Recon (Sansha's Nation) (Level 2)

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Recon is a multi part mission with three parts. The first part is different for each faction but the second and third part are always same for all factions.

Recon (1 of 3)

FactionSansha's Nation
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
EWARElite Cruisers (Tracking Disrupt)
Ship suggestionCruiser, Battlecruiser

Pocket 1

  • Four groups of three ships which spawn at short intervals (20 seconds)
  • Take out the smaller ship (Destroyer) first in each group then work on the Cruisers then Elite (Loyal) Cruisers
    • each spawn = one Destroyer and two Cruiser size ships
  • Cruiser size; 25% chance of BC, 25% chance of T1 Cruiser, 50% chance of Elite [Loyal] Cruiser
    • expect approx. 450dps from full-aggro in both pockets
    • new spawns WILL target your drones, so pull them back in quickly after killing Destroyer with them.
  • The Centum Loyal Slaughterers are the hardest to kill and use tracking disruptors. Plan accordingly.

Possible Spawns

Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Centior Abomination, Devourer
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Centior Horror/Hellhound
Elite Cruiser 1-2 x Elite Cruiser Centum Loyal Execrator/Hellhound/Slaughterer Tracking Disruptor
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Centatis Behemoth/Daemon

Pocket 2

Timed Spawns, Full List

Elite Frigate 6 x Elite Frigate Centii Loyal Savage/Slavehunter
Elite Cruiser 8 x Elite Cruiser Centum Loyal Fiend/Hellhound Tracking Disruptor

10+ will perma tracking disrupt you!


  • To Blitz - use a frigate with AfterBurner ( => 1km/s ) and hurry to get to the acceleration gate. After You activated the gate and are in Pocket 2 wait some seconds until the journal is blinking. This indicates that the mission goal is accomplished and You can move to the agent.

Recon (2 of 3)

Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Ship suggestionCruiser (Full Clear)

Fly to the acceleration gate which has been locked down by the mining corporation. See if they will let you through. Then report back to your agent.

The gate is a "large collidable object", make sure to turn that on in your overview to see it. Approach the gate. The gate is located approximately 60 to 75 km from warp in.

When you get close [10 km], or attack the station, there is an ambush. Fly to the gate, trigger the ambush, warp out.

  • Completion Trigger is based on distance to the gate and not on triggering the ambush.
  • If you attack the station and trigger the ambush you will have to approach the gate anyway.
  • Mining Station drops random loot, but has a large amount of hp.


Frigate 6 x Frigate Mercenery Elite Fighter
Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Mercenary Commander
Sentry 2 x Sentry Angel Light Missile Battery
Sentry 2 x Sentry Tower Sentry Guristas I

Recon (3 of 3)

ObjectiveScout the area
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damageThermal damageKinetic damageExplosive damage Omni
Ship suggestion10k+ EHP and Omni Tank or Pure Speed
ExtraGas Cloud Damage

  • No enemies
  • No Structures
  • You warp directly into a cloud. The gate is 60km away, activate it to complete the mission.
  • Use a fast ship with an afterburner and a buffer tank (like shield extenders) to get to the gate as fast as possible and before the final wave hits.

Toxic cloud:

  • Waves deal all kinds of damage evenly and occur at 5 seconds and every 20 seconds thereafter, for 10 waves.
  • Every wave has 4 separate damage types.
  • Total unresisted damage starts at about 200 (50 per type) and slightly goes up to about 1400 (350 per type).
  • The final wave will be more than 4000 (more than 1000 per type) unresisted damage.
  • The solution for the average level 2 mission runner is obviously not to get hit by the final wave.


  • There is a very large number of asteroids (91 in total) in the pocket after the Toxic Cloud:
  • 30x Plagioclase
  • 16x Pyroxeres
  • 45x Veldspar

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