Angel Strike - The Final Battle (10 of 10) (Blood Raiders)

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Part 10 - The Final Battle

Faction: Blood Raider
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal

This is the most challenging level, first time you will come up against battleships in this storyline.

Pocket 1

First jump, NPC's are spread out (6km, then 95-125km).

Initial aggro by 2 frigates and 2 heavy missile batteries.

After first group, need to kill 5 cruisers at long range, you don't have to shoot the 5 towers (blood raider) to jump.

Template:Image url="" title="Mission 10 pocket 1" alt="Mission 10 pocket 1"

Pocket 2

4 groups at 13km, 25km, 35km)

Initial aggro at warp in by middle group, lots of collidable structures.

Don't have exact counts, each group 2-4 cruisers and 2-4 frigs. The usual mix of corpii and corpum

Template:Image url="" title="Mission 10 pocket 2" alt="Mission 10 pocket 2"

Pocket 3

3 groups @60 and @90km, this time battleships have come to the party.

No aggro on warp in. Attack each group, no aggro from others.

Group 1:
1 Corpior Visionary 2 Corpior Seer 1 Corpior Converter

Group 2:
3 Corpior Converter 3 Corpior Templar 3 Corpus Cardinal 1 Corpus Patriarch 1 Corpior Shade 1 Corpior Fanatic

Group 3:
1 Corpus Harbinger 4 Corpus Archbishop 4 Corpior Converter 1 Corpior Templar

Destroy the Dark Blood Chapel and pick up 3 implants.