Rogue Drone Harassment (Level 4)

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This article details the Level 4 variant of this mission. For other variants, see Rogue Drone Harassment (disambiguation).
ObjectiveDestroy Rogue Drones
FactionRogue Drones
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Warp disruptionElite frigates
Mission briefing
We've just been informed of an official complaint from the mining division working in one of the asteroid fields in Lour, about their haulers being attacked on sight by roaming rogue drones in the area. At first it started with just a few unsuccessful attacks, but the situation has worsened greatly and the hauler pilots, along with the miners themselves, are on the verge of a strike. This is the perfect opportunity for someone like you to take care of business and earn your reward, <Character>. I'll supply you with a bookmark to the location of the asteroid belt, eliminate the rogue drone threat there and then report back to me.

Video: Ishtar, Raven Navy Issue, Sentry Dominix, Machariel, [Gila 2021-04-18]

Deadspace complex with two gated rooms. No hostiles at initial gate.

This mission contains large number of spawns from the Mother Drone. Stop shooting the Mother Drone and take out each spawn, this avoids getting swarmed and possibly overwhelmed by their combined DPS.
If your ship is well tanked, you may opt to finish the Mother Drone first and take out the swarm as it approaches. The highest DPS in this Pocket comes from the Mother Drone.

Blitz: Kill everything.

1st pocket

Upon warp in, you will find a single hostile, the Kayzum Mother Drone, which will call in reinforcements upon reaching a certain level of damage:

  • 80% Armor triggers the 1st Spawn.
  • 50% Armor triggers the 2nd Spawn.
  • 30% Armor triggers the 3rd Spawn.
  • Hull Damage triggers the 4th Spawn.

The reinforcements spawn 6 ships in 20-60 km range at the Veldspar asteroids. The battlecruisers spawn closest to the Asteroid Mining Post, cruisers next closest, frigates farthest from the station which will be closest to the warp-in. Reinforcement Spawns will aggro your Drones. Acceleration gate to the next pocket is at 7km and is locked until all ships are destroyed.

Initial Defender

Battleship 1 x Battleship Kayzum Mother Drone Triggers multiple spawns Elite Drone AI

80% armor
Frigate 1-2 x Frigate Hunter/Silverfish Alvi
Elite Frigate 0-1 x Elite Frigate Strain Render Alvi Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 2-3 x Cruiser Wrecker Alvum/Bomber Alvum
Battlecruiser 1-2 x Battlecruiser Defeater Alvatis
50% armor
Frigate 0-2 x Frigate Silverfish Alvi
Elite Frigate 0-2 x Elite Frigate Strain Render Alvi Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 4 x Cruiser Bomber/Destructor Alvum
30% armor
Frigate 2 x Frigate Devilfish/Silverfish Alvi
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Annihilator Alvum
Battlecruiser 2 x Battlecruiser Crippler Alvatis
Hull damage
Frigate 1-2 x Frigate Hunter/Raider Alvi
Elite Frigate 0-1 x Elite Frigate Strain Render Alvi Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Devastator Alvum
Battlecruiser 2 x Battlecruiser Striker Alvatis

2nd Pocket

Single Group (20km). Auto Aggro.

Initial Defender

Cruiser 0-2 x Cruiser Bomber Alvum
Battlecruiser 0-1 x Battlecruiser Defeater Alvatis
Battleship 3 x Battleship Alvus Controller/Swarm Preserver Alvus


Bounties: ± 3.5 Mil ISK

Loot & Salvage

Loot: ± 1.25 Mil ISK

Salvage: ± 1.13 Mil ISK


1st Pocket: 41x Veldspar asteroids (20-60km, 889,059 Units).
2nd Pocket: 32x Veldspar asteroids (6-19km, 279,059 Units).

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