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Who is THIS guy?!

My name is Aber Zhulan and they messed up my name when I became a capsuleer. I'm still trying to find the monsters who did it.

I enjoy mining, exploration, violently murdering other capsuleers, running missions, and wiki editing! (OOC: I enjoy RP'ing in non-RP settings, like in the E-Uni public chat, or in EVEmails between my toons. I'm NOT crazy!)

Things I can never remember


Cruiser 100 x Cruiser State Fudai Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier Tracking Disruptor Energy Neutralizer Some drop
Cruiser 100 x Cruiser State Fudai Remote Sensor Dampener Target Painter Target Jammer Some cargo

Stasis Webififer = Web
Tracking Disruption = TD
Cap Neutralization = Neut
Sensor damps = Damp
Target Painting = TP
Target Jamming = ECM
Point = Yes/Scram

Possible drop = drop
Always dropped = cargo

Things I learned

29 April 2019 - There's a move button. I never knew it was there.

To Do List

  • Format EVE-Survival imports
  • Add video(s) to Mission Reports