The Departed

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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

When a member causes problems for the University, we can often guide them along the right path, and more often than not they go on to be successful without any further issues.

However, sometimes this is not the case, and either they fail to comprehend the reasoning behind the rules, or cause significant problems for the whole University, necessitating their departure for both the good of the other members and to maintain EVE University's unique position within New Eden.

Removal of these members is the hardest thing we must do as directors, but we do not set rules arbitrarily, and they are constructed from the years of pooled experience between the directorship, and knowledge of what problems the members and University itself can and will get into.

The List

The following is a list of some of those pilots who unfortunately made it necessary to explicitly remove them from the University. We wish these pilots all the best in the future, however due to their actions they cannot continue their careers under either the E-UNI or IVY names.

They should not be considered as having graduated from Eve University, and in many case actually have personal standings set from the corporation.

Hopefully they can they serve as an example to other members, of what can and does cause problems for the whole University, and hopefully avoid such problems themselves.

Date Name Reason Quote / Note
11 Apr 2007 Eric Eclipse Directive, Disruptive
19 May 2007 Freezehunter Directive, Disruptive
17 Nov 2009 Hasu Nenshou Thief
12 Dec 2007 Kumiko Kobayashi Policy, Directive
28 Dec 2007 Elirath SOP
03 Jan 2008 Genimi Directive, Spy
28 Feb 2008 jack4 ever Policy
18 Mar 2008 Jareth Zandoth Thief
24 Apr 2008 Captain Candor Spy, Thief
10 May 2008 Viscanno Disruptive, SOP
09 Jun 2008 Drakoulia RoE, Spy
06 Jul 2008 Feircer Achira Policy
09 Aug 2008 Holy Hope Spy
01 Sep 2008 Ehronn Directive
20 Sep 2008 galius76 Spy
26 Sep 2008 Kythe Celyese Spy
29 Sep 2008 Howly316 Spy
29 Sep 2008 Athere Spy
04 Oct 2008 Basald Directive
04 Oct 2008 Itacky Imkwar Spy
06 Oct 2008 Alcoholic Beaver Spy
21 Oct 2008 Fergus Burger Spy
23 Oct 2008 Steelreigns Disruptive
25 Oct 2008 Saintfrankie Spy
04 Jan 2009 Ashen Helkar Spy
04 Mar 2009 Mirona Etrin Corp Thief "Stealing from the Uni... That's just low man."
08 Mar 2009 Zigman123 Spy
01 Apr 2009 dfdalamar Thief
02 May 2009 Daswulf Blitzangriff Spy, RoE
20 May 2009 Tacan Artuse Spy
25 May 2009 Ms Badjuju Disruptive
07 Jun 2009 Tyr Ziu Directive, Disruptive
08 Jun 2009 deco099d Disruptive "i cant read"
02 Jul 2009 Stryk1 Thief "i got kicked eventually but ... i didnt stole a thing"
11 Aug 2009 Vasim Vio Directive, Disruptive
11 Aug 2009 Keeves RoE, Disruptive
17 Aug 2009 Ed White Disruptive "I have a similar problem when trying to watch my b*kk*ke videos... IT IS JUST NOODLES!"
20 Aug 2009 Grotty Smell Policies "I scammed a bit which works well enough and mission a little."
03 Sep 2009 Cool4nd SOP, Directive "I don't tell YOU what to fly."
17 Sep 2009 Sagacious Z Disruptive
20 Sep 2009 Jack Duce Policies, RoE "I scan down missions and sell for ISK... Its cool."
21 Sep 2008 Complex Chaos Thief Alt of Stryk1
23 Sep 2009 Denovin Zyrinax SOP "I will haunt all you b*st*rds until I cant haunt you anymore... F*ck you"
02 Oct 2009 Ravern1 Disruptive "sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hunting wabbits"
06 Oct 2009 Synegry Thief "It's game mechanics. I'm just role playing."
07 Oct 2009 Joscelline Angreal Thief
05 Nov 2009 Vasari Leiongod Thief
29 Nov 2009 Strykzero Thief Alt of Stryk1
28 Dec 2009 alphastarpilot Disruptive Didn't learn, didn't read, but did annoy everyone.
05 Jan 2010 bukue0ner Thief "just remember that i did do it for the uni"
15 Jan 2010 Lene Ironmen SOP, Spy "I was on the toilet"
05 Feb 2010 Roidet Policies "it was apropiate for ****ing me off more then once he isn't right i am period"
24 Feb 2010 Ki'Tori Policies Removed for Scamming: "well i cant contract rigged ships". Alt: Shawnhath
07 Mar 2010 Suyer Policies, SOP, Thief "I wanted free skill books"
05 May 2010 Samjack2 Disruptive "im still here?"
12 Jun 2010 Helios Black Thief Apparently wants in GHSC. Thinks a 200 million ISK theft will do it.
18 Jul 2010 Lolctopus SOP, Directive Thought that running could save him.
25 Sep 2010 Miha Drenik SOP "I am afraid I have no defense and should be courtmartialed and hanged as soon as possible."
03 Oct 2010 Dooobles Disruptive "I 'care' about the Uni."
16 Jan 2011 DidHeBiteCha SOP, Policies If he is a spy, he's not a very good one.
20 Feb 2011 Kruz Rapestein Spy, Policies, RoE "Oh god did I play EVE yesterday?"
12 Mar 2011 GT GT Directive, Policies, SOP "who on earth would actually follow rules set by nerds online?"
08 May 2011 Skrim Kanjus SOP, Policies "I'm going to headdesk now"
20 Jun 2011 Cool Story BR0 Directive, Policies "Cool Story BR0"
25 Jun 2011 Ebn Zaiat SOP, Spy Failed to understand both the rules, and how to fit a ship.
06 Aug 2011 jipjipjip Disruptive, Policies, SOP, Directive "if i leave I wouldnt come back fyi"
28 Aug 2011 Poetic Stanziel Disruptive, Directive Drama Llama
20 Dec 2011 Rackman Jack Thief
02 Jan 2012 Izziee Disruptive
23 Feb 2012 xXxMinstrelxXx Policies "It wasn't a scam, rather me wanting to help people out a little..."
22 Apr 2012 Gideon Tyler Disruptive, Policies
13 May 2012 Zealot Cruzor Spy AWOXer, tacking blues in the NSC.
13 May 2012 Namus Motu Thief Stole a number of ships and modules from members. "Your (sic) mad, thats understandable" Alt: 'Egen Motu'.
10 Jul 2012 Swanos Thief Stole 30M ISK from the corp. "I have decided to take my 'sandbox' experience in a different direction."
23 Sep 2012 Lars Sjodin Thief Stole the skillbook wallet and cleaned out hangars from the LSC. Alt(s): Gottfrid von Karlsson, Hans111
03 Dec 2012 Ana Vidovic Thief Stole ships ans modules from the hangars,

