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Revain Fehrnah


Corporation: EVE University

Alliance: Ivy League


Classes Taken

Aggression 101, Amarr Ships 101, Amarr Ships 102, Armour Tanking, Assualt Frigates in PVP, Bookmarks 101, Capacitor Management 101, Capital Ships, Carriers 101, Combat and Logistics Drones, Command Ships 101, Corporation Management, Costomizable API Keys 101, D-Scan 101, Damage Dealing 101, Datacore Farming 101, Directional Scanner and Star Map, Drones 101, Drones 102, ECM Jamming 101, Electronic Attack Frigates 101, Electronic Warfare 101, Electronic Warfare 102, EVE Careers 101, Evemon and EFT, Fitting 101, Fleets 101, FLEETS102 - Fleet Comms, FLEETS103 - Fleet CombatFreighter 101, Gallente PvE Ships and Fittings, Gallente Ships 101, Going Really Fast 101, Gunnery 101, Gunnery 201, Hauling 101, Hauling 201: Low Sec Hauling, Incursions 101, Incursions 102, Introduction to EVE Careers, Introduction to EVE University, Introduction to Exploration, Introduction to IndustryIntroduction to War, Logistics Ships 101,  Making a Difference in the UNI, Manufacturing 101, Maps 294 - Overpowered Mapping, Maximizing DPS, Messing With Your Head, Mining 101, Mining 102, Mining Boss 101, Minmatar Ships 101,Minmatar Ships 102, Missilery 101, Missioning 101, New Assault Frigates in PvP, Overheating 101, Overheating/Overloading 101, Passive Tanking 101, Planetary Interaction 101, Player-Owned Starbases 101, PVE Under Fire, PVP Fittings and Strategy, Remote Armor Repair, Remote Shield Repair, Research and Production 101, Salvaging 101, Sansha Ships 101, Scouting 101, Scouting and Intel 101,  Security Status 101, Shield Tanking 101, Skullduggery 101, Small-Sided PvP Considerations, Solo PvP: Combat Covops, Solo PvP: Navy Frigates, Standings 101, Station Trading 101, Station Trading 102, Stealth Bombers 101, Strategic Cruisers 101, Sovereignty 1, Suicide ganking 101, Super Sunday, Tackling 101, Tackling 102, Tanking 101, Introduction to Tech 2 Production, TRADE101 - Introduction to Trading, TRADE102 - Station Trading, TRADE201 - Advanced Trading, Understanding Stacking Penalties, WSOP & Station Trading, Wiki 101, Wormholes 100, Wormholes 101, Wormholes 201

Lectures Attended

All About Incursions, Arek'Jalaan Panel Discussion, Black Ops and Scamming, Basic Production, Bubbles & Interdictors, Capital Ships in High Class Wormholes, Counterintelligence and Social Engineering, CVA and running a NRDS alliance, Empire Wars & The History of Privateer Alliance, EVE Travelogue, EVE University - Past Present and Future, History and Politics of Eve, History of the Geminate Region, How I Became an Eve Billionaire, EVE, Individuality and Freedom in EVE, Incursions, Life in Nulsec, Living in Nullsec, Management Philosophy, Modern Fleets & State of 0.0, Navigating Wormholespace, Nullsec Life, Nullsec Politics and Nullsec Life, Piracy Avoidance, Planetary Interaction, POS Setup and Maintenance, Strategic Cruisers - T3 Ships, Suicide Ganking, The Dark Side of Eve, The Evolution of 0.0 Fleet Warfare, The Great High Security Loop, The Guide to Making ISK 1 - Starting with Mining, Trading and then Manufacturing, The Guide to Making ISK 2 - Managing Multiple Businesses, The Guide to Making ISK 3 - Friends and Enemies, The Guide to Making ISK 4 - Titan Production, The Necessity of Espionage, Titans and Supercarriers: Up Close, Wormhole Industry and Production

Work Groups

EVE Online Roundtable, EVE University Mentor Program, Fleet Commander Roundtable - Fleet Composition and Doctrine, Living in Lowsec Roundtable, Silvonus's Super Scouting Series, Wormhole Roundtable

Special Events

Aayllaa Lowsec and 0.0 Q&A, Azual Skoll Q&A, EVE Online General Q&A, EVE University Management Q&A, Chribba Q&A, Eion Xis EWar Q&A,  Ian Chisholm Q&A, Incursion Q&A, Le Soltueur FC Q&A, Noir Hellscream Q&A, Operation Neptune, Piracy Q&A, PvP in Wormholes Panel Discussion, Seleene Q&A Session with Dri Kulsane and Mordred, Sinqlaison Q&A, TeaDaze Q&A, Nerevar Dwemor Life in a Corp Q&A, Varius Arcturus Wormholes - Nullsec and Agony Unleashed Q&A

Past Corporations

Royal Amarr Institute