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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Travel Advisories and Lockdowns

Travel Advisories are now handled in two categories, Standing Travel Advisories and Lockdowns. These are in place for your safety and help to prevent you from becoming an easy target.

Standing Travel Advisories

Standing Travel Advisories are normally posted as part of the Alliance chat channel MOTD (Message of the Day) as well as in the Bulletins section of the Alliances tab of the Corporation NeoCom. These are subject to change on occasion as the wartime and/or strategic situation. It's very important that you check both of these once you've logged on to appraise yourself of the systems, areas, regions, and routes that have a large risk to those not involved in dedicated PvP fleets.

Systems, areas, regions, or routes under the Standing Travel Advisory need your utmost precaution prior to undocking in or travelling into. You must ensure that your Overview is properly set up and that you check Local for war targets prior to undocking or by use of a scout prior to jumping into a system. Should war targets be present it is very detrimental to your safety and highly inadvisable that you undock or travel into a system under advisory with your Uni character. If you plan on missioning or mining, or other PvE activities, you want to avoid the systems, areas, regions, or routes indicated. Pay attention to the channel LiveIntel.ILN for recent war target presence. LiveIntel is not universal nor is it omnipotent for war target intel. The intel posted is only as good as the moment before someone posts it. . Pick a relevant Mumble channel to be listening in on.

Solo activity in systems, areas, regions, or routes under the Standing Travel Advisory is extremely dangerous not to mention rather foolish.

Should you suffer a loss to war targets in a system, area, region, or route under the Standing Travel Advisory and you weren't part of a proper PvP fleet you may face harsher consequences that otherwise would notmally be considered.


Lockdowns can be issued by Management and senior ILN Officers (normally Captains/Commanding Officers and above). These will only be issued for extreme circumstances to identify unusual threats outside of what is covered by the Standing Travel Advisory. They will last for 1 hour maximum unless rescinded by the issuing Manager/Officer. Should a Lockdown be issued for the system, area, region, or route it is essential for your own safety that you dock up immediately until the Lockdown expires or is recinded. Those who are in properly and purposely formed dedicated PvP fleets (solo in a PvP fit ship does not qualify) are not subject to the restrictions of a Lockdown and are under orders of their FC. Those members with losses in Lockdown affected areas who were not part of a proper and dedicated PvP fleet will find themselves subject to expulsion from the Uni.

Lockdowns will contain precise information such as the system(s), area, routes, or site(s) affected along with a specific time (1 hour or less) that the Lockdown will expire by. Again these are issued very rarely and are meant for your own safety as well as preventing you from becoming an easy target to our enemies.

These may also be issued during normal peacetime operations as warnings regarding specific systems or areas of space for information purposes only.