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"Come for the Solitude, stay for the company"

Toward the end of July 2012, the EVE University management decided to launch Project Solitude. The initial announcement by then-CEO Kelduum Revaan outlined the project as the establishment of a university presence and creation of a trade hub. He also deemed Solitude a viable option as a future home for the Uni, an outlook that has since been dropped. The Project gained official campus status in April 2016. Project Solitude currently aims to provide an isolated environment for EVE University students, without easy access to major trade hubs, where they require motivation and self-sufficiency to survive. The area provides nearby low-sec and null-sec opportunities, and a quick route to the Nullsec Campus. The focus of the campus is on exploration, missioning, and industrial endeavours.

Campus Details

Campus Headquarters: Boystin - Gravity Well (Fortizar)

Chat Channel: Solitude.E-Uni

Mailing List: Solitude.E-Uni


Campus Manager

Exorcist Wraith.jpg
Exorcist Wraith

Admin Officer

Talman Drak.jpg
Talman Drak


Education Officers

Andrew Nightshade

Mining Fleets (Ice)

Jack McKnox

Mining Fleets (Ore)

Crimson Herring

PVP Fleets

Kai-Alon Deninard

PVE Fleets

Edward Audeles


Logistics Officers

Fergus Echerie


Project Solitude is subject to all standard EVE University rules and policies.

Overview of the Solitude Region

Solitude is a smallish region consisting of only 43 systems under the sovereignty of the Gallente Federation. Wedged between Aridia and Syndicate, Solitude is made up of two general regions. To the west of the region is a low-sec area bordering both Syndicate and Aridia with the home of the Nullsec Campus (NSC) only a few jumps away. To the east is a high-sec pocket consisting of 17 systems with a second entrance to Syndicate. This pocket also contains the system of Boystin, home to the E-Uni regional HQ as well as the regional trade hub. A further high-sec pocket of 3 systems can be found to the north of the region.

Gravity Well HQ

Gravity Well is the Solitude Campus Fortizar Citadel, which is our campus headquarters and is located in Boystin. It has clone facilities, reprocessing, manufacture, research and a market service. We encourage Uni members to manufacture and/or sell items through Gravity Well as it has very low fees for Uni members and all fees go towards fueling the citadel and campus projects. Gravity well also acts as a good location to base yourself for missions as there are several Federal Intelligence Office agents in the local area along with University hangers in the citadel to drop donations off or pick up required modules.

What it means to live in Solitude

Living in Solitude has certain advantages over the main high-sec Empire regions. Having said that, the confined nature of the area also has its challenges. Things to be considered before deciding whether to move or not are:


  • Far from Slays, making war target encounters less likely.
  • Easier to organize awareness of WTs in the region and their location.
  • A smaller community, which means you'll regularly see and potentially fly with familiar faces.
  • Significantly reduced cost for use of public research and manufacturing installations.
  • Easier access to low-sec PI while still living in the relative safety of high-sec.
  • Easier access to low-sec ores in sparsely populated systems.
  • Quick access to NPC null-sec space for PvP excursions.
  • Project stocked hangars.
  • E-uni customs office.


  • Limited availability of items on the local market.
  • Higher prices for items that are available on the market.
  • Shipping stuff in and out of the region can be a challenge.
  • Flying to Solitude requires extended travel through low or null sec (low sec route is recommended).
  • High-Sec-to-High-Sec wormholes make travel easier, but have an inconsistent and limited presence.

What can I do?

  • Exploration - sharpen your scanning skills and run data & relic sites. Scanning down signatures and exploring sites is a big part of Solitude life.
  • Mission - Solitude is a great place to run missions and participate in PVE fleets with experienced players.
  • Mine - plenty of belts and opportunities to mine solo or in a fleet. Organize and run your first mining fleet!
  • PVP - be part of small gang PVP. Try solo PVP. FC a small roam.
  • PI - Learn Planetary Interaction try it in High Sec and then expand into the nearby Low Sec and Null Sec areas for maximum profit.
  • Industry - plenty of opportunity to build things. Take part in team efforts to build large capital ships. Learn research and invention with the advice of very experienced players.
  • Trade - Supply the trade hub of the region - our citadel Gravity Well - with goods. Sell and buy there!
  • Socialize - you will meet the same people (unistas and others) again and again - talk to them! Fly with them!
  • Field trips - just explore Low Sec and Null Sec, and learn about gate and station guns, how bubbles work, how to scout your way and practise how to evade a gate camp.

