Angel Owned Station

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Locating & Difficulty

Angel Owned Station is a low/null-sec expedition that can be found by completing Minor Angel Annex anomalies.

This site's difficulty is on par with a DED 6/10, and multiple battlecruisers with logi support are recommended to complete it.

Part 1

Initial wave

Upon initial warp in you land 10 - 15 KM from the following:

  • 10 Heavy Missle Batteries
  • 1 Stasis Webifier Battery
  • 1 Domination Cruiser

Destroying the Stasis Webbing Tower triggers the next wave

Second Wave

10+ Battleships

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This part will be in a null-sec system.


Completing all four parts of the escalation may yield Gistum A-type modules and/or a Cynabal BPC.