Agent Inquiry

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Sisters of EVE epic arc - The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 1 - Quality of Mercy
Previous mission: Beacon Beckons
Next mission: Of Interest

ObjectiveReport to Tevis Jak in Tar
Rewards100,000.00 ISK + bonus 161,000.00 ISK (5h)
Mission briefing
We got some interesting information out of your trip. It seems no one fired on the Damsel. Something must have happened inside the ship.

We'd like you to track those survivors down, see if you can get any information about the ship's path, pilot, or cargo. We need to know what caused this disaster.

CONCORD is the first logical step. I've gotten in touch with CONCORD Agent Tevis Jak, who may have information for you. His location is being uploaded to your NeoCom: he's currently acting as an ORE agent. Go see if you can find a piece of this puzzle.

Another very easy mission - just fly to the agent in Tar and start a conversation. For people having trouble with this mission, the way you "report" to the agent is by selecting him from your PVE overview, then clicking the sound like shaped icon in the selected item window. If this button isn't visible, then you probably have the beacon selected instead. Try switching overviews.