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Hirmuolio Pine.
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Medal box

Ribbon-Freshman.png Ribbon-Sophomore.png Ribbon-Basic.png Ribbon-EVEGate.png Ribbon-Poitot.png Ribbon-DS Participant.png Ribbon-WSpace.png Ribbon-Sov Null.png Ribbon-Singularity.png Ribbon-Epic Pirate.png Ribbon-Epic Amarr.png Ribbon-Epic Caldari.png Ribbon-Epic Gallente.png Ribbon-Epic Minmatar.png Ribbon-Close Call.png

Data/relic stuff

Level High Low Null Data site Relic site
1 Local (Faction) Virus Testing Site Crumbling (Faction) Excavation
2 Local (Faction) Data Processing Center
3 Local (Faction) Production Installation


DED complex:




eve survival


CMB site stuff

Structures on site
Objects Notes L
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate Locked
Wormhole 1 x Drifter Hive Access Triggers capital escalations asd
Station 5 x Serpentis Stronghold Destructible triggers faction drop
Station 5 x Serpentis Stronghold Destructible exotic dancers
Station 5 x Serpentis Stronghold Destructible very shiny stuff ammo
Station 5 x Serpentis Stronghold Destructible slaves
Stargate 1 x Smuggler Gate
Tower 1 x Serpentis Tower
Container 1 x Secure Container
Container 1 x Amo Cache
Billboard 1 x Propaganda
Asteroid 1 x Hollow Asteroid
Structure 1 x Serpentis Bunker
Force Field 1 x Force Field
Beacon 1 x Pulsating Beacon
Hackable Structure 1 x Serpentis Data Container
Spawn table

Industrial 1 x Industrial alvin Target painting
Frigate 1 x Frigate coreli Target Painter
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate shadow Target Painter Tracking Disruptor
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate joku Energy Neutralizer
Commander Frigate 1 x Commander Frigate
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer
Commander Destroyer 1 x Commander Destroyer
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser
Storyline Mission Cruiser 1 x Storyline Mission Cruiser
Elite Cruiser 1 x Elite Cruiser
Overseer Cruiser 1 x Overseer Cruiser
Commander Cruiser 1 x Commander Cruiser
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser
Battleship 1 x Battleship
Commander Battleship 1 x Commander Battleship
Overseer Battleship 1 x Overseer Battleship
Sentry 1 x Sentry

Math stuff

Variables and constants

v = velocity(m/s)

v_t = transversal velocity

v_r = radial velocity

v_max = max velocity (m/s)

t = time (s)

I = inertia modifier

M = mass (kg)



Velocity at time t

v(t)=v_max * (1-exp( (-t*10^6)/(I*M) ))

time to velocity v

t = -I * M * 10^-6 * ln(1 - v/v_max)

Ships warp out after reaching 75% of their max velocity. From this it is easy to calculate time to warp for stationary ship.

time to warp = -I * M * 10^-6 * ln(0.25)

\omega = v_t * r



Effective standing

E = effective standing

B = base standing

S = diplomacy/criminal connections/connections level

E = 10 − (10-B) × (1 - 0.04 × S)

Increase in base standing

i = increase (decimal form)

L = Level in social

dB = i*( 10-B+L(0.2-0.05*B) )



ChanceToHit = 0.5 ^ ((((Transversal speed/(Range to target * Turret Tracking))*(Turret Signature Resolution / Target Signature Radius))^2) + ((max(0, Range To Target - Turret Optimal Range))/Turret Falloff)^2)

The chance to hit value is comared to random value X∈[0,1]. If X<ChanceToHit the shot hits.

X also determines damage of the shot.

Damage of the shot = BaseDamage*(X+0.5)


D = base damage

S = signature radius

E explosion radius

v_e = Explosion velocity

v_t = target velocity

drf = damage reduction factoro

Damage = D * min( 1, S/E, ((S*V_e)/(E*Vt))^(ln(drf)/ln(5.5)) )

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