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The Solitude BPO Library was established at the Event Horizon to support the local industry by making available a range of fully researched BPOs that can be copied for personal use or to help support the Project’s industrial needs.

How it works

The Project provides an expanding library of fully researched Blueprint Originals (BPOs). These BPOs can be found in the Corp's Industry hangar, which is set to view only. Anyone with a Freshman title or above has view access to this hangar and will be able to use its BPOs directly. No one other than Directors has access to remove items from this hangar so please do not drop items directly into it.

Any campus member may use copies of the BPOs from the hangars how they see fit. This includes use by alts. Members will be free to use the BPCs to build, invent, assist with campus needs, practice with, or otherwise use to turn a profit.

Donating BPOs

We will gladly take donations of BPOs, ideally fully researched (10/20), but will also take un-researched or partly researched ones. We can then carry out the research and once complete put them into circulation. Please place donations in the + Solitude Donations + can in the Alpha Hangar -- not directly into the Industry hangar.



  • Do NOT place ANYTHING in the BPO hangar
What you put in there you can't take out, including delivered BPCs.
  • BPOs may be COPIED ONLY
Do not build direct from the library. Any non-compliant jobs will be cancelled and any job inputs will be lost.
  • All donations and additions must go through the + Solitude Donations + can
  • Ensure jobs are paid from your Personal Wallet, not the Corp Skill Book wallet
If you mistakenly do this please replace the used funds from your own wallet.
  • Consider your fellow Unistas and do not hog any particular print
We would advise running copy jobs of no longer than one day, ensuring you are around to deliver the job and then leaving that BPO for others to use for at least 24 hours.
  • Do NOT deliver any jobs that are not your own
If necessary, please contact a member of the hangars team and they will do so for you, ensuring the delivered print reaches the correct person.

How to use the BPO Library

Navigate to the Industry Hangar


Right-click the BPO and select "Use Blueprint".


Alternatively, you can access the BPOs by using the filters in the Blueprint tab of the Industry window.


Once you have selected a BPO you will see it in the Industry view from where you will be able to set the parameters of the job.

IMPORTANT When you first access the BPO in the industry view the output location will default to the Industry Hangar. Please DO NOT leave it this way, else the BPC will be delivered there and you won't be able to retrieve it.


Instead select the - BPC Delivery - can in the Alpha hangar as the output location.


Once you have selected the correct output location all that remains is to direct payment to come from your Personal Wallet rather than a corp one. To do this simply select the "Personal Wallet" option from the drop down menu below "Total Job Cost."


Double check that you have selected all the correct options and then hit START and your job will begin.

To locate your research, open the industry window, select the jobs tab and change the filters to read "Owned by Corp" and "Installed by me."


Once the job has finished, the countdown timer will be replaced by a deliver button.


Press the deliver button and two things will happen:

1. Your BPC will be delivered to the - BPC Delivery - can (be sure to remove them once they're delivered).

2. The BPO will return to the Industry hanger for use by another Unista.

As a final note, please double check that you have changed the output location from the Industry hangar to the - BPC Delivery - can. If you haven't and leave it that way, the BPC will be delivered there and you won't be able to retrieve it.

Project Solitude
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