What do I need to become a 'Solidude'?

The only mandatory requirement for a life in Solitude is a healthy dose of pioneer/explorer spirit along with a determination to overcome the challenges of living in a confined high-sec area. All other skills are optional. Project Solitude is open to members of all levels: from people who only just started out in EVE and are new to the Uni, to advanced industrialists, explorers, PVP’ers, etc.

The challenges of the Solitude frontier require pilots to be both daring and courageous.

Programs Available in Solitude

There are a few programs available to Unistas in Solitude. Further details of these programs can be found in the Solitude Resource Thread V4

The Solitude Coordinated Scanning Endeavor is a key resource to life in Solitude. The high-sec to high-sec wormholes located by this program allow for safe transport of goods and services into and out of Solitude. Additionally, by scanning and logging all of our signatures, we can quickly find and run rare sites as a group. The campus uses the Uni mapper to share and track scans of the neighbourhood. Please see the Mapper wiki link for more information. For a lesson or questions on how the sheet functions please ask in the Solitude.E-Uni chat channel.
The Solitude Freshman hangar is stocked with basic T1 mods and ammo and is open to all Freshman in campus. Additionally, many mission runners donate their meta modules and these are open to everyone with the Sophomore title as well (Freshmen may ask for items to be fetched for them). Any donations to campus need to be placed in the +Solitude Donations+ can in the Freshman Hangar to be sorted. To get involved and learn about manufacturing these items, please visit the Solitude Forums.
The Project Solitude BPO Library is housed at Event Horizon. Its purpose is to support local industry by making available a range of fully researched BPO’s which are copyable for personal use or to help support the Project’s industrial needs. For full details please visit this forum thread.
The Solitude Overwatch Standing Fleet is intended to be a permanent fleet of Unistas in Solitude who aren't otherwise attached to another fleet. It provides a means for impromptu organization of the various activities regularly undertaken by Solitude residents, a way to share bonuses, and a quick reaction force. Whilst not a requirement, as in other campuses, it is recommended that Solibros join Solitude Overwatch to connect players with similar play styles, and to provide a secure channel with which to share valuable intel. If you cannot find the fleet, feel free to create one. This action infers no FC responsibilities, you are merely the boss, responsible for invites and management of the fleet. The more eyes we have in the sky the safer everyone is.

Gravity Well Corp Hangars

A full guide to the Solitude Corporation Hangars and their use can be found here.

Freshman Hangar

These cans are labelled as to their content and Solibros should feel free to take what they need from them. As a Newbro please don’t feel that you can’t/shouldn’t take items from these cans, this is what they are there for. We want you to use them! Please remember, however, that other students also use these containers, so please only take what will satisfy your immediate needs. All cans labelled 'Alpha' are accessible to those Unistas holding the Freshman title or higher.

  • + Solitude Donations +
Items deposited into this container are considered to be donated to Project Solitude and will become University property. Items in this container can only be retrieved by certain personnel. Once this container is processed, items are generally moved to Freshman or Sophomore hangars depending on the items.
  • Alpha: Ammo and Drones
This bin is used to store ammunition for frigate-sized ships along with a selection of Tech 1 Drones.
  • Alpha: BPC
This bin contains a wide variety of Tech 1 BPC. Students can use these to build ships for personal use, resell or to help build stock to replenish the Freshman Hangars.
  • Alpha: (High, Mid, Low)
These bins contain a large selection of Tech 1 modules. Again, please only take what you will need. They are split by slot into three different containers.
  • Alpha: Rigs
This bin contains small T1 rigs for frigate-sized vessels.
  • Alpha: Ships
This bin contains frigate and industrial hulls for student use.
  • Alpha: Skill Books
This bin stores skill books for student use.

