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The Refining Service offers our members a perfect refine of ore or ice. To allow us to run the AMC and all related services we take a small handling fee for this service which is 2.5% same as our buyback service. The outcome for the members will be higher than a perfect refine with 0% tax in a NPC Station.

The AMC Refining Service Spreadsheet is used to request a personal ore or ice refine service.

IMPORTANT: This service is only available at the AMC Refinery (Shemah - The Ore Question)

Latest Version

Current Version May 2018

The latest version is available at:
AMC Refine Service


As with all Google Doc Spreadsheets, you can either copy it to your own personal Google Doc area or download it as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file or in an spreadsheet file.
We will not accept any submissions that have not come via a Google Docs spreadsheet.


Here you'll find brief instructions on how to use this service. This includes the in-game steps as well as the required steps out-of-game with Google Docs.

It's recommended to have the Contracting skill trained up to at least Level 1 to process more than one contract at the same time.

Prepare the ore

Please use a Station Container for storing your ore throughout the contracting process.

Name the containers following this convention: "Your Name (DATE)" - Example: Jefferson Spence (2014/11/18)

If you have more than one container to contract, please add a numeric addition to the end of the name like so: "Your Name (DATE) 01"

Create your spreadsheet copy

  1. Go to the current version.
  2. Log into your Google account
  3. Open the file menu and select "Make a Copy" (see image to right)
  4. Name the spreadsheet following this convention: "Your Name (DATE)" e.g. Jefferson Spence (2014/11/18)

Add the ore to the spreadsheet

  1. Go to the spreadsheet tab "Paste Inventory"
  2. Copy the contents of the Stuff you wish to contract over to the Paste Inventory tab(Make sure to have your inventory in List mode)
  3. Review your outcome the inventory tab

Create the contract

  1. Next you need to issue a 'Private' 'Item Exchange' contract to Bruce Industries at AMC Refinery.
  2. Select the container(s) you would like to be refined.
  3. Go to the top right of your spreadsheet and click on the "Share" button to open sharing settings. Now select "Get shareable link" and copy the displayed link.
  4. Add the spreadsheet key to the contract's description box (see image for finding the key).
    Finding the spreadsheet key
  5. Submit the contract.

Reasons for your contract to be declined

  • Value and/or quantity does not match on contract and spreadsheet.
  • Contents of contract is not located in AMC Refinery (without Officer's approval)
  • Submission did not come via a Google Docs spreadsheet

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