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This page is being replaced by a combination of Guide_to_Logistics and Logistics_Ships_101

Niamh Aideron (talk) 20:12, 4 April 2013 (UTC)

Advice on how to clean it up

A lot of this guide can be handled more effectively on the individual Ship Fitting pages for those boats. Some of these fits also look to be theory crafted with their emphasis on maxed fitting skills, implants and expensive rigs rather than experience (specifically the Oneiros fits, and the emphasis on armor repair augmentors rather than cap boosting rigs). But thats up for a different debate. The guide also heavily focu's on 0.0 logistic setup theory as opposed to small gang workmanship (scimitar / oneiros).

The advice on how to operate a cap chain and general fleet procedures however are fairly accurate. Cut the majority of the fleet fittings and focus more on the operational side / general utilization theory and this should trim down nicely into a solid guide. In all I think they mean it feels waaay to cluttered. -Pat

Suggested Alternative to current skill recomendation


As with any T2 cruiser hull, logistics are skill intensive and is not recomended for low skill pilots.

The ship descriptions itself gives an excellent starting point:

  • Core Competency - Standard [Certificate]
  • Armor Tanking - Standard [Certificate]
  • Active Shield Tanking - Standard [Certificate]
  • Logistics Chief - Standard [Certificate]

It is highly recommended that you acquire a few more skill sets before committing a 150 million-isk ship into a combat situation. Please view the armor skills and shield skills appropriately for the ship you will be fielding

  • Logistics IV – The heavy capacitor use of remote repair modules are difficult to overcome without this.
  • Core Capacitor Elite [Certificate] – Capacitor skills are critical to logi pilots
  • High Velocity Helmsman Standard [Certificate] – Allows for the use of Afterburners / Microwarp drives and ensures good align times

Additional Tanking / Fitting skills:

  • Ellectronics V - Max out your available CPU.
  • Engineering V - Max out your available Powergrid.
  • Hull Upgrades V – To Fit T2 armor tank modules
  • Shield Upgrades V - To save on PG for tight shield fits
  • Shield Management V - To increase the buffer on shield Logis
  • Armor Compensation skills to IV: EM, Thermal, Kenetic and Explosive
  • Jury Rigging III – To fit Cap Control Rigs and Ancillary Current Routers
  • Armor Rigging III – To fit Armor Rigs and diminish their speed drawbacks
  • Shield Rigging III - To Fit Shield rigs and diminish the signature radius penalty

Utility Skills:

  • Electronic Warfare IV – To Fit T2 ECCM modules
  • Sensor Linking IV – To fit Tracking Links (uncommon fits)
  • Drones V – To enable a full flight of five drones
  • Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing II – To use ECCM Drones
  • Repair Drone Operation IV or V – To field T1 or T2 repair Drones

Anyone Mind if I start taking over this page?

Page has been inactive since I found it, and I have recieved no reponse to suggested changes. Unless someone verbally objects I will start cleaning this page up. Its a good start, and don't want to see this work go to waste. Patrice Macmahon 03:45, 2 November 2011 (UTC)

Please do, I've provided some introductory assistance, the first paragraph is fragmented but it's 1am and I can't read things right. Check out Wiki Curator Program --Chris winters 08:32, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

Review Requested from Eve Uni for T1 rep fit.

Allright, I need a t1 rep hero fit for an Osprey similar to the Eve Uni noob Exequror fit. Unfortunately, I'm a Gallente Pilot so I am a little unsure whats a viable fit, or what fits would work propperly in your cheap t1 fleets. I usually try to stay in my lane for what advice I give. That said, I did a bit of EFT theory crafting along the same lines as your Exequor and would appreciate it if an Eve Uni FC would look this over and see if its acceptable for rookie pilots in their fleet. The reason I want the double check is that if its acceptable, its going here, the Caldari Ship Overview page and the actual Osprey Ship page.


Recieved word from eve uni that they do not endorse the Osprey as a T1 Rep hero.


As of 2014/05/04 the links for the videos are dead. Anyone have any alternative mirrors that work? Heathen blaggard (talk)