Sophomore Hangar

The Sophomore Hangar is accessible to those holding the Sophomore title or higher. It contains inventory containers that are used to replenish the Freshman hangar stocks, cans for industry materials and a can for Meta/T2 Items.

Please do not place items in any bins other than the Solitude Donations bin. Remember to lock the stacks when you are finished, otherwise another Unista could clean out the stacks you unlocked and you would be the one in the log files as having taken everything out.

How to get to Solitude

One question to ask yourself before heading out to Solitude is, do you see yourself wanting to come back to contiguous Hi-Sec regularly? If so, it is highly recommended that you first obtain a Jump Clone and move it to Slays (or wherever you wish to return) before heading out to Solitude. Failure to do this may cause you to miss out on Corporate and Alliance events hosted at the University HQ since the route back can be time consuming and perilous.

Taking the 'Pod Express'

  • As long as you don’t have any implants in your clone traveling to Solitude by “Pod Express” may be the simplest route. Change your medical clone location to Gravity Well in Boystin if you still have your annual remote relocation available, and then self-destruct your pod. It is highly recommended that you first set up a jump clone in Empire so that you can jump in and out of Solitude at your leisure.
As of the Phoebe expansion (November 2014), there are restrictions on how often you can remotely install a medical clone. Make sure you have understood them when considering this option for getting to Solitude.

Dodging pirates in low-sec

  • This is the long route via Aridia, from Bherdasopt (high-sec) through Gonditsa, Otakod, Agaullores and Yveve to Yvelet (high-sec). The biggest risk of this particular route is a persistent gatecamp of the Bherdasopt gate in Gonditsa. When planning to take this route, it might be a good idea to scout ahead and check if the area is safe. Once past Gonditsa, this tends to be the safer although longer route.
  • A somewhat safer but slightly longer route through southern Aridia bypasses Gonditsa entirely, going instead through Vehan and Hier before meeting up with the northern Aridia route in Shirshocin. Be aware there are often gate camps at Sadana, Onanam, and Udianoor once you come through the Zinkon pipeline. This route does, however, provides easier access to the Amarr trade hub.
  • Read the Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec for additional information.

Facing the quiet dangers of null-sec

  • For those brave enough to venture into null-sec, there are two possible routes through Syndicate to get to Solitude:
    • Route 1 starts in Stacmon (0.6) and goes through two low-sec systems (Ostingele and Harroule, since the Stacmon gate in Ostingele is often camped, you may go via Dastryns) and enters Syndicate at MHC-R3. Please note that this entry system is often camped. It then carries on via M2-CF1, Y9G-KS, Pertnineere (low-sec) and then Boystin (high-sec).
    • Route 2 starts in Chesiette (0.6) and goes through one low-sec system (Reblier) and enters Syndicate at 6-CZ49. This route also ends up at M2-CF1 and follows the rest of the path to Solitude as mentioned above. This route is often camped too, but at least the dangerous entry point from high-sec to low-sec in Reblier is usually camped by friendlies. The Null-Sec Campus (NSC) is also just one jump away from one of the systems on this route, so you can expect to see more E-Uni members on this route.
  • Please visit the Solitude.E-Uni and the NSC.E-Uni channel before travelling through Syndicate. The above mentioned pipes are frequently being travelled by members already based in Solitude and the Null-Sec camp. Some viable intel might be available.
Public Route Bookmarks

There are some public bookmarks in the Solitude section of the Corporation bookmarks folder in People & Places. They may help you to get to Solitude through Null-Sec more safely. But don't forget that they are not a guaranteed method to avoid warp bubbles and other traps! Since they are public, you must treat them as being compromised and a ganker may have a copy of them. Nevertheless, they should be safer than direct warping.

Currently, the safer route through Null-Sec from Chesiette (0.6) through the Reblier entry point has been bookmarked. Each gate on the route to Solitude has a bookmark above and below the gate. Fit a quick ship like a frigate with a Micro Warp Drive (MWD), maybe even a Prototype Cloaking Device. A shuttle will work too, if you are insecure and want to lose less ISK in case you get shot. Follow those instructions and you should be pretty safe.

