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This article is deprecated and no longer in use. There is no replacement information available.

Suggested Teamspeak Clients for Mac OSX

TeamSpeex doesn't support command channels which are used for Fleet Command. However, if you're a new player, it's currently not possible to register with the Uni Teamspeak server using Teamsquawk. Use the TeamSpeex client if you are not already registered.

TeamSquawk Setup Guide

Download and Installation

  • Download the application from this site. e.g. TeamSquawk_0_6_1.tgz
  • Double-click the tgz file to decompress. The Teamsquawk application file will appear in the same directory.
  • Move this file to your 'Applications' directory before opening it.


Please note that if you are not already registered with the Uni Teamspeak server, you must register via the Teamspeex client.

If this message appears, click 'Open'.


On Check for Updates,un-check the "Include anonymous system profile" and then click on "Don't Check".


When TeamSquawk crashes, this message will appear, click on "Discard" always.


Pressing CMD + "," will open the General Setting, put as the same above:


After that, click on OK and then on the main screen choose "Edit Server List..."

04new serv.png

On the servers settings, click in + to add an account configuration

05new serv1.png

Complete the fields. Remember to include 'E-UNI' before your nickname.


Then you server list should be like this


In the Hotkeys click in the + to add the 3 types of Hotkeys


Setup a hotkey for each one

08key selection.png

This is an example how your Hotkeys should be


Using Teamsquawk

After that you're ready to go! Click the 'offline' text at the top of the window, and select your account from the list.



The blue indicator shows when you are in command channel


The orange indicator shows when you talk in fleet/channel


The red indicator shows when you are talking in Global command or Channel command


Known Issues

  • Client crashes after setting the key shortcut (but the binding is saved)
  • Channel / Sub-channels tree messed up
  • Bindings for builtin Mac keys are not recognized
  • Currently, the Push To Talk functionality only works if you run EvE in windowed mode, which is easily achieved by pressing ⌘enter.