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Laura Karpinskiā€Ž

Laura is the current EVE University CEO. She lives in the UK.



Laura joined EVE online on 1st January 2012. On 3rd March 2012 Laura joined EVE University for the first time. She obtained a mentor, attended several classes and fleets and briefly joined the Low Sec Campus. When EVE University fell under a war declaration she opted to leave the corporation for the duration of the war. However, that war never really ended. On 20th August 2012 she returned to EVE University and resolved that she would make something more of her second chance in EVE University. She volunteered as a Personnel Officer and a Student Advisor, joined several campuses, and started to get more involved in EVE University life, before devoting her time to the Personnel department. She now has clones in most campuses.

Duties in EVE University


Laura became CEO on 14th March 2017.


Laura was promoted to the newly-created position of Personnel Director on 16th January 2015. She was then promoted to Director of Human Resources on 19th April 2016, which involved overseeing the running of the Personnel department but also the Titles and Mentor departments. On 27th May 2016 Laura became Director of Operations to Azmodeus Valar.

Personnel Department

Laura became a Personnel Officer on 28th October 2012 and got stuck right in to processing applications and performing interviews. She was fortunate enough to make lots of very good friends in the Personnel Department, and on 1st December 2012 was promoted to Senior Personnel Officer. On 28th April 2013 she became an Assistant Personnel Manager to Rose Chanlin, and on 6th October 2014 she became Personnel Manager when Rose moved on to another role.

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