  1. Fly to Masalle and dock up there. This is the last system in high-sec with stations. After docking, set your home station there and make sure that you use the E-Uni Overview Settings. Then leave your ship and fly with your pod to another station. This will grant you a Velator.
  2. With the Velator, fly down the pipe to Chesiette. Then jump to Reblier, which is the gateway system to the less secure regions. After jumping to Reblier, do not decloak. You have 60 seconds to have a look around and to decide whether you like what you are seeing or not. If you see ships on the overview which are not moving in a distance between 10 and 30 km around the gate, they may be campers. If they are not blue or green on your local list, they are definitely not friendlies and may potentially shoot you. In that case, dock up in Reblier and wait a bit, before checking again.
  3. If the situation at the gate looks okay to you, then travel back to Masalle, jump into your frigate and travel back to Chesiette.
  4. Open your People & Places Window, go to the Places tab, and scroll down to the Solitude section of the corporation bookmarks. There you should find a list of bookmarks which follow the template |> <SYSTEM>: <GATE> [ABOVE|BELOW] @<DISTANCE> <|. For example: |> Reblier: Chesiette ABOVE @150 <|. Size and move the window to a place on your desktop where you can keep it open and access those bookmarks quickly.
  5. Jump to Reblier, do not decloak. Assess the situation. You should now see a bookmark in the list which is green, something like |> Reblier: 6-CZ49 BELOW @150 <| (the Distance number may vary). Warp to this position. You will jump to a location either above or below the gate to the next system, 6-CZ49.
  6. Fly 'AWAY from the gate.
  7. Have a look around, maybe on your dscan, if you see any campers near the gate. Keep an eye on the overview and check if a ship is getting closer to you. If yes, dock up and try again later. If everything looks okay, jump to 6-CZ49. Now you will enter Null-Sec.
  8. Again, don't decloak. Assess the situation.
  9. Look at your bookmarks. You should find at least four green ones - two for the gate through which you came in (those are the one with the Reblier gate in their name), and one above and below the gate where you want to go. Decide if you want to take the ABOVE or BELOW route, then jump to the according bookmark of the Reblier gate. This will be a very short jump.
  10. Now jump to the gate which leads to the next system, PVH8-0. If you are currently ABOVE the Reblier gate, use the ABOVE bookmark of the PVH8-0 gate, too. If you are BELOW, choose the BELOW bookmark. This will help you to avoid any warp bubbles on the direct route between those two gates.
  11. Repeat the last three steps through all systems on your way to Boystin. The complete route will be Reblier -> 6-CZ49 -> PVH8-0 -> JH-M2W -> M2-CF1 (or PC9-AY, if you wish to visit NSC) -> 97X-CH -> Y9G-KS -> Pertnineere -> Boystin.
  12. Congratulations, you made it!

Jumping down a Wormhole

The ‘Solitude Co-ordinated Scanning Endeavour’ finds hisec-to-hisec wormholes on average two to three times a week. This makes it a lot easier for those wanting to move assets into the region without having to go through the dangerous low-sec or null-sec pipes. Entry and exit points for active WH’s can usually be found in the Project Solitude bookmarks folder. Notifications are being sent out via a mailing list that has been created specifically for this purpose. Please check the forum or ask in Solitude.E-Uni for further details.

Use the uni sponsored jump ship service

Thanks to the NullSec Campus a free jump ship service is provided between Boystin - Gravity Well and PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post from there it is possible to utilize a second jump ship service to send items between PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post and Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

More information about how to use the service can be found on the forums under the NSC Jump Freighter program.

Important notes

  • The service is FREE; funded by the corporation taxes on PvE; missioning; using POCOs etc. But feel free to put a tip on; around 1 million isk per 10,000 m3 is a perfect amount to cover fuel costs.
  • No collateral can be put on these contracts. If the service is destroyed and your items lost they will not be replaced by the Uni.
  • The service runs at least once a week to Boystin and every couple of days between PC9 and Jita so it can take up to a week and a half to move items from Jita to Boystin or vice versa.
  • It is possible to create remote contracts so don't fly (or Jump Clone) to PC9 to create the second contract; just do it from Solitude once the items arrive in PC9.
  • Obviously the service can only move items. You'll still need to either fly or clone jump yourself to Solitude. Sorry, but no bus services exist in EVE yet.

