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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: Is this service still offered?

About the Program

The Solitude Ship Building Program is designed to make it easier for students to get ships built in the Solitude region. This program allows students to request either a ship to be paid for in minerals or in ISK.

The current program is Solitude Player run and informal. Before requesting a ship, be sure to check to see if the Hull is in the Alpha hangars, or if there is a premade BPC in the blueprint container in Boystin.

Requesting a Ship

The best way to request a ship is to speak up and ask. Like many things in Solitude, and since it is player run, it is an informal and social program. Callouts for manufacturing can be made to the Solitude.E-Uni chat channel or the Solitude Forums. Regularly check the Sticky on the forums for up to date information on the major manufacturers currently residing in Solitude.

Please allow a few days for delivery.

Providing a Ship

Anyone who can produce ships in Project Solitude can fulfill shipbuilding requests. Remember, that since this is not a University run project, price ranges will fluctuate and many Manufacturers will be working with near perfect BPOs instead of fully researched ones.

Project Solitude
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