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EVE University recognises that players may have different characters for different activities within New Eden. In those circumstances we allow members to have additional characters within EVE University.

While we have not set a limit on the number of alternative characters permitted, we would not expect a player to have more than 3 characters in EVE University at any one time. Anything over this would be considered on a case by case basis.


In order to apply to have an additional character in EVE University, Please follow the process below:

  1. Log into the EVE University Portal with your current EVE University Character. Note:If you already have more than one character in EVE University. do this on the character that has been a member of EVE University the longest
  2. If the Character you wish to add is not linked in our portal, select the Add Character button on the bottom right hand of the page, you will be asked to log into the character you wish to link and accept the scopes.
  3. Once you have linked the your additional character, please repeat the authorization steps for any other characters you have including those already linked in the portal to ensure these have a valid ESI token as well. This will ensure we can expedite processing of your application.
  4. Once you've ensured all your characters are correctly linked with valid ESI tokens, log out of the portal
  5. Now you can log into the portal as the Character you wish to add to the University
  6. Select Apply to EVE University and follow the application process, when you reach the questionnaire respond to all the questions with "Current Member: <Insert Current Uni Character Name>
  7. Wait for a PO to process the additional character application.

Once your additional characters are added

Once we have added your characters there are a few steps you will need you to follow:

  • Make a post in the Hi and Bye Forum to explain that this is an additional character, giving the name of your current EVE University character. This is so that there is a public record
  • Unlike with a Character Swap, titles, as well as our other services provided by EVE University, will need to be earned on your additional characters, this will require you to be active across any character that you wish to gain the Freshman, Sophomore or Graduate Title.

Accessing University Services

University Services are provided to the character, this means that players may access any of the University services they need across any character they own that is a member of EVE University. We ask our members to be considerate when accessing services to ensure the University can continue offering these services to all.