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Faction {{{faction}}}
Class {{{class}}}
High Slots {{{highs}}}
» Turrets {{{turrets}}}
» Launchers {{{launchers}}}
Medium Slots {{{mediums}}}
Low Slots {{{lows}}}
Bonuses {{{bonuses}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template provides a basic description of a ship. It is typically used to show how many slots of each type a ship has, with a few other basic pieces of information.
Type {{Infobox Ship|<...>}}, with parameters as shown in the sample below. All parameters shown are required.
Sample output
The following wiki code will produce a simple ship description box:
{{Infobox Ship
| shipimg=
| caption=Polaris
| shipname=Polaris
| faction=Jove Empire
| class=Tech 3 Frigate
| highs=5
| turrets=4
| launchers=2
| mediums=5
| lows=5
| bonuses=GM Power +100% <br> Test Powers +100%

Note that you can add an additional entry to a new line if you separate the new entries with <br>.

The result is shown at right.
Faction Jove Empire
Class Tech 3 Frigate
High Slots 5
» Turrets 4
» Launchers 2
Medium Slots 5
Low Slots 5
Bonuses GM Power +100%
Test Powers +100%
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