Abyssal Deadspace

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Site basics

A new type of space can be accessed using filaments obtained from NPCs. Five tiers of increasing difficulty exists, with only the lower tier available for purchase via the market. The Abyss is limited to a single Tech I, Tech II, Navy Faction or Pirate Faction cruiser and is accessed by opening the info panel of a filament in your cargo and clicking the ‘Activate Filament’ button. Activation can be anywhere in space, likely at a minimum distance from celestial objects (TBD). A combat-probable beacon is created at your location that allows others to await your return from the deadspace. There might be increasing difficulties and/or rewards based on the space from which the filament is activated (high-sec, low-sec, null-sec, or wormhole space, this is yet to be determined). Within the Abyss, in each pocket is a structure called the "Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache" which has a scant 300 hit points and contains all the loot for that pocket.

An Abyssal deadspace is composed of three pockets. Each pocket must be cleared of enemies for a gate to open to the next pocket. In addition to Triglavians, you may find rogue drones under their command. Drifters (without doomsday and rarely with overshield) may appear as well, accompanied by sleeper drones, engaged in combat with the Triglavians. However, no one will help you. You must fight your way out.

Each pocket is a 75km radius sphere. Flying out of the sphere will result in incrementally increasing damage to your ship leading to its destruction. Remaining more then 20 minutes (TBD) in the space will result in your destruction: a timer is visible on the upper left of the main display, with additional warnings at the 2 minute and 30 second mark near the capacitor HUD. NPCs also will pod you. Essentially, you must clear the three pockets and exit with the allocated time, or you will lose both your ship and pod. The third pocket gate returns you to the location in space you activated the filament from.

Further site restrictions: you can not be warped to within the Abyss, nor can you warp out of it. You can not cloak nor deploy a mobile depot. There is no local. Core Probes and Combat probes launched will be removed from space shortly after launching and cannot be recovered. The Directional Scanner will not function correctly until the third pocket. The map does not work. At the present moment, if a player is in Abyssal Deadspace when server downtime occurs, the player will still return to the Abyssal system, however the complex will have de-spawned and the player will be stuck in empty void space: the only way out is to self destruct.

Five types of environmental effects exist affecting both player and NPCs. The type is identified on the info of the filament and can be countered if desired by fitting choices. The name of the filament itself gives clues as to what tier and difficulty it is. A Raging Exotic Filament meands that it is a Class 4 site with Exotic Particle Storm effect. A Fierce Dark Filament is a Class 3 site with Dark Matter Field effect. The five Abyss-wide environmental effects are outlayed according to the site tier in this table below:

Tier Required Filament Filament Source Difficulty DMF Strength ES Strength EPS Strength GRA Strength PF Strength Suggested Ship/Setup Reward
1 Calm NPC Sell Orders Easy —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% Vexor / RLML Caracal Decayed Mutaplasmids; BPCs; Filaments
2 Agitated Sites Minor —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% Vexor unknown Mutaplasmids; BPCs; Filaments
3 Fierce Sites Moderate —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% Ishtar/Gila unknown Mutaplasmids; BPCs; Filaments
4 Raging Sites Dangerous —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% Ishtar unknown Mutaplasmids; BPCs; Filaments
5 Chaotic Sites Deadly —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% —XX% ; +50% Ishtar unknown Mutaplasmids; BPCs; Filaments
  • Dark Matter Field (DMF): Ships in this environment recieve a penalty to turret optimal range and falloff and a bonus to maximum velocity.
  • Electrical Storm (ES): Ships in this environment receive a penalty to EM resistance and a bonus to capacitor recharge time reduction (net increase in GJ/sec).
  • Exotic Particle Storm (EPS): Ships in this environment receive a penalty to kinetic resistance and a bonus to scan resolution.
  • Gamma-Ray Afterglow (GRA): Ships in this environment receive a penalty to explosive resistance and a bonus to shield hit points.
  • Plasma Firestorm (PF): Ships in this environment receive a penalty to thermal resistance and a bonus to armor hit points.

In addition to the environmental effect pervading all three pockets, dangerous localized storms will exist further affecting ships and electronic systems. These are small area of affect clouds that are visible in space and provide an icon near the player's capacitor HUD with their effect.

  • Filament Cloud: Penalty to Shield Booster (including Ancillary Shield Booster) capacitor usage.
  • Bioluminescence Cloud: +300% Signature Radius (4.0x signature radius multipler).

Triglavian structures also will be present either reducing, boosting tracking or damaging drones and missiles. There are small and medium sized .

  • Deviant Automata Suppressor: A Triglavian structure equipped with a light point-defense system that will target all drones and missiles within its field of fire. There are two sizes of these structures: the larger does about the same AOE damage to hostile drones as a single medium smartbomb.
  • Multibody Tracking Pylon: A large Triglavian structure that appears to be designed to support ships in close proximity by increasing their tracking capabilities.

Running Abyssal Sites

Icon warning.png WARNING: Any ship and capsule should be considered lost the moment a player enters Abyssal Deadspace. The atmosphere is rather unforgiving to inexperienced, ill-equipped or unfamiliar pilots. If your ship is lost inside the site, you will loose your capsule with implants (if equipped) as well. Do not run Abyssal Deadspace complexes with expensive implants installed or with excessively expensive ship setups which cannot be readily replaced.