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Community goals

The goal of the EVE University Production Department is to build stuff for students to lose to gate guns.

Joining the Production Department

The production department regularly recruits new members at various levels to ensure the smooth operation of the university logistical services. During recruitment drives, the department manager will post on the EVE University forums and/or send out a corporation-wide evemail with information regarding the open position(s) and directions on how to apply. There are no official clone state, title, or skill point requirements for positions. As you might imagine, the production department necessarily has access to corporation assets and isk. With the proliferation of spies, saboteurs, thieves, and other nefarious creatures in EVE Online, the department must place a heavy emphasis on proven trustworthiness when reviewing applications. We are here solely to provide logistical support to unistas and to the corporation as a whole. Our department is open to current unistas only, from any campus.

During those times when the production department is not recruiting, players with a strong interest in industry who wish to support the production needs of EVE University are encouraged to contact the Production Manager to see if there are any momentary tasks that could use extra industrial character slots.


From time to time, production department personnel may request help from or offer services to the university-wide community using the ingame chat channels or the forums. Additionally, we use the following EVE University services for communication:

  • Ingame mailing list production.E-UNI (current unistas can join freely, ex-unistas need to ask the community leaders for permission).
  • Members of the department will gain access to a dedicated slack channel through the Production Manager (see for instructions on how to access EVE University slack channels).


We recognize that EVE University is first and foremost a place of learning. With that in mind, some of the roles in the department can be done with next to no training and minimal skill points. Other industrial jobs require months or even years of dedicated training for both the character and the human player. The following pages provide some general information regarding the deep complexity of industry in EVE Online:

  • Industry, gives basic information regarding industry and the ingame industry window.
  • Manufacturing, explains how to build things.
  • Research, provides instructions for improving blueprint originals in terms of time efficiency and material efficiency. Also describes the procedure for copying blueprint originals to produce blueprint copies, and why a person would want to do this.
  • Invention, takes the reader on a trip down the rabbit hole that is advanced T2 module, drone, ammunition, and ship production.

Skill Points

The links provided above discuss some skill point investments that are relevant for specific tasks. Players are strongly encouraged to train skills that support the activities they enjoy doing in the game. In general, the following skills are useful examples for unistas who wish to support the production department:

It should be noted that most of the above skills rely on attributes of Intelligence and Memory, for those students who are familiar with Neural Remaps.

Community leaders

The Production Department is typically run by an Assistant Manager and a Production Manager to help ensure that EVE University's production needs are met. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions please contact us.

Arieathellare.jpg NoPortrait.jpeg
Ariea Thellare
(Production Manager)
(Assistant Manager)

The Assistant Manager answers to the Production Manager, who in turn answers to the Director of Logistics. General complaints about the behaviour of EVE University members should be routed through the Student Advocate.