shield to attack it
      • Typical requirement is 35km range (actually 30-32km for large POS, less for smaller POS'es)
    • Take shields down to 25%, POS enters Reinforced Mode
      • Burns strontium clathrates fuel, stays in Reinforced Mode until all stront is used up
      • Both attacker and defender can see exactly when Reinforced Mode will end
    • Deplete remaining shield, armor, and structure to destroy the tower
      • If the POS can be repaired back to 50% or greater shield after exiting Reinforced Mode, it can enter a second Reinforced Mode if more strontium is added
    • Once tower is destroyed, the modules may be unanchored and taken, or also destroyed
    • Area must be cleared before a replacement POS can be erected
  • Protecting a POS
    • Batteries, Ewar, etc. will help protect a POS, but can be overwhelmed with a large enough force
      • Defenders may wish to assist with ships
      • Can also take direct control of defenses to use them more efficiently, needs Starbase Defense Management skill
    • While not in reinforced, can perform remote repairs on POS
      • Remote repairs must be able to reach 35km to reach the tower from outside the shield

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
    • I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
  • Questions ?
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