Making use of courier services

  • Wormholes have a limited time and mass. As such, it might not always be possible for members to make good use of them. And the uni jump service can take some time and is at the user's risk. An alternative is to use a courier to move assets into the region. Although there are many courier services around, Black Frog is probably the best known. Note though that using courier services can be a quite costly exercise. Black Frog for example, charges 100000000 ISK to move up to 320000 m3 from Slays to Boystin.
  • Several E-UNI members routinely move materials into Solitude and may be willing to accept courier contracts. Pricing is typically negotiable. Ask in Soli chat or offers and requests if you are looking to move large volumes of items in or out of the area.

What to bring and NOT bring

Due to having limited access to the rest of Empire space, you should bring as much of whatever you might need as possible. Certain items cost less in Solitude, while others cost far more. Check out the Freshman Hangar if you have trouble getting equipment through the local market.

What to bring

The Project Solitude Fleet Up Doctrine provides a list of fits suitable for most of the common activities available in Solitude. Visit the Wiki Fleet-Up page for instructions on how to join.


Prepare to have spare modules, and try to bring equipment over in bulk whenever possible in order to limit risk. Bring only the ones you need. Most modules you can steal off rats.

Modules above Tech I can cost double their in-Empire price. Some modules are almost nonexistent on the Solitude marketplace. If you are curious about whether or not a specific item is stocked in Solitude and you do not have access to the area simply head over to EVEMarketer, click on "Region: All Regions", select Solitude from the drop-down list of Regions and enter the item that you're looking for. If EVEMarketer doesn't have the information you need you can always ask for a price check in the Solitude.E-Uni Chat channel.


We recommend spares of:

  • Cloaking devices (covert ops version if you can fly a Covert Ops frigate, T3 or Recon cruiser)
  • Core probe launchers (Sisters Core Probe Launchers are a good idea as the price for these can be exorbitant in Solitude)
  • Core probes (Sisters Core Probes are recommended)
  • Covert ops frigates (If you can fly one of these the world is your oyster)


There is a Federation Navy School two jumps into Low-Sec in the system of Elore. Note that not all skillbooks will be seeded here and that both this station and the route to it are sometimes camped. It is recommended to do a little scouting or go as a group if you are unfamiliar with Low Security space. Also remember you can now inject skills that you cannot train directly. So if you are about to get skill books for yourself do not undock with them! Just inject them right away and they are forever yours.

General supplies

Ammunition and scripts are generally not more expensive in Solitude than elsewhere in Empire. Nanopaste and cap boosters will usually need to be obtained outside of Solitude if large quantities are needed.

Tech I Industrial

It's a good idea to use a T1 Industrial when moving a medium amount of cargo (5000–30000 m3) as they carry enough for several packaged frigates or a couple cruisers and you can make multiple trips through a High-Sec to High-Sec Wormhole in a T1 Industrial without compromising the stability of the Wormhole.

An Imicus is an ideal alternative if you don't have that much to cart over as it has a base 400 m3 cargo that can be expanded up to 1261 m3 with Cargohold Expander modules and Cargohold Optimization Rigs.

What NOT to bring

Certain ships

Many T1 Sub-Capital ships are less expensive to obtain in Solitude due to the proximity to Null Security space and the risk involved in transporting ships back out to the rest of Empire.

For the same reason larger and more expensive ships (i.e. Freighters and Pirate Cruisers/Battleships) can be difficult to take back out of Solitude. Consideration should be given when bringing them into the area. Most High-Sec to High-Sec Wormholes can only handle a Freighter passing through twice before they are destabilized.

If you feel you must bring something shiny or large, make sure that it is something that you will use regularly as it may be very difficult and time-consuming to relocate such items back to the contiguous Empire.

Missioning in Solitude

There are a number of good security mission corps in Solitude - Federation Customs, Federal Intelligence Office, Federation Navy, Poteque pharmaceuticals. While there are a number of other stations, agents, and offices (as found at Agent Range Finder); listed below are the corporations with level 4 security agents which are the easiest to grind up while in Solitude. From time to time E-Uni members will even organize Spider and/or Locust fleets throughout Solitude to further help grind up standings for those that are new to the area. Other than the few level 4 agents notated**, only the high security space agents are listed.

Federation Customs

  • L1-0.7- Octanneve V - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 2 Security Agents
  • L2-0.7- Octanneve III - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 1 Security Agent (4 jump missions into lowsec have been seen)
  • L3-0.7- Octanneve IV - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 2 Security Agents (Manufacturing/Refining Facility)
  • L4-0.7- Octanneve III - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistic Support ==1 Security Agent

Federal Intelligence Office

  • L1-0.8 Yvaeroure X - Moon 14 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (1 jump from Octanneve) == 1 Security, 1 Distribution Agent
  • L1-0.8 Vecodie II - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities (2 jumps from Octanneve) ==1 Security Agent (No Level 2 Agents nearby)
  • L3-0.8- Arasare V - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (3 jumps from Octanneve) == 2 Security agents
  • L3-0.8 Vecodie II - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities (2 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.5 Boystin V - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (3 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent (Regional Trade Hub)
  • L4-0.4 Pertnineere VI - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support (Low Security!) (4 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent

Federation Navy

  • L1-0.6 - Niballe V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 1 Security Agents
  • L2-0.7 - Gererique VI - Moon 3 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 2 Security Agents
  • L2-0.3 - Aeter VI - Moon 23 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 1 Security Agent
  • L3-0.7 - Gererique VI - Moon 3 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.4 - Sarline VIII - Moon 7 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant == 1 Security Agent

Material Acquisition

  • L1-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 11 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L2-0.7- Stoure VI - Moon 4 - Material Acquisition Mining Outpost == 1 Security Agent
  • L3-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 9 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L3-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 11 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.2 - Babirmoult VI - Moon 15 - Material Acquisition Mineral Reserve (10 jumps from Octanneve in deep Low sec) == 2 Security Agents

Ducia Foundry (Amarr)

  • L4-0.6- Larryn V - Moon 1 - Ducia Foundry Mineral Reserve == 1 Security Agent

Poteque Pharmaceuticals

  • L4-0.7- Stoure IX - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Research Center == 1 Security Agent

Industry in Solitude

Gas sites

The low-sec constellation of Elerelle, located in Solitude, is one of only two places in New Eden where Gas sites produce unusually large amounts of Celadon Cytoserocin, which is the chief ingredient in the production of the more effective forms of Exile, a Combat Booster used to increase a capsuleer's armor repair amount by a certain percentage. The high-sec region of Solitude sees regular signature-site occurrences of Celadon Mykoserocin, used to make the milder, and less profitable form of Exile.

Gas sites in Solitude occur very frequently in both high- and low-security areas.

Ice belts

  • Niballe (0.6 / 3 jumps from Boystin) is the most popular ice belt in the area. Regulars are generally friendly and plenty of ice to go around. Look for blue fleets to join or simply ask for boosts.
  • Cadelanne (0.1 / 9 jumps from Boystin) typically only has a few residents, often blue.
  • I-YGGI (-0.20 / 4 jumps from Boystin) out of the way null sec ice belt that has few visitors. Note: Will spawn BS rats, so make sure you have a good tank.

Note that it is not recommended to ice mine while away from the keyboard (AFK). There are local entities that have been known to suicide gank (using large groups of expendable destroyers) miners that are non-responsive.

Regular mining

  • Project Solitude has several members who run regular mining fleets with Orca boosts. Both shared-can and u-haul ops occur. For more information and fleet formation check the Solitude forum and ask in the Solitude.E-Uni chat. Mining loaners are available to campus members and Ventures are available in the Vecodie hangar.

Refining services

Project Solitude has several members who can provide refining services in Solitude

  • Edward Audeles: (Nearly) perfect on ores as well as scrapmetal at Boystin FIO Details

Project Solitude Forum - Get in touch


Project Solitude
Relevant pages: Solitude 101 .::. Solitude Alpha Hangar .::. Solitude Forums .::. Solitude BPO Library .::. Solitude Overwatch Standing Fleet
Locations: Solitude Campus HQ: Gravity Well - Boystin
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