A Demonstration

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Minmatar epic arc - Wildfire
Chapter 1 - Songs of the Past
A Demonstration is the first mission in Minmatar epic arc.
Next mission: The Cost of Preservation

ObjectiveFind and retrieve 1x Olfei Medallion (0.1 m3)
FactionAngel Cartel
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Warp disruptionElite frigates
Ship suggestionBattleship (long range fit with Afterburner)
Rewards6M + 1,400,000 (Bonus if completed in 6H 0M)
ExtraAcquiring the item requires relic analyzer. Required item can be bought from contracts
Mission briefing
A visitor, and a capsuleer no less. I can tell my day is about to get more interesting.

Hello <Character>. I'm guessing you flew out here because you heard I was handing out work, right? Well, I do have something for you. Nothing amazingly difficult and nothing someone without a pod could handle easily, either. If you can pull this off, we can see about maybe getting you in on some other things. Maybe.

We Matari are known for our ingenuity. Civilization owes us a great debt, and the Amarr owe it twice over. Before they came, we were by far the most advanced nation; our technological achievements were regarded with envy by the rest of the cluster. You eggers know a lot, but did you know that?

Well, regardless of history, and regardless of your race, you will need to demonstrate an understanding of this if you want to work with us. Prove your resourcefulness by bringing me an Olfei Medallion. You will have to explore as only a capsuleer can and find one somewhere in the Sveipar constellation, near our homeworld Pator. Of course, some other egger can milk your wallet in exchange for doing the thinking and grunt work for you. That works too. Whether you scan it down inside an Angel Cartel fortress, or buy it for 2 ISK on the market - I don't really care. Results are what matter most.

You'll go far with me if you keep that in mind.

Former Selves
The fortunes of the Minmatar have ebbed and flowed continuously. At one time they had a flourishing empire with a level of mechanical excellence never before or since seen anywhere. Later, however, they had to endure centuries of enslavement, toiling and dying for the benefit of foreign masters. Today most of them have regained their freedom, but the legacy of their enslavement has been the diaspora of the race.

Minmatar epic 01.jpg

Arsten Takalo is the starting agent for Minmatar Epic arc. He is located in system of Frarn at celestial beacon "Brutor Tribe Community Area". In there he sits in his Tempest Fleet Issue. Before you get to do the real work you need to prove your resourcefulness. The agent wants you to find an Olfei medal from somewhere near Pator. The Medallion is located within a Cosmic Anomaly site called "A Demonstration" located somewhere within the Sveipar Constellation.

Bliz: Purchasae 1x Olfei Medallion from contracts or regional market and bring it to the agent

A Demonstration

A Demonstration is a combat anomaly found in constellation of Sveipar. Multiple anomalies of this type exist at once. No need for probe launcher as cosmic anomalies are always visible.

The site contains three hackable containers that require relic analyzer, but in order to loot the containers all the defenders must be destroyed. Each container holds 1x Olfei Medallion (0.1 m3). Only one Olfei Medallion is needed to complete mission. Multiple anomalies exist at once spread around the constellation.

Initial defenders

Elite Frigate 5 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Hunter/Impaler Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 11 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Centurion/Phalanx/Marauder Target Painter