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The Solitude Freshman Hangar is kept in stock with a large selection of basic ships, T1 modules, ammo, skills, small rigs, and even researched BPCs available to those members of Solitude with hangar access. The supplies in this hangar are donated by the members of Solitude, and kept in stock by the volunteers managing the hangar. To get involved and learn about manufacturing these items, please visit the Solitude Forums.

Freshman Hangar

  • Alpha T1 Ammo - This bin is used to store ammunition for frigate sized ships. Items in this container can be accessed by those with the Freshman title, and are freely available to take as needed. Please remember that other students also use this container, so please only take what will satisfy your immediate needs.
  • Alpha T1 Ships - This bin contains frigate and industrial hulls for student use.
  • Alpha T1 - (High, Mid, Low) - These bins contain modules that Freshmen can access. Again, please only take what you will need. They are split by slot into three different containers.
  • Skill Books - This bin stores skill books for student use.
  • Alpha BPC - Researched and donated BPCs for common modules and beginner manufacturers are available for any Freshman's use. Higher end BPCs will be kept in the Sophomore hangar BPC container.
  • Solitude Donations - items deposited into this container are considered to be donated to the Project: Solitude and will become University property. Items in this container can only be retrieved by certain personnel. Once this container is processed, items are generally moved to Freshman or Sophomore hangars depending on the items. NOTE: Materials that are for the Archon build project that are placed in this container will be considered donations.

Sophomore Hangar

  • Theta Rigs - This bin contains small T1 rigs for frigate sized vessels, as well as any donated rigs. Available to Sophomores, please only take what you need. if you are aiding a Freshman with a ship fitting, you are welcome to pull rigs from the container for them.
  • Theta Meta Modules - This bin contains meta modules that have been donated from mission runners. Open to all Sophomores, and can be distributed to Freshman when requested.


Please do not place items in any bins other than the Solitude Donations bin. Remember to lock the stacks when you are finished, otherwise another Unista could clean out the stacks you unlocked and you would be the one in the log files as having taken everything out.

Project Solitude
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