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Mission Purpose of Solitude Overwatch

The Solitude Overwatch Fleet is intended to be a permanent standing fleet of Unistas and Alliance members in Solitude who aren't otherwise attached to another operational fleet. This provides a means for a quick reaction force. Whilst not a requirement, as in other campuses, it is strongly recommended that Solibros join Solitude Overwatch to help provide protection and communal safety. If you cannot find the Fleet, or don't wish to be a part of this particular Fleet, feel free to create one.

Either way, the more "eyes" we have in the sky the safer everyone is. Don't badger people to join the Fleet, but do try to impress upon them when online they need to join. If you're in the Fleet and trouble comes and you can't respond, no problem. But having the Fleet, or any standing fleet operational, is a safety aspect which simply cannot be ignored.

Joining Solitude Overwatch

The Solitude Overwatch Fleet has already been saved and ready to be accessed. To accomplish this all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Fleet window
    1. Neocom => Social => Fleet
      1. In the ```Fleet Finder``` window
        1. Check under Scope => My Corp Fleets and My Alliance Fleets for the fleet Solitude Overwatch Fleet
        2. Right-Click the fleet and select Join fleet
  2. Join Solitude Mumble Channel (you should always do this)
  3. Remember to always place an Advert so Unistas and Corporation members can be reminded the Fleet exists, and don't forget to mention its existence in the appropriate chat channels and make a MOTD.

Solitude Overwatch should always be up and running. If not, it is up to you to make sure that it is. Even if you're the only person in the Fleet.

Fleet Boss

Being the Fleet Boss

This action infers no FC responsibilities, you are merely the Boss, responsible for invites and management of the Fleet. Another job of the Fleet Boss is to move people in and out of Fleet/Wing command positions when asked to do so. Also, they are responsible for adding/removing new Wings and Squads as needed. The fleet boss is not "in charge" of Project Solitude, nor is he/she the "FC" of the fleet. Fleet Boss is simply an administrative role.

Passing Fleet Boss to Another

If you are ready to leave Fleet and are the current Boss, or planning to go AFK, you must pass the Boss position to another in Fleet first. Ask for volunteers in the Fleet Chat and/or Mumble. Make every reasonable effort to pass Boss to someone who is currently active. Once you have your volunteer, pass Fleet Boss to them by right clicking their name in chat or the fleet window, followed by a left click on "Make Boss". Try not to "ninja Boss" another fleet member.

Accepting Fleet Boss

If Boss is passed to you, the Fleet Advert window will pop up on your screen. Verify the Advert settings are correct and select the Submit button. This will update the Fleet finder with the fact that you are the new Boss.

Duties and Responsibilities in the Solitude Overwatch Fleet

Solitude is a frontier where independence and personal freedom is valued and encouraged. But the more "eyes" we have in the sky the safer we are. Therefore, everyone is strongly encouraged to join the Fleet. There really is no reason not to. Having said that, if you are in Fleet and cannot possibly come to someone's aid, are busy with ISK-making activities and cannot break away, no problem. You will not be judged. But there are some things you should always have/be prepared for:

  • Keep some combat fit ships ready to go around Solitude. What these are will depend on what you are comfortable to fly and potentially lose. We also have ships doctrine-fitted and ready to be used in case trouble comes. Inquire in chat or mumble for more information.
  • If you do call for help, try and provide clear information: Who you are, where you are, what is happening, ship types and numbers, and how long you might last.
  • If you're in the Fleet and trouble comes but you can't respond, no problem.
  • If somebody does call for help, and you are able to drop what you are doing, you go help. Remember, next time it might be you!

Project Solitude
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