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I believe that the racial comments regarding Alpha clones should be removed as they no longer apply. I believe there are a couple skill levels that cannot be trained as an Alpha in BLAP, but doctrines that rely on the BLAP plan should be accessible to Alpha clones.

I would also like to mention the specific skill levels that cannot be trained as an Alpha. So far I've only noticed Missile Projection III. I haven't reviewed the Logi plan. --Krintar Blaeth

Sounds good. I'm sure Titus would edit it back in the unlikely event he didn't like it --Arrek lemmont (talk) 18:51, 5 July 2018 (CDT)

The page is protected, or I would make the change myself. --Krintar Blaeth

I went through the Logi list - this is fine for alpha clones. Now we just need s.b. who can edit the page... --Zoltan Irvam