stole money from the Wallet. Alt: 'Luna Vidovic'.

09 Mar 2013 X-Ray Lemmont Thief Stole 16M ISK from the corp. "Because he was bored" Alt: 'Herschel Lemmont'.
07 Oct 2013 Dusty Nolan Thief Stole ships from the corp hangar because he did not feel "appreciated"
27 Oct 2013 Tammy Slater Thief Stole modules from the corp hangar. Then tried to sell the "Secret" location of a campus, which is publicly listed on our wiki.
02 Nov 2013 Prof Hubert Thief Stole modules from the corp hangar.
08 Dec 2013 Cabaret Cantrell Thief Stole modules from the corp hangar.
09 Jan 2014 Lazarus Titan Thief Stole modules from the corp hangar and stole ISK from the corp wallet.
29 Mar 2014 Erkisen Thief Stole ships from the ship hangar. Alt: Minuteman
8 Dec 2014 Kamylia Thief Stole ships from corpmates. Alt: Pod Jump Manager Swingin Poo-Poo Pant Fjallkonan Kohlhaas Purgia Kohlhaas
4 May 2015 Erasmus Grant Thief Cleaned out the hangars from some of our campuses. Alt: Mickey Bergman Rev Allen Malcolm Otsolen Sojourner Truth
24 Sep 2015 bynaus Thief Stole ships from corpmates. Alt: Bob Yatolila Chillax Uitoh
21 Mar 2016 Bailey 2 Madullier Thief Stole items from Uni HQ. Alt: Boris Madullier Knob Madullier Kev Madullier
09 Jun 2016 Silver LongDonger Thief Stole ships from WHC. Alt: Golden LongDonger Max BeastMode
19 Aug 2016 Bard Yamabishi Thief Stole ISK from the corp wallet.
01 Jun 2017 halo Nine Thief Stole ships from the ship hangar. Alt: wouldntyouliketoknow shole halonine thehalos halonine Lemmont

Reason Key

This is an explanation of the reasons listed above, posted here for clarity.

  • Disruptive: In short this is a general term for being annoying, either on forums, chat or mail, and includes things like spamming, arguing in public, and inciting trouble.
  • Spy: A general corp spy, typically during wars. Also includes those who are found non-NPC NullSec without good reason.
  • Thief: Corp theft, which is typically taking large volumes of items from hangars to sell on.
  • SOP: Breach of the old Standard Operation Procedures during war. Usually from running missions, mining and hauling, but also may include other infractions.
  • RoE: Violating the RoE at any time. Usually from engaging neutral targets or blues.
  • Directive: In short, not following direct orders from the leadership, typically during war.
  • Policies: Breaking the rules in other ways than